Hawaii sucks

I’ve been avoiding this topic since I started this blog but I’m finally breaking down to gripe. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames in the comments about this or any future posts I may have on the subject.

I hate Hawaii. I’ve lived here for over 2 1/2 years and I can’t wait to leave. Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons. But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.

Most of the people I’ve met in the past who enjoy Hawaii only came for a week or two to visit. If you never get out of the tourist areas, I’m sure it’s quite nice. Waikiki is clean (at least where the tourists go) and the beaches are nice over there. But once you leave the tourist areas, Honolulu is more like a ghetto. Many of the buildings are decrepit, there’s trash and graffiti all over, there’s a lot of homeless people, etc. Behind the facade of paradise is the gutter of real Hawaii.

The local government could care less about doing its job and corruption is rampant across the islands. Last year, 48 million gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Ala Wai Canal (the demarcation between Waikiki and Honolulu proper). This canal goes straight into the beach area of Waikiki. In the 2+ years I’ve been here, there’s probably been more than eight sewage spills around Oahu, most of them into the canal.

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage.

The latest problem is between go! airlines and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is trying to sue to have go! shutdown due to predatory pricing. go! currently charges ~$20 for a one-way trip to a neighbor island. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. They also claim that go! used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! is shut down.

There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. But if you look “local”, you’re okay. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. And Zeus forbid if you’re military.

The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here. According to a dictionary I looked at, haolie means “foreigner”. But it’s definitely not used for all non-locals, only the white ones. And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language? It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it. To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it. Seriously, it makes a person sound like a complete moron when he can’t speak in complete sentences. It’s worse than hearing people who have English as a second language; at least you know they’re trying to learn English.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later. But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii. Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here. As a matter of fact, there was one guy who cut his shore duty short and went back to sea because he couldn’t stand it.

Update: Since everyone seems to love commenting about this article (probably because of the title), I thought I’d make sure readers realize that there are other, related articles to this. Apparently relying on people to look at the sidebar for similar stories isn’t enough.

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  1. john says:

    chimps is a gift of high praise …

    • john says:

      LOCAL MENTALITY or just planin mental retardation? ….here is the scenario;
      A guy calls me to help him move a couch he is buying at costco and moving it to his apt …… I know the area very well nice area, lots of apt buildings very congested not much street parking most the builldings are older but well kept up, many are walk ups with narrow stairways (they resemble old style moter inns from say the 1950’s-… ). I ask if there are stairs of if there is an elevator, because I let him know I have bad knees, and I may need to call and bring an extra peerson for help .. he says no stairs elevator easy move, two boxes, from the truck to the elevavator down the hall easy move ? I ask if we’ll be needing a hand truck, if so I’ll need to stop by and borrow one from the landlord on the way .. (mind you he is wanting this done right now and it is just starting rush hour traffic on honolulu freeways which is a nightmare meaning it will be an hour to get to costco usually a 15 minute drive). He says just come skip the hand truck s hopefully I’ll miss traffic. I figure no big deal, if nothing else I’ll just buy a hand truck at costco, right? but costco was out of handtrucks … so we made due, the boxes were the size of the truck bed, and stacked two high were pretty tall. I got em strapped down good and snug, to the point the tape was starting to pop but the boxes weren’t going to go anywhere. We get to his place, the truck will barely squeeze into th garage, I have to drive at an angle where the floor slopees to get in without knocking the boxes off… Ends up his building manager won’t let him use the elevator after 3 pm to move furniture, so we have to move it up th narrow stairway thank gawd only to the second floor… but it would barely fit, it was set it on the stairway, tilt it upright, push it up and over and up the rest of the stairs to the landing push it across the landing push it over tilt it upright , push it up and over ( I’m underneith these big boxes hes trying to pull hem up while I’m trying to lift them up with my legs up to the landing …) Any way we get the first one upstairs and to his place only to have him say oh yeah I need to move the other hide a bed out? All I can say is you know that is NOT included in the price? and so far nothing you’ve said has turned out to be as you’ve said it was going to be? So we have to move the old couch out into the haul before we can move the new stuff in .. I’m just wanting to get it done and get the hell out … becaue this kind of thing pisses me off ?
      but we get the first couch in and go and the larger second piece and get it up the stairway, after much effort, then get the old couch down into the truck, and out to the street for pick up ….. where oc course th manger comes to say it needs to go to the other side of the lot so has to be reloaded moved and reunloaded .. ends up being about 3 hours work for about an hour and a half pay…
      So he text me yesterday asking if I’m around I say yeah whats up he doesn’t get back to me I text him back sayin I’m at costco but just leaving if he needs something let me know … no answer.. so he text me again today same time same thing hey you around?
      I ask if he is going to send me this text the same time every day or if he actually wants something…then
      again I say yeah what’s up I’m at costco, just leaving… does he need something while I’m here dropped on the way? What he wants is a card table from the middle of the island, I ask if he wants me to go out and pick it up and drop it off or if he needs to go too, he says no, it’s fine I can just go and get it ..but can I pay for it and he can pay me for it when I deliver it ? I tell him NO, but I he can pay for it via paypal or he can arrange to pay via check money order or cash and I can stop by and pick up payment on the way to pick up the table? But no I do not purchase items for clients because I have no intention of being stuck with them if they decide they don’t want them once they see them? I informed him I don’t even shop for friends for this ssame reason. He got a bit pissed off saying how we had worked together before swo I should know he wouldn’t screw me… so now he would have to use some one else.. YEAH LIKE SOMEONE ELSE IS GOING TO PAY FOR HIS STUFF AFTER MEETING HIM ONCE ANG HAVING THE EXPERIENCE I HAD WITH HIM LMDFAO … as I said to him, Sorry mate !

      • fran says:

        Sounds like you went through hell and back. Unbelievable! I wonder if it’s inability to reason and think things through or just plain careless, thoughtless and incredibly stupid,, probably all of the above. A little consideration and gratitude in any regard can go a long way. None of which happened in this case- appalling and disgraceful. I could almost feel your pain as I.read.

    • john says:

      Fran, it was just the jaw dropping audacity for this arse hole to actually think I should drive to the middle of the island, and pick up and pay for a card table for him that would fit in his car, that he could have easily drove out to get … because I’m white, and from the mainland where we have work ethic and expect people to be honest I’m going to fall for that shite here in hawaii… (I’ve dealt with enough locals to know “local” is synonymous with back stabbing, lying, theif… ) I was brought up to think the best of everyone, and to trust in everyone until they give you reason not to ….. The best part was when he says to me that since I don’t trust him he’s going to have to find someone else….. Like who the hell is going to lend someone they just met, (not even someone you are sleeping with) a hundred bucks? It was al pretty clear when I said he could use pay via paypal, check moneyorder or I’d swing by and pick up cash on my way out and none of those options worked for him… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA
      Sad thing about living here is the people will all smile to your face, while they, their friends, and their family, rip you off. One thing I’ve noticed about locals too, they all seem to have some kind of pain issue, and want to know right off, if you have something for their pain… This is a BIG CLUE NEVER to let locals into your place even to use the bathroom .. I just say my toilet is broken. All I can say is, it must be sad being so stupid with so much education so freely available yet people here are just to lazy and stupid to access it. I suppose it is just much more satisfying stealing from whitie ?

  2. Nicholas says:

    Hello! I thought I was utterly alone, but I dislike Hawaii intensely. I don’t live there, but I am from California, and a lot of people there, both Northern and Southern, carry on about Hawaii like it’s friggin paradise or something. I went there four times by ship, spent quite a bit of time in Honolulu, Maui (Lahaina), sailed all around the islands, etc. The natural beauty, etc., is certainly there, but it definitely gets old, quick, and all the human-related stuff is awful. Hono is now grossly overbuilt and tacky–all the disadvantages of California and Florida and Vegas with none of the advantages (e.g., as in California, dry air). The locals are generally quite hostile and difficult to deal with; the overall level of education and understanding is very low, so the quality of work, of service, etc., is also very low. I worked with a number of Hawaiians (of varying ethnic stripes), and most of them had no concept of duty, obligation, keeping one’s word, showing up on time, etc. I suppose the place is fun if you are rich, but that is true of nearly everyplace. Everything is hideously overpriced, and these days all of the places to go are quite crowded, too. If you think LA has “no culture”…people I know from Hawaii have admitted to me that most of the locals do little more than smoke weed all day and screw. There really does not seem any reason to go there…there are plenty of places on the US mainland, or in Mexico, where you could go for “sun and fun” and experience a lot more that is worthwhile.

  3. George says:

    The islands do not look like the post cards. The place is a racist shithole. Have you seen the schools? If you are from a decent place in the mainland ( non-democrat) your school looks like a palace against the third world shitholes that they have here.

    • My Truth says:

      Hi George,

      You’ve discovered what many of us who frequent this website have known for years – and you’re not alone. Many of us have put up with the local mentality and bullshit for a long time. It’s all true. Take a look around the site to get a better sense of what we’ve seen, heard, and experienced.

      Don’t be distracted by any shitbag local who says anything to get you off center. It’s all shitbag local 6th grade bullshit. They’re sitting in the back of the classroom disrupting good common sense interactions, and have no idea how to present themselves as decent, reasonable, honest people who love themselves and others – they just don’t have that capacity. They’re losers. Shitbags. Totally incapable of becoming productive members of society. And, they’ll lay down while what they have is taken away from them while they sit there with that stupid look on their faces.

      Welcome aboard, George :)

      My Truth

      • ICU8PUC2 says:

        Very true My Truth…. low functioning capacity with cerebrally challenged Neanderthals who are all about watching the place slowly being taken over by outsiders with brains, drive, motivation, money, and the colonial spirit that will displace these low functioning nitwits. Colonialism never ended. As we displace the natives thru economics; the Hawaiian Island diaspora will gain speed, lets elect republicans, and lets rid these islands of a pestilence of biblical proportions. We will price them and brain them out of here. Equatorial economics still is pervasive, but through due diligence this hodgepodge of genetically compromised mutants will leave or be beholden to those who control the economic capital of this imaginary state. It’s all about greed and corruption in this dumpy little outdated place that exists on Federal Corporate Welfare. The winds of change are increasing and you can start to feel it. Tensions rising, homeless camps everywhere, low paying jobs, a monochromatic intellectual society of low browed morons, run away inflationary pressures; can civil unrest be far behind??? Or are most too stoned and lazy to even notice…..Income inequality is here to stay…..

      • George says:

        We really need to educate our children on Hawaiian culture taught by Asians claiming that they are Hawaiian. You have to love the Koreans, Chinese, and flips trying to pass themselves off as Hawaiian and talking down to non-locals. Sorry, your ass is Asian, the whole haolie thing applies to Asians too. Sorry slant eyed people, you are not Polynesian.

      • George says:


        Thank you and I am glad that I am not the only one that sees this place for what it is. I was told that Hawaii kai was a nice place to live. The million dollar homes look like the rest of the island, single walled shitholes! Minus the millionaire mansions flanking them that is. What a dump! What is the aloha hype all about? I feel like I am living in the phillipines, only it is better there for some reason.

      • George says:

        Thank you for the welcome George, my hatred for this wretched shithole began when they would not register my truck because it was lifted. Many local shit ass Toyota trucks prominently drive around rusted with wheels sticking out but a white dude cannot be obliged to do so. I am an A&P mechanic, and I had some retard that did not graduate from high school ( or Hawaii high school equivalent) that told me that my truck is untrustworthy and I had to put on gardening equipment on my fenders and get a qualified local to look at the alignment. I swiftly contacted Texas and I never drove the truck off of base until I left. Fucking retards!

    • ICU8PUC2 says:

      The dilapidated schools are all part of colonialism. Educate the hoards of the mentally deficient into a world of waiting tables and changing bed sheets. Keep them in the dark and the ruling masses will maintain control and feed them government handouts in exchange for votes…..

      • George says:

        Democrats own this place. If they built new schools and educated people, they would vote otherwise. It is all a part of the plan. Leave shitty schools in place, blame rich people, and retain the ignorant anti-plantation mentality. I guess the uneducated democrats will never know that Lincoln was the first republican candidate and president that ran on anti slavery. Hawaiians served under the shanandoah, a racist democrat vessel. Controlling the uneducated and impoverished Is the role of the democrats… And they are winning in this fucked up ignorant shithole. Can you even say that one of these beach parks are nice? No you cannot… And that is the reason why tourists are coming here.

  4. George says:

    I came here because I wanted a better life for my children. I left because this place is an oppressive dump. The phrase ” pictures do not do a place justice” rule here. If people actually saw pictures of this third world country, they would go to islands in the Caribbean that offer more beauty and value for their money. Hawaii is a dump… And if you disagree… You are a disillusioned retard. Waikiki is a fucking dump and it is the “premier” beach. When I arrived there, we got up at 5 (due to the time change) and were upset by how many “locals” we’re sleeping on the beach. Shithole… Stay away…

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  6. George says:

    The locals should allow trailer sales in hawaii. They have so much in common with trailer folk that they should embrace manufactured and mobile home living. Hell, the majority of the over priced single walled homes without air conditioning or garbage disposal qualify as mobile homes per the 1960 standard anyway right?!

    • john says:

      HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA …. Sadly no, while I agree locals do have alot in common with caravan / trailer park mentality. You know they wouldn’t know what to do if all their neighbours couldn’t hear them yelling every thing they had to say like usual …. They won’t be able to talk shite about each other behind each others backs, manufactured homes are at least insulated and have actual windows that locals can’t reach through to unlock the door to rip each other off …

      • George says:


        That is true, why upgrade the housing to trailers and manufactured housing. Domestic abuse and drug use would go down exponentially! Why hinder the demise of a group of people that should be carted off to the deserts of Nevada anyway?

      • john says:

        Personally Geroge, I think all the locals who are always screaming about being free of whitey should all be put on one island with nothing whitey has introduced or now provides … just drop them off & let them go back to live the native hawaian life .. no markets, electric, cars, phones, houses, toilets, cloths.. not like they will need ID or money or a passport to go to the mainland or any other country …. Round up the entire ohana and drop their asses off. Make sure they have no way off the island period. Think of how much the government could save on welfare checks and healthcare just by giving these people what they want their own little country LOL Of course they’ed be eating each other in a month… but hey eat a local save a pig right?

  7. Steven says:

    Hawaii sucks I was warned I came out here to work on all construction out here fuck thesegers I hope the Chinese pull out of the codo they wete suppose to buy I’m going back to America were I d have rights az union construction worker no some trash that has choices. Actually the choices they have is 12 dolllar an hour tour guide or work like a slave in construction were the is only in name and is not a union at all

  8. wuffbunny says:

    Being a Hawaiian myself I am very upset after reading this article and pretty offended by some of the comments. Yes there is freedom of speech and you are all entitled to your opinion, but here is mine. Yes, there are parts of the island that are not tourist spots where people actually live and yes they might be considered “ghetto” or not ideal places to live, but you have to realize that the price of living is so high because of the fact that a great percentage of the products in Hawaii have to be shipped to the islands, because it is an island. There are problems in every state when it comes to living conditions and politics, but if you are going to sit here and talk about how awful the state is on its own why don’t you first look back at the issues on the mainland as well. Every state has its problems financially and politically, and Hawaii probably more than others because of the high cost of living.
    As for the people who live there, I know I a lot of them do their best to live the best they can with what they have, and as for the fact that some still live with their families, family is a huge thing to the Hawaiian people, and blood is more important than anything. They have a strong sense of community, and if there is anything wrong with that then I must be the one who is mistaken.
    Now as for education, the school’s there might not be the best, but neither are most of America’s schools. Hawaii’s problems aren’t just problems that only exist in just Hawaii, they exist everywhere in the country. And the fact that you say that they are uneducated, ignorant, and lazy is just rude and disrespectful. I for one am a Hawaiian who is going to college and making a life for myself.
    If you moved to Hawaii because of the tourist trap pictures you saw, and didn’t like it, you need to do more research before you move somewhere.

    • john says:

      Wuffbunny, good for you for becoming an educated person, and working to make a life for yourself. You will find anyone on this site will respect you for doing so. I suggest you also become a better read person and continue reading? You will find for the most part those of actual Hawaiian lineage are not the focus of anger or malace on this site. No one here has an issue with a family being close, there is a difference between a close family and a bunch of good for nothing jobless slobs still living at their parents house at 35 (thirty-five) years old mooching off the rest of their family and living of federal subsidies that the other 49 (fourty-nine) states pay for?
      Re: moving to hawaii because it looked like a post card and didn’t like it? You obviously haven’t lived outside the islands and much exposure to real life ….. Hawaii being my 48th (four-eightth) state to live in, is by far the most corrupt, bigotted, unfriendly, crime ridden, self entitled, shite hole in the country… (southeast texas, and parts of mississippi might run a close 2nd (second) / 3rd (third). No matter how hard I’ve tried to be friendly, kind, or inclusive, to my neighbors I end up giving up because I get tired of hearing what a stupid Haole I am as they rip me off .. usually petty shite like coming over putting chicken theighs on the grill and then helping themselves to other guest or my own steaks .. or using my bathroom and walking out with my cologne, however I’ve also had every bicycle / scooters / motorcycles stolen and my truck keyed by my neighbours friends.
      I’ve also been pulled over by officers three times in one week in a new hummer, maxed out BMW, and classic mustang, each time because they believed my safty inspection to have been stolen..odly I parked each time behind my neighbours car and photographed the stop with the officer in it. This clearly showed my local neighbours car a beat up piece of shite, with expired tabs and expired scratched safty inspection sticker each time parked in a differnt spot showing the car was being driven… oddly the car was never ticketed or towed? I believe you would call this racial profiling?
      Please don’t get me started on the U of H system shameful practice of extorting federal grant monies by passing students who; don’t buy books or andy supplies with the said monies, don’t show up to class and when they do it is just to be disruptive and rude to argue about why they are failing the class(usually once in the middle of the semester and again around the last two weeks of classs trying to get in enough work to pass), not turning in any assignments, can not read or write while at the level of being a jr (I took in a box of books as several kids had never read a book, and did not know how to do a book report… in a second level writing intensive class?)
      So I’m sorry if when I hear the word “local” it is automatically translated in my mind to back-stabbing lying theives?
      But as I said in the beginning, I commend you for your pursuit in excellence. Lets hope you’ve also learned ethics, honesty, integrity, and to be impeccable with your word. [this for one means for instance the sentance “I know your mother told you, you never steal from another asian, you steal from whites, but you never steal from another asian… (a little something I’ve heard said more than once here in hawaii)is not considered “ok” by the above standards]
      Again All the best, and much success to you.

    • K.P. says:


      The price of living in “paradise” is “slanted”. The locales that run the docks are screwing you. Look up the jones act to see why. Products in Guam are cheaper than in Hawaii. The locals are being raked over the coals by the unions and the paradise cost or tax bill is widely accepted. HECO makes millions off of you while you suffer. I am sorry, but where I live now, my happa-Hawaiian family lives in a 2750 sq ft home, our mortgage is $1243 a month, my utilities are less than $200, and my children go to a school with central air, chrome books (laptops), and an indoor pool. My in laws are bitter about us moving here for some reason. Maybe they like poverty and everyone else embracing it. They own a home that is “valued” at one million plus but it is a shack compared to our new home. This year with the money that we saved from not living there we drove down to Walt Disney world and went on vacation. If we were still here, the cost of airline tickets would have been more. Sorry, my local family will never stay over there… It is an overrated, run-down shithole. Average people should not have to live like that.


  9. ICU8PUC2 says:

    The State of Hawaii and City and County of Honolulu are, today, 2015, as crooked and as corrupt as the ace of spades is black. Government is inept, incompetent, ignorant, sold out to the highest donator, including our utility monopoly, with the State being run into the ground by mentally challenged Neanderthals who call themselves leaders, when all they do is follow their noses to the nearest envelope of money.

    The corruption is not subtle as we all know in the case of rail and Ho’opili. It is outright fraud and criminal activity being perpetrated against the public, with deliberate violations of the state constitution, all the result of the insatiable lust for and idolatry of money. Are the judges today also bought off? The only way change will occur is if the people wake up, rise up, and march & rally in large numbers like those in other countries are doing today.

    Corrupt, sleezy politicians depend on the public going about their business of surviving day by day, forgiving, and forgetting all of their lies and misdeeds, but the public is slowly approaching a breaking point. The young people are more educated, connected, and aware than ever. A sleeping giant is slowly awakening, and when it does, watch out.

    • Mike says:

      Why should HECO make a 33.6 million dollar profit in one quarter!? My only thought would be that the hatred for anything not renewable leaves no pity for those you use it. Unfortunately the poor and middle class (who are still poor over there) get shafted while the rich (who can afford the rates anyway) get renewable energy credits, free electricity and parking for their Prius or leaf, and are otherwise unaffected. I remember when I lived there I parked my truck in the electric only parking areas and placed the power plug in my vehicles grill. A cop tried to cite me once and I told him that it was electric. He was confused (naturally a local) so I explained to him that it had a battery, a starter and an alternator. He laughed and walked away amused. Living there was interesting, I am just glad that when I left that dilapidated airport last year, I knew that it would be my last. I just do not understand why people want to vacation there. The Caribbean is much closer, the water is nicer, and the hotels are as well. Oh well, the locals need jobs anyway.



  10. john says:

    Lets hear a big AMEN for that .. time to tear it down, lock em up from the police force and every government office needs to be gutted of the people in place most hired through the back door (personally I think they should be ccharged with extortion, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, welfare fraud, treason, and anything else we can find..and that goes for those involved in the “affordable housing” scams and U of H fleecing the federal gov for grant monies for locals who don’t even attend classes let alone buy supplies with the money….
    … and lets make sure anyone who has worked in /been a part of ; they nor their families are not eligible to receive any type of retirement, pension, subsidies, or any type of public assistance after(I think they have already gotten more than their fair share)?

  11. Krystal says:

    What a bunch of bitch holes. Don’t like it then get off, if you can’t leave well… Tough tits. Go kill yourself.

    • Krystal says:

      I think the world is unfair and just sucks, and it’s because of the people in it.

      • john says:

        Since I’m retired I think I’ll stick around and watch the show. I imagine it is going to be something indeed to see when reality sets in as the armed forces take over, and the tight reign of control of power crumbles into nothingness as all illusions always eventually do. As all those ill gotten govenment jobs thought to be secured as the life long lotto pay out, turns into the curse of welfare fraud / misappropriation of funds. Then the excitement should begin to pick up … with all the talk of how blood and family is so much more important than anything else here (holding in a laugh). It should be hysterical to observe as you all trip over yourselves trying to redirect blame from yourselves to others? Once the armed forces are in place to take control of all branches of law enforcement, you can only imagine what the effect that will have on locals, when they are the ones getting pulled over for all the bull shite things previously reserved for whitie and tourist? When locals start being arrested for being on the beach or swimming at night as whitie and tourist are? When locals are actually arrested for stealing bicycle, scooters, mototcycles, and cars selling going to chopshops that the local cops all knew about but left alone, because they were either related to / or getting a kick back from? After you all get to the point of stabbing each other in the backs and undermining each other trying to save your own arses, selling your own mothers for pennies on the dollars to try and keep your jobs, and or at least any subsidies you might still be getting… and it finely sinks in that the gentrfication of the islands is beginning, and there is nothing you’ll be able to do about it. No longer is whitie being chased off by all the corruption and being ripped off my your uncles and cousins, because the police are no longer asian & local they are amed forces from the mainland busting your friends and family who are starting to mysteriously disappear… in fact whole families are dissappearing since they have no relitives outside the islands there is no one to miss them. Strangely without the asian & local corruption running the government whitie is able to get and keep jobs in hawaii, and is no longer being forced off the island in the first or second year… so more and more white people from the mainland stay and more and more white people are taking the jobs because now with the armed forces in control people are forced to actaully test and compete for the jobs with only the most qualified and experienced applicant securing the job….. you see it will no longer matter that auntie and your sister work in the office and can get you a job you are not qualified to have, with benefits and paid vacation and no chance of getting fired even though you have no skill or work ethic not to meniton are unable to speak or comprehend the english language. Those days are long gone at this point… In fact your family can’t even get a permit to sell at the farmers market… laws will change to insure locals are unable to get employement, or if they are in will be with a set of maximum hours that make living in Hawaii unrealistic. Of course, you also won’t be able to save enough to leave either.. this situation of not being able to feed yourself let alone your families will cause mass depression and suicides will increase substantially.
        We just have to sit back and enjoy the show. What you locals don’t seem to be able to wrap your heads around is Hawaii isn’t a state except in title, it’s a front to sell to the other countries as the USA strenghtens military defense here. Now with the internet, some time and a little energy starting a nation wide push to stop funding hawaii as an asian third world country/ demanding the rmed forces take over? With a bit of media blitz and propaganda of what living here and what locals are truly like to live with, what you think of whitie, and the USA, we could probably get a few million signatures in less than a month, securing a place on a ballot?
        Kill myself and miss you killing yourself ..wouldn’t miss it for the world..
        Kiss Kiss, Krystal Meth (as tweeked out as you come across, the sir name is only logical)

      • My Truth says:


      • Krystal says:

        John!! I’ve been waiting for you!!

        John…Johnny…. Johnson?… Come on now. look I know Hawaii isn’t the best place but seriously tell me something I don’t know.

        John…. I’m sorry you had a bad experience and seriously who ever stole from you kick their Hawaiian asses! Or Asian asses whatever! But can you blame me for getting a little heated when of course one Hawaiian (or multiple) does a bad thing all of them get blamed??

        It’s typical right? One black shoots a kid and that makes all blacks bad. A cop rapes a girl and now all the cops are bad. I get it, and this is For Hawaiians! Yes makes sense.

        I get it about the island its crappy sometimes but you know so are other places like Fresno, Oakland, hell I saw a guy take a shit in the sidewalk in San Fran does that count?

        Anyways Johnson, you take care. and yes Meth is quite popular don’t you think?

    • My Truth says:


      You can feel free to go fuck yourself, unless you need a personal invitation, and that can be arranged, too.

      The “I Love Hawaii Because I’m a Shitbag Butt Hole Surfer” is down the hall to your right. Don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass.

      • Krystal says:

        My truth. I’m sorry for your bad experience with the islands but we all go through the same bullshit. On island and off. but what you say about Hawaiians, just isn’t about Hawaiians. it’s about people just like you. To each there own and that’s fine!

        Fucking yourself is also called masturbation, which is I’m pretty sure you do on a daily basis. Which hey! Go ahead! are you teaching the “I love Hawai’i becuase I’m a shitbag butthole surfer ” class again?

        Welcome to the real word My truth. Where shit happens and there’s not a fuck you can do about it except blog about it. “When in Rome”

        The Truth

      • My Truth says:


        I don’t have time to deal with this right now, because I’m going out. Let me get to you later.

        I think you’d better get yourself ready for some serious reality checks. In the meantime, perhaps one of my counterparts can jump in on this one…you have a wonderful night.

      • My Truth says:

        Yeah, so, Krystal, I’m not really sure what your angle is…are you a shitbag local who is trying to scratch out an identity, or are you some kind of apologist mainlander who doesn’t know her ass from a fucking hole in the ground?

        And, believe me, there’s plenty for me to do here. Just take a look at some of my older posts, where I live better than any local I know, get to shove them around on a whim, and hardnose them at every opportunity. Oh, there’s plenty to do. Are you jealous, or just too lame to admit I’m right?

        I’ll echo what Fran said. If you’re so big on “To each there own,” why don’t you drink that beer and get your cornhole fucker self out of this blog so we can carry on without you bothering us, eh? Actually, either way is fine with me. Stick around if you’d like. Just don’t crawl out of here crying when someone hands you your ass.

      • Krystal says:

        My truth,

        my point is only that you display all Hawaiians as bad. Might as well go out and call every black person a niggar becuase their black, or every white person haole or cracker becuase their white. That’s all I’m saying!

        to each “their” own, yes, but that’s why I can be on here. In fact I have every right because I am Hawaiian. local or not, it’s not the point, the point is that this is a typical blog about how people just gonna hate just becuase they like bitching and moaning about things they don’t have control over.

        No ones crying. In fact it’s just called a simple conversation. That’s all it is. Nothing else.
        your powerless. And that kills you. so if your entitled to push locals around then fine. no body cares. About your life or who you are, or your story. your just another speck on this earth like the rest of us.
        But like I said, not all Hawaiians are bad, just like how not all whites or blacks are either. that’s all I’m trying to say. nothing more, nothing less.

        Take care Of yourself My Truth. Aloha forever~

      • My Truth says:


        Welllllll….You’re not exactly playing the “I’m not doing anything wrong” card, because you’re actually doing a couple things.

        First, you’re copping. You’re telling us all that you’re Hawaiian, when in fact, you’re part-Hawaiian and don’t even live here. You have absolutely no idea how things are in Hawaii; you probably haven’t even been here before.

        Next, you’re not delineating between Hawaiians and locals. If you’ve read any of the comments on this blog at all, you’d see that real, true Hawaiians are generally a good people. You do see that I’m saying that the majority of Hawaiians are GOOD, don’t you? It’s just the other bullshit of determining who’s local, what it means, and how it impacts those who live here.

        I really do think you should read a page or two back. Take a look at the rest of what’s been said.

        Bottom line. Don’t judge from afar when you don’t even live here. I’ve been here 26 years. How long have you been in Hawaii on vacation, if ever?

        Have a nice Sunday.

      • Krystal says:

        My truth,

        Please don’t assume and judge. I’ve been in Hawaii for over 30 years born and raised. But moved for work to Ca.

        In all honesty, I really didn’t have a problem with your blog, my first comments were to everyone who make racial remarks, and probably don’t know a damn thing themselves. Becuase your right it’s crappy at times, locals that are ignorant make all of us look bad, but do I still love my homeland? of course I do. It’s my homeland. But I also enjoyed mainland life too. It’s different but, one thing for sure. There is fucking idiots everywhere you go. Left and right! I swear whether be on Oahu or Ca. It’s ridiculous.
        Im 75, percent Hawaiian. So your right only part, the rest of me is Irish and Filipino. Of course. But as you probably know, there’s not much pure Hawaiians anymore. I know only a few and there family.

        Take care my truth

      • My Truth says:

        So, Krystal,

        At least you’re honest about you leaving Hawaii because of how shitty it was for you. There, ya got one point on the board. I’ll bet moving to the mainland was pure culture shock for you. Going into McDonalds and asking for saimin and getting a blank stare in return, finally finding out that there were no Zippy’s there, looking for days for malasadas, and never finding them. Whew! I’ll bet that was hard.

        You’ve got an interesting tone to your whole approach. In one way, you have this “to each his own,” etc thing going on. Then, you have the side of you that reeks of superiority, the whole, “I was born and raised,” as if that’s given you some special favour in the eyes of man and God. Actually, I think what it boils down to, is, you like to argue. You know you don’t belong here because it’s not the “I Love Hawaii” blog. But you’re here anyway, like so many of the welfare recipients who sit there on their asses with their smug faces to convey the notion that they’re just not leaving without getting something in return for nothing first.

        And, by the way, this is not my blog.

        You’re right about idiots being everywhere, but you have to admit that the vagrant, lazy, holier-than-thou-because-I-was-raised-here shitty attitude of local people in Hawaii – and yes, even those away from it – is a special identifier unto itself.

        We could go round and round on this, so I think I’ll end this little conversation for now, and bid you adieu. I will say you’re more conversant than most, but you still have that “golden-girl” air about you that says that because you’re part-Hawaiian, you’re just a little bit better than everyone else.

        You take care now.


      • Krystal says:

        Ok My truth. Whatever makes you happy. You asked questions, so I answered. Assume what you will, but I clearly said I left for work. Not becuase it was shitty. No it wasn’t a culture shock at all. If I want Hawaiian food I make my own, You assumed I had no Hawaiian or was only part as if it’s a bad thing. So I told you how much I have. Not to say I’m better becuase I’m not, but to answer your question that you asked me. I’m not arguing, just talking and answering your questions. Like I said, you asked, I answered.
        I’m no more superior then you are. You think you have me figured out as if it comes down to some psychological game here, but it’s nothing like that. Infact you know nothing about me, as I don’t know anything about you. The only attitude I see is yours. And I get it that’s fine. you know my point and you stated in your previous comment that nothing was meant towards Hawaiians being bad, but the locals that give Hawaii a bad name. which is I agree. So, we can at least be on board with that.

        It was a pleasure talking with you. But really my truth, if you don’t like Hawaii, why do you stay there? And I mean that with respect. I mean I know it’s hard to leave I understand, but it can be done in time. But then again I don’t know your situation. I like to travel as well so that’s another reason why I left. Would you rather live in the mainland?

        Random question as I ask everyone, do you eat or like poi? I know not many people do.

        Take care MT

      • Krystal says:

        Hey MT I enjoy our one on one conversations as there quite interesting and I enjoy seeing your point of view. I think we can say that we agree to disagree. But I really hope you farewell, and really do take care. Hawaii isn’t the best but you obviously make the best of things so I commend you for that as that itself can be a hard task to do.

        no hard feelings my truth. Enjoy life becuase it’s short. and please, I mean this truely, do take care.

        Yours truely,

        Krystal 🌺

      • My Truth says:


        I think the bottom line is that we have experienced alternate realities. If you could spend a few days in my shoes, you would see just what it was all about. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, people come here out of a sense of being wounded for reasons that were not even remotely their fault. I did not annex Hawaii. I was not a taskmaster on some plantation. I did not cause the Hawaiian people to acquiesce and give up their land – but I’ve been blamed for it all in one form or fashion. White people are sold a bill of goods that includes the “Gift of aloha,” Hanai Ohana, promised friendship (or at least a fighting chance,) and many other wondrous things that raise the “social worth” of the people of Hawaii. What do we get when we get here? We get iced out. We get a smarmy, smiling face with a shaka and a handshake, whilst in half-hug mode, getting a knife twisted into our backs with the other one. We get told, “local jobs for local people,” even though we are eminently more qualified than most, if not all other applicants. While expecting to find that pure Hawaiian family to call our own, we instead find a whole other social hierarchy based in how “local” you are perceived to be. If you’re a foreigner with brown skin, you are instantly accepted and given the keys to the city. If you were born here, even “one local haole” (some of the lamest people I’ve ever known,) it’s A-OK. But if you’re a tourist paying good money into the economy, a soldier, marine, airman, or sailor protecting this land, or a Caucasian who is educated and contributing to the greater good for all in the Islands, then you’re just a “fucking haole.” Any other state or territory utilizing a different pejorative name for someone of a different race would be the equivalent of using the word “nigger.” But “haole?” No problem! Throw it around like it’s the norm. People will go ahead and make those sweeping generalizations. It’s OK because of all the reasons those idiot Trask Sisters have dreamed up.

        So, that’s kind of where a lot of the anger comes from. There’s nothing under anger but hurt. There, I said it. If I were to say this anywhere in the Islands in public, I would be labeled weak and a sissy. But then again, everyone is tough in Hawaii, or some kind of bare-knuckle martial arts champion.

        I don’t eat poi. I’m sorry, but it smells like dirty feet to me. Sorry! You have to be raised, for the most part, on that kind of cultural food, much like my family and background. But, I do like lomi salmon, and some of the other fare. I stay here because I have good paying jobs that allow me to live comfortably and save for retirement. I am also in mid-level management, and that means that I only have to take a certain amount of shit from people to my face. I know they talk behind my back – but I’m the one driving the bus, so they get shut-up one way or another… So for now, it’s tolerable, although I will put the feelers out for other options later on in the year. After I retire in a few years, I will return to the mainland.

        You are probably a rarity around here, in that you seem pretty balanced with reality. So, I appreciate your remarks and don’t mind conversing with you as well.


        My Truth

      • maliaog says:

        Uh…”local haoles” those born and raised do NOT get any respect. At least not through the 70s, 80s or 90s. I was still treated poorly. Just “another fucking haole” that was told to “go back to the Mainland” that I had never been to. Just wanted to clear that up…

      • My Truth says:


        Perception and experience. Maybe to you it was the same, but to me, and many like me, we were “just a little bit shittier” down on the totem pole of “Localness.” Here’s how I break it down. May differ from you, and I’m not negating your experience, but this has been mine. From “Just wonderful,” to “You fucking piece of shit,” I viewed it as:

        100% Hawaiian
        “Part Hawaiian”
        Local – “Born and Raised (Asian mixes, etc.)”
        “Local Haole”
        Any Asian-Pacific (Tongan, Samoan, etc.)
        Any Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese Nationals)
        Haole/Fucking Haole

        Anyway, this is MY perception. Yours may have varied, as I mentioned, but given a situation where it was between me, or a “Local Haole,” they were chosen each and every time, whether or not they were either actually born here, or just selling out and being the lamest of the lame where they tried to desperately fit in and appropriate the culture.

        Glad I could clear that up.

      • maliaog says:

        Very different experience you had it sounds like. Asians further down the list than local haole?! Wow. Times have changed… They were treated as “local” when I lived there. Probably somewhat dependent on location, if you are of school age, etc.

        A fun story: I had to call a local bank on my Mother’s behalf last year, (she was ill and having some issues with our joint account). After weeks of emails, three certified letters and multiple phone calls/messages left and promises of a return call (that NEVER came), the issue was finally resolved when I affected a “local” accent on my final call. Prior to that I had been friendly, polite, concise and clear about what the issue was and provided all the requested documentation to have it corrected.
        Yet what worked, despite the person supposedly having received NONE of the three certified copies I had sent???

        “Awe…three weeks is nuts, Auntie! Too long for get this handled.”

        I needed a shower after that conversation.

      • Krystal says:

        My truth,

        I wish I could take your hurt away. I understand you though, maybe not in the same fashion or same situation, but being able to pass of as an Iranian or middle eastern. People are just cruel and like to blame anyone now a days for things that you had nothing to do with! I’m so sorry My Truth. and seriously people need to get over that how whites over through the island and crap. It’s 2015 they need to just get over it and let it go! Ita done with already you know. But it sickens me to know how they treat you. I would try and change that if I could.

        At least you retire and can go to the mainland in a few years! That’s exciting and I’m happy for you for that and I wish you the best.

        And your not a sissy, your a real man compared to the locals that think their hot shots, but all you have to do is say a big word and they run.

        I wish you the best of luck. When I visit Hawaii, and come across an act of anyone disrespecting a white person, becuase they’re white and blaming them for things that they had nothing to do with, you will come into mind and the hurt you endured, and I will tell that fucker off. becuase a person is a person regardless. And that’s suppose to mean something or should at least.

        I probably won’t comment after this but I just wanted to say thank you for this conversation. I won’t forget it.

        Take care My Truth, your more a person then most people I know. Have a great time in retirement and in the mainland! I know you will :)

        Bye for now,

        Krystal 🌺

      • Krystal says:

        I apologize for any grammatical errors as there seems to be quite a few.

        Oh yes! And your right about poi hahaha! that made me laugh when I read it. It took me a while to get used to I think it was a texture thing for me, but regardless it still sometimes wants to make you gag. Haha.

        Take care 🌺

      • My Truth says:

        Hi Krystal,

        Recently, I’ve noticed a couple instances where there’s been resolution between people like me, who have come here to vent our frustration and pain, and people like you who have, at least initially, defended the culture and “means to an end” ways of doing things here, and the socio/interpersonal relationship dynamic.

        Someone (a local person) recently asked me about my personal finances here on this board, and what I would recommend for them – and I responded with an open heart and basically spilled my guts to try and help her out the best way I knew how. This was after considerable bickering, and back and forth between the two of us. In the end, I respected her plea for help, and she respected my honesty, and I suppose open-heartedness. For all the nasty things that I can say, I’ve alluded to the things that have caused all that anger to crop up, and it’s always in the form of some kind of pain, and/or hurt feelings.

        I, too, owe you an apology for being rude in the beginning of our conversation. I was lashing out and being very short with you because of the considerable pain I’ve experienced due to Hawaii’s special form of racism practiced by some. I was raised to respect people for who they are, although there was an unspoken, implicit sense that we were somewhat special because we were Caucasian. I always chalked it up to my parents living through, and witnessing the Civil Rights Era – basically, they did the best they could with what limited information they had. No one had ever taught them to really respect the person, and disregard the skin color, so in that way, they journeyed to the point where they could go no further. They travelled as far as they psychologically, kinesthetically (via the heart,) and physically could have gone.

        I am sorry for lashing out toward you early on in our conversation.

        Situations like this can move people even an nth of a degree toward reconciliation and healing. I will view our interaction as such, and will remember that there are people from here who can objectively and openly view others, even others not from here, and not pin the sins of their forefathers onto those present in today’s world, here in the Islands.

        God go with you. See you on the Interplane.

        Kind regards,

        My Truth

      • john says:

        Hey all I would really like to start work on a project soon of interviewing, and documenting expeinces, of people who have moved to the state of hawaii and left within three years. The reasons people moved to hawaii, fantasy, work, partnership, etc… in detail and the same as to why after all the effort and expense give up and leave? Also what would have had to have happened to make hawaii a livable enviroment for someone from the mainland? Lets face it there are plenty of third world countries where we go and are treated much better than we are in hawaii, our own country. Obviously when only approximately 2-3% (two-three) percent stay, there is a major problem that needs to be addressed nationaly [especially given the other 49 (fourty-nine) states taxes are subsidizing the shite attitudes and actions going on in hawaii].
        Would actually like to start doing youtube segments what what hawaii is honestly like gritty and just honest film shot on location as things are happening, homeless areas, domestic vioilence (how many local cops does it actually take to sit in a parking lot), basic bull shite politics that go on day to day questioned on film and posted responses….. putting faces you don’t usually see on the tube exposing people saying & doing things ..
        I will be looking for input in the near future, however in order for any / all information to be considered valid, all sources will need to be verifiable (although aall personal information will be kept strictly confidential & sources names will be changed in all files for individuals protection).

    • fran says:

      Oh Jesus. It’s back!! Just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. BTW, it’s “to each THEIR own” which raises the question of why would you keep on visiting and commenting on a site where no commonalities exist for you here. Oh… but please don’t answer; just find someone else to talk to that you have something in common with or find something else to do instead of revisiting our forum. You have nothing to offer.

      • Krystal says:


      • George says:


        If you enjoy your island lifestyle, then why are you visiting a forum dedicated to the discussion of examining why Hawaii is such an over-rated shithole?! Maybe you should visit happy forums that embrace the generational lifestyle that the locals must live with in order to survive. These forums could discuss how it is so beneficial to move back in with your parents after marriage and children. How not being able to live in your own house is bad because you would be severing your bonds with family and culture. Living in Hawaii is a sad existence. I lived there for six years and always wondered why people liked it so much. My Kaneohe home cost me over $4000 with utilities. It was much more expensive and so much smaller than my previous home. The parking lots are congested, traffic was bad, and the beaches and parks were filthy. It is funny how the locals such as yourself defend that place so much. Look at everything subjectively and ask yourself why everything is so run down.


      • fran says:

        Hey George,
        You’ve got me pegged all wrong. I oppose so much of the reality that Hawaii actually represents, including the horrible racism, corruption, theft, blatant and rampant nepotism in the workforce, underpaid wages, extreme high cost of living, incredibly rude behavior witnessed daily, lack of common courtesy that even a 4 year old can comprehend, extortion of money from white people at any given opportunity from J-walking tickets to over price gouging of sales, etc., lack of intellect, hate, anger that’s written all the faces of many locals, the judgements and preconceived notions that they have for mainland people, etc., etc., etc., The list goes on. Perhaps you thought my former reply was intended for someone else; it was basically intended for Krystal, Kamanu, Miss piggy, Jasmine, Steve or the one who encompasses all of the above as defending the so-called “paradise” state. I agree with John in thinking that this 50th state should be exposed for what it really is. Sorry defendants of HI.

      • George says:


        My apologies, I stand corrected. I hope that the state fares better in the future. I still have family that resides over there. I wish that they would have used the billions wasted on the rail to fix the roads and to build elevated roads for the excellent bus system that they are trying to kill off there. Where my family lives now the zoo is the best in the nation, traffic is nonexistant, the schools hand out Chromebooks and we have rail and bus mass transit. I am just dumbfounded how an island of a million plus buffered by all of those tourist and federal dollars cannot fix their issues. Like you said, corruption. Good luck and God speed.



      • Mike says:


        bill@powerreporting.com?subject=Reader idea for investigation;
        This is a full contact emaail address.


    • Mike says:


      Why so much hatred? Just because someone points out that living there is not paradise does not mean that you have to lash out at them! You should accept the criticism and look at your surroundings objectively. Would you call your local representative tomorrow about the poor condition of the local school, roads, local beach park? Maybe question the run down nature of the majority of the middle class to lower end homes? I know that I did as well as my friends when they transited that place. That is why we have nice housing now instead of concrete bunkers or single walled bungalows. We (military) have no choice the majority of the time where we can go. We give up that freedom when we enlist. I never wanted to go there, nor will I ever go back. Many of us feel this way. Do not hate, our presence is making your life better than you know it. odds are that your job depends on federal or state dollars anyway. Not everyone loves Hawaii, it is not a very well maintained place and it is pretty gross.


    • ICU8PUC2 says:

      I live here, pay taxes, own property, and hire locals. I will say whatever I want. You also have to realize that this run down dumpy federally funded welfare island needs doers and movers. We add a viable social product to the “Appalachia of the Pacific”. We raise your census numbers, ask for zero government freebies, we create and help move this dilapidated place to move forward. Soon it will be 1980 here and the more we can colonize the place by displacing useless locals via colonialism with pure economics; the better off this place will be. Locals being priced out or herded into what amounts to welfare zones, ghettos all akin to an Indian Reservation. The Hawaiian Local diaspora is only gaining steam. Continued federal military reduction in spending here will be Oahu’s Katrina. Aloha Hard; VERY HARD!!!!

    • Mainlander says:

      Shutup stupid

      • fran says:

        Ahhhh, daaaaa,…..good come back??? !!! Pretty funny and juvenile at the same time. I assume this was your intent.

  12. john says:

    Hey truth,
    I reckoned being mis meth was /is living in a fantasy, I’d write her a little fantasy scenario, that with some effort and and push re all the unseen glamour of the “Aloha State” via youtube and other midea sites… could get issues, major problems needing to be addressed, some seriously much need attention. i.e. the clean water act 13 (thirteen)years behind the rest of the USA still not in action in Hawaii [ however the people in the offices that handle it are still the same as when it started and still getting paid to do the job they have not done that the rest of the country compleated 13 (thirteen years ago)]? I think the one single thing that still amazes me after living here for ten (10) years is how many locals still have no clue how to use the internet and how powerful it is. Hell I’m still stunned how many people I’ve met here who have no idea what Craigslist is? or The Stranger.
    Like my computer science prof said back in the seventies “garbage in garbage out” sums it up for the mentality here in hawaii, just keep feeding themselves lies and shite and that’s all that keeps coming outta their holes

    • Krystal says:

      I live in Ca Johnson. FYI come on people you guys don’t know jack!! Stop assuming my goodness.

      My truth,

      You have a wonderful night to and take care!

      • Krystal says:

        Alright enough games.. You guys are aweseome there I said it, but to each there own and that’s why where in America because we can talk shit like this and not get our heads cut off for it.

        It’s boring here, So go ahead you little (or big) rascals and talk your shit because still no one gives a fuck! Blog away! Oh and Aloha! And Mahalo!

        Krystal (Meth?) thanks to John(son?) you know what that is ;)

      • Krystal says:

        BA BA BA BOOOOOOOOM! Your self on the shitter :p

      • George says:


        That is an odd name… It is not even how you spell it anyway. We all know your type, the Asian that proclaims that their left pinky is Hawaiian, is angry at “whitey” for ruining their land…. It is the same boring montage. Like I always say, you likely live in a red-dirt-covered single-walled home bare of modern essentials. You make up living with your family by purchasing an overpriced Tacoma (you probably have no idea that Tacoma is a place and even where it is… Your googling it right now). The reality is, you will live with family for the majority of your life because you can never afford your own place without government assistance. Enjoy your life over there, I do not understand how you people can survive there. I made over $100 grand there while I was there and I felt like after the $4000 in rent and utilities that I was a poor man. I guess if I lived with my mom over there with my wife and kids I could purchase a new truck and paddle board instead of living on my own! Oh well, I do not have to deal with that mess anymore. I feel sorry for you, I truly do.


  13. Mike Pearce says:

    What you said in 2007 is true. I am a Californian who lived and worked on Maui for a year and I was bored out of my mind and had major island fever. Now I am sitting here on a vacation on the Big Island and it reminds me of Hayward but on the beach. (this is not a good thing). Surronded by big box stores, which is so strange. The weather is not great, Hot and dang super humid and cloudy every day and tons of rain. All the lava rock everywhere looks like tar and a construction zone to me. I do not find miles of lava flow on the highway amazing. I am in Kona now and heading over to Hilo, which has at best a shaky 2.5 star hotel, there are no decent hotels on that side. Hey I love to camp and the outdoors, but on vacation I like a little lux once in awhile.
    We have found a few hidden type beaches, but you have to hike a long way and over lots of lava rocks. It is grubby here in general. I will say all the people so far in the shops have been super friendly so thank you big island. I did have an asshole surfer come over to me when I stood up while snorkeling, ( I stood up between two very flattened pieces of coral , ON SAND, to get water out of my ear.) Yes I know not to stand on coral!
    He started lecturing me and swearing at me for standing and disrespecting the land. Would not shut up, total nanny type. I just said sorry and swam away. I know these types, no use arguing with them, they are so full of themselves. But whatever, I am okay with that. I get it.
    The condo I have looks like a thrift store threw up. I did not expect that. The hotels all look so old and even the Marriot, Royal Kona and so forth all need a big redo. They are run down and oddly tons of cement in the hotel designs here. Even the Sheraton, who has the best pool looks so 1970. It is kinda cool in a way, yet rather than feeling retro, it feels grubby and old.
    Anyway living here is not the same as a vacation. If you are looking for pretty white beaches, go to Maui for sure for a vacation.

  14. fuckky@yahoo.com says:


  15. Ace@haolie.com says:

    I have been routinely disrespected on this island and I thought it was just me. It always blows my mind when people refer to me as hoalie when they themselves are foreigners. Ignorance is an understatement when it comes to describing the “Locals”. I picked up a strange habit since living in Hawaii. I have become so used to the fact that locals cannot understand large words so I often recite the definition right after saying the word. For example, “I need to deal with someone who is rational, ya know like they have common sense”. All these sorry ass self proclaimed Hawaiians or 1/10th Hawaiians are a joke, walking around like they are superior. I have yet to meet a calculated “go-getter” on this island that was a local. I always say that people in Hawaii are stupid and stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. I will not be responding to this so save yourself the trouble of replying especially if your a local, wouldn’t want to rack your brain with a 2-3 sentence response. When I transferred high schools to Hawaii I was told I would not graduate on time, guess what — I graduated early. What does that tell you? The public education sucks, people can’t hold a intelligent conversation, most are losers although they are too ignorant to know. I had a car accident about a year ago where I completely totaled the other car by t-boning it. I did not feel sorry for the driver and passenger, they are fucking idiots that need to be off the road. I can’t believe that there was actually a discussion on who is to blame, it just goes to show how these people lack critical thinking. I showed them all a drivers handbook that has a picture and clearly states “Yield to oncoming traffic”, they still looked a bit confused. I went to court and showed the same picture, thank god the judge was not a complete idiot and understood that a car must yield. I died laughing when people said military people are unliked, here we go again another example of stupid human beings, didnt anyone tell these dumb fuxs that you never bite the hand that feeds you. I honestly feel that there is no hope for the true Hawaiians they are misrepresented by morons.

    • john says:

      I no longer feel sorry for the Hawaiian people, as they allow these people to misrepresent them, degrade them, and polute their “Sacraed treasured aina” dumping electronics, plastics and styrofoam, and so many toxic liquids all because it would cost them out of their profits to dispose of them properly …. but it’s ok lets all just keep pointing the finger at whitey & blame him for taking our kingdom & distroying our cullture …. As they keep trying to chase every white person who moves here from the mainland off as fast as they can while at the same time applying for more & more federal subsidy monies that the actual hawaiian people will never see a dime of because their asian “local” brothers have not just been fucking the feds, but they’ve been fucking the hawaiian’s as well… and ya really gotta laugh at that !

      • Mark says:


        I really hate stereotypes. I will have to say that I thought that Asians were supposed to be smart! How can they control a state and run it into the ground? Well, democratic socialism = stupid and the Asians over here have definitely lost their work ethic.

      • john says:

        the big problem is there is trash in every ethinic group … and lets face it the people who came to hawaii from different parts of asisa did so to work the fields and plantations … they were not rocket scientists? They inter-married with the hawaiians who were not well educated . and continued the cycle of island ignorance … then when a few people with half a brain did show up and started a swindle they didn’t know what the hell hit em … they blame it all on whitey and so the myth begins all the while they continue to to rip off the hawaiians and whitey too

  16. Joe says:

    Newsflash…. Oahu is a dump! They cannot even protect the tourists from their dilapidated public works! You would think that if they can make the roads and sidewalks nice down in Waikiki and not the rest of the island that the multi-million-dollar sewer project that they did in Waikiki a few years ago would have fixed this. I suppose that they still have a large sewage conduit that lies within the canal behind the beach? You know the one that you are not supposed to swim in. Gross!


  17. Michael says:


    This is the discussion:

    – are you OK with graduating, marrying and living with a family member?

    – are you OK with Democrats taking your vehicle tax money per pound only to not fix the roads and to build a dumb ass rain that will never fix the traffic problems.

    – are you tired of the paradise tax ecuse making food more expensive while best buy and Walmart charge the same amount for non food products on the mainland.

    Maybe one day the idiots will rise up and unelect the demo-idiots that control the state. Or maybe I am thinking too forward?!

  18. fran says:

    …well, more like expecting a huge miracle which I believe could only happen through exposure of all angles and areas, I doubt greatly that people of these islands (some areas more than others) will ever change. They’re completely different in their thinking, or lack thereof, than any mainstream society, i.e., They’ve had no exposure to any place other than the stifled, shallow, sheltered, hyper simple, ignorant life that they know. This is where their fear and insecurites stem from when something or someone just even a little bit different from what they know and have been taught appear or presents itself/themselves. Fear and insecurity often leads to unjustifiable hate. Unlike people from the mainland who have traveled far and wide (or travelled period) know enough to open our minds. People native of the islands with no communication with the outside (real) world would rather sink their heads into the sand while hating any outsiders, especially whites, for no reason AND God forbid we expect any respect from them because even when we don’t demand it, they still harbor hate and disdain just because we are not like them or from here. Then, they say we’re expecting to be treated like royalty…NO, fuck you! We at least would appreciate a little bit of respect. We respect you and your culture, but it’s definitely not a 2 way street because we are open-minded, driven, and yearn to be productive and contribute in whatever way we can and you do and can not. You “locals’ should open up YOUR minds and perhaps we can learn from each other without the hate you display towards us. That’s all we expect. As mentioned in a recent post: yes, I don’t like dummying down to suit locals either, but we find that’s the easier way to communicate. There’s not an ounce of mental stimulation exuding from any one of you;. no reasoning, no wit, no intellect, no energy, no life, no openmindedness….just a vision of the opposite: sullen, hateful, angry, mentally suppressed, extremely fearful. That’s so sad and it all boils down to FEAR and STIFLED and SHELTERED. We really think you’re missing out on life and we’re trying to get along. We are here to contribute in one way or another (some military, some temporary, some for sense of obligation throught work, etc). If it weren’t for the white people (and others maybe, but we know it’s mainly caucasion) you hate so much, you could never sustain otherwise. The only hope for this island(s) is for intelligent and experienced people to step up to the plate and try to create a better way of life for all, whether they’re white, brown, yellow or whatever. For any of you locals, come on, enough all ready – step up to the plate and stop the hate and ignorance so we can all coexist civilally. As mentioned before by many, W(why)TF would you bite off the hand that feeds you? If you can’t understand this, then you really are beyond stupid and ignorant. Oh boy, can’t we ALL just get along???????

    • Mike says:

      By far the most fearful and socially retarded people on earth. Many are rude as hell too, no manners and no basic comprehension of just about anything involving life skills and social skills. It is very pathetic

    • ICU8PUC2 says:

      Well said; but you are expecting way too much from low functioning creatures who exist on mainland taxpayer money in this monochromatic intellectual society of degenerates and generational recipients of welfare…..
      They are aware we represent the end of their existence. We will drive them out based on pure economics and Darwinian principles of survival of the fittest.

      • fran says:

        I think you’re right as far as expecting too much. Some days I’m not bothered all that much and other days I get so sick of having to deal with all that comes with being here among “them” and all that they project. Being a target of hate and prejudice for no reason whatsoever will probably stay with me for a while. As far as your last statement, we can only hope….

    • Gary says:

      Amen Fran! I am just for a higher standard of living for all. He has a point, if a flat screen TV and a laptop are the same cost as in the mainland, then why are food and construction materials so expensive. It is because we are all getting ripped off by the stevedores and the local suppliers that make you think that it should be more expensive. COSTCO hotdogs do not have a paradise tax but everything else does.

  19. Gary says:


    I think that it is sad how many middle to lower income have to survive here. When I was 18, I had a job, an apartment, and went to college. Here, unless you are rich, you live with mommy and daddy and even after graduation reside there… even after children. It is sad, nice weather 50% of the time is not worth that.

  20. fran says:

    I agree. “Paradise” and “Aloha” are a huge farce here. It’s more like a ghetto shithole as others have stated repeatedly. Parents coddling their adult children, and their children, and so on it goes, resulting in major suppression of growth in all aspects (mentally, emotionally, wisdom, strength, independence, strength, knowledge, self-sufficiency.etc.) creating dumb, stunted, ignorant, cocky, cowardly and weak individuals. I do give credit to those born and raised here who have ventured off island to experience other parts of the country/world (other than ridiculous Las Vegas which they all seem to think IS the be all, end all real mainland. LOL).

    • The Truth About Hawaii says:

      It is sad when a “local” kid has to stay with their family after graduation and marriage. There are many nice places to move to that do not include living with family. My wife and I now live in a place where the schools are nice, graffiti is not everywhere, and state fairs do no include a shitty parking lot experience at the “aloha” stadium. We have an Oktoberfest and such with a real circus. The kids had the chance to pick their own pumpkins last week! I will never return to retard-land… And I will never live with family again… They are moving into my 2400 sq ft home or the basement that is.

  21. nomadic says:

    Hawaii should not be a state, nor it should receive any American funding…
    This whole place is a steaming pile of shit.

  22. Walter Ritte says:

    I have lived in Hawaii my whole life and I consider myself local and am treated as such which is a “benefit” that I could go with out. Frankly I’d prefer not to associate myself with most locals. In the 7 years since this article was posted there has been absolutely no change for the better. The politicians here are blatent in their corruption and nepotism and seem not to care to hide it as it has become normal and accepted here. If you are lucky enough to only stay for a week or 2 Hawaii is a seemingly pleasant place to live. This can’t be further from the truth. The roads are the worst in the nation, the sewer and water infrastructure is 70+ years old, and Hawaii drivers seem to love running over pedestrians in cross walks. The public parks are overgrown, broken glass from derelicts drinking at public parks during late night hours is standar, bathroom are horrific (feces, urines and prolific grafitti), and derelict individuals call these parks their home. The government In Hawaii could not care any less about local residents, instead spending money solely on the tourism industry which is the only source of income for the economy. Maintaining the Waikiki facade is the primary focus of the government here. The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) could not be anymore useless for the mass public. It only serves 20% of the Oahu population and goes neither to the airport or university. It’s purpose is to spur short term economic benefits only for local construction companies in return for kickbacks for politicians. Kickbacks include extravagent dinners and golf vacations for those corrupt individuals. Not to mention they’re years behind schedule, and every 2 months the schedule is delayed further and the cost inscreased by a billion each time. The constrcutuion companies milk HART constrcution to the maximum. If it was a real cow it would have died 10x over and it would look like an imploded carcus rotting in the heat. In addition, the homeless population is exploding and south pacific islanders capitalizing on COFA are sapping the health care system making many doctors unavailable to the US residents who live here. Moreover, the labor which these south pacific islanders provide couldn’t be any worse. They have no pride in their work, and feel they are entitled to all the benefits they receive. Not to mention, they love robbing tourists, banks, and local businesses. Did I mention Hawaii is the worst place to make a living and start a business? I’d hire mexican pabor over these islanders in a heart beat. At least they are grateful for being in America. The local media in Hawaii is a monopoly. We have the same news station on 4 channels and they colloborate directly with the only news paper, so media is very much controlled as if in a socialist government. Not to mention the media focuses on ridiculous topics in attempt to direct the publics attention to simething other than the major shortfallings of the goverment here. Don’t even get me started on the Mauna Kea Telescope protestors. These people have no jobs and have nothing better to do than oppose a project which will only provide revenue for the University and expand our knowledge about astronomy for the whole world. Very selfish people. The Haleakala protestors did not start protesting until the thirty meter telescope project was proposed for Mauna Kea. These people were not even aware of the presence of a telescope on Haleakala prior to this. How do you care so much about something, but not notice it until it becomes “trendy” to oppose it? This is just indicative of the lack of education and awareness of these individuals. The educated ones are restoring the countless Heiau’s (cemeteries) of their ancestors, and restoring damaged ancient fish ponds. If you care about your culture and past, how about respecting the sacred ground on which these people were buried, but as I mentioned they are simply not aware or educated. I could write a book on the travesties being comitted here but I don’t have the time. I’m sure there are many educated and aware Hawaiians by blood that agree 110%. The few bad apples that exist tarnish the reputation of their culture and create a negative stigmatism for true Hawaiians. Shame on the media for giving these dummies the attention they are desperate for.

  23. JR says:

    One of the main reasons I haven’t been to Hawaii is because I’ve heard some bad things from Mainlander’s who’ve moved back here (I live in CA). My question is, if I took a vacation there, what Island would you say is the most Haole friendly? I want to give my tourist dollars to the nicest people who are happy that a tourist is in their town spending money to create a job. Interestingly enough, when I do a street view of Oahu neighborhoods in Google maps, they kind of look like any early 1960’s (fun with cinderblocks) era neighborhood in LA, right down to every 5th house with five cars on the lawn. Not really dirty, just ugly.

    Apologies for a tourism related question on your site. I just have a feeling I would get the best advice here.

    • john says:

      you’d be better off going to florida, nice beaches and the people are nice as well much more international..
      Or to an actual third world country where your dollar is worth something .. seriously a gallon of milk is $7.59 here so is a loaf of bread? Drinks are watered down well even if you order high end… if you have a passport go to an island where people apperciate you coming to visit and you can live like a king for a couple weeks, not some place you are gonna get a shake down and ripped off ( and I honestly mean ripped off mugged beaten up bull shite because they think you looked at them wrong )

    • maliaog says:

      I have friends that vacation on both O’ahu & Kauai regularly and don’t have any “problems”. There ARE nice people in Hawaii, but it’s not like the continental U.S. If you encounter someone with a shitty attitude (yes, in the service industry!) no sense in complaining to management (you will be labeled as a PITA haole and get WORSE service), just try to find someone more pleasant to deal with. Or, take the earlier suggestion and try somewhere else entirely. Best of luck to you.

      • My Truth says:

        Oh, hi Malia, thanks for those great comments, haha, you sure do have a way with words and that lovely local charm – we all do love it so much. Have a great day!

        Now, go fuck yourself.

      • maliaog says:

        Truth, John & Fran:
        Not really sure what you guys took offense to in my comments? I certainly got the eff out of there as soon as possible so I’m not sure why you’re jumping down my throat about giving someone (who asked!) a personal opinion about which islands are worth a visit as what to expect. *shrugs*
        Honestly…completely baffled about why I’m being told to go fuck myself.

      • maliaog says:

        *as = and
        Stupid autocorrect

      • My Truth says:


        Take a look at your voicing in the post. It wasn’t exactly clear you were supporting those who get abused here for no reason other than skin tone and their ability to put together a complete sentence. Your username, “Malia O.G.” doesn’t help, either.

        Still, you do sound genuinely surprised, and if that’s the case, then I’ll pony up and apologize. Sorry for coming out strong. My advice: take Fran”s suggestion and read a little more about what we’ve been through to get a better understanding of what this blog is all about.

        You take care and be safe.

        My Truth

      • fran says:

        This site isn’t about vacationing for a week or two in some resort hotel. Our discussions and comments about the “state” of Hawaii relate to the serious ills, flaws, corruption, crime, hate, ignorance, blindness of local government, stupidity, rudeness, theft, nepotism, filth, regression, prejudice, etc, etc, etc. Read more prior comments, expand that silly little narrow mind of yours, or better yet, try spending at least a year on either of the shithole islands that you mentioned… then we’ll talk. LOL: customer service is a very small fraction of much bigger problems people here face, but yes, that too sucks.

      • fran says:

        BTW, there are those who are here for work assignment purposes (either temporary or having had to completely relocate on a more permanent basis), military post assignment, or whatever other obligations so it’s not always matter of choice in regards to those situations. If you are local living here then that explains your ignorant, shallow, very dumb waste of a comment(s).
        Best of luck to you living in your shell.

      • john says:

        Maliaog, How I wish you were close enough for me to pat you on that misshapen head of yours, oh forgive give me, locals don’t like their heads touched, taboo…. pat you on the shoulder and tell you it will all be all right …. even though you are half left…

      • Samuel Adamsky says:

        Dear My Truth,

        As a typical liberal (retard) you attacked Mailiog and did nothing to defend the horrible place in which you reside. You did nothing to answer for the schools that look like concentration camps to the roads that are on the level with the phillipines or Korea (where most of the locals are from anyway). Look around at the dump that you live in objectively and ask yourself why you are dealing with living with you family to live there. Even if you could possibly purchase a $700K shack over there, as yourself why you paid so much for such a shit standard of living. The majority of the locals are fucking Asians that pretend that they are Polynesian to tourists that are not knowledgeable enough that the true locals ran around naked until the late 40s. Most of you locals cannot afford your own place and if you do it is a dump with no dish washer or central air. You likely drive an old Tacoma with layers of red dirt on it and it lacks a recon. Local Asians that think that you are Hawaiian get over yourselves, and get over you shitty island. My family was paid to come here, to have a nice five bedroom home, and now we live in a much nicer home in Washington state. Most of you reading this might get that confused with Washington DC. My step daughter did not even know where Illinois was. A product of ignorance… Hawaii is a fucking shithole.

      • maliaog says:

        They intentionally do not teach geography. I know from experience (both private AND public education in Hawaii). They don’t want their youth to leave. I came to the “mainland” unable to accurately differentiate north and south, east and west. I was taught the state names and capitals AS A SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL. (And no, I was not in remedial classes…I took AP classes…so that should tell you something about the education system in Hawaii.)

        The stuff between me and Truth has been cleared up. I explained and apologized for any confusion, he apologized for jumping down my throat. We are good. He has made many valid points over the year and I don’t think it’s cool to jump all over him. Everyone is here (basically) to commiserate over maltreatment. No one in their right mind comes here for more abuse. I request, politely, that you dial it back a bit. We are all frustrated. Hawaii has so much potential. So do the people if they would just get out of their own damn (entitled) way!!!!

      • john says:

        Samuel Adamsky … Damn are you one stupid syphilic fuck hole.. I mean than in the kindest of ways. As someone who paid cash for his home in seattle back in ’91 on the crest of the hill above georgetown. I am right there with you as far as hawaii being a shithole, but you really should read this blog before sticking both dawg shite covered boots down your own throat? It would behoove you to do your research before attacking someone on a site you obviously know nothing of?
        Just a thought, but then again you will read on here I’m just a stupid hillbilly & many other unflattering descriptive terms as well.

      • My Truth says:

        Oh, hi John…thanks for the shout-out there, buddy. I owe you one :)

        Sam: I’ll pretty much let John’s statement do the talking, there. Why don’t you pull your head out of your ass and take a look around before your fucking gums hit you in the forehead? I’m not one to make asinine comments and assumptions about others’ political leanings (you were flat-out wrong,) but I’ll bet I know which one you’re from ;)

        Take a hint from John and get back to me.


      • My Truth says:

        Eh, Malia,


        That was sweet of you :) Thanks for coming to my aid and fighting for someone to treat me right ;)

        And that comment about geography not being taught – WOW. It hadn’t hit me until I finally realized that, since directions are all Mauka, Makai, Diamond Head, Ewa, etc., that NOBODY…


        TALKS about North, South, East, or West. That was a huge revelation to me. I guess I’ve been here too long! I just made 27 years this month @_@ !!!

        Truth :)

      • Malia says:

        27 years?! Wow!!! You should get some kind of monetary compensation for longevity in spite of adversity, [or perhaps a free mental health assessment??! Juuuuuust kidding! :) Really. Totally yanking your chain.].
        My family is still there, 40+ years… They are of the “turn the other cheek”/”bury your head in the sand” philosophies though so, they are fine with their current situation and cannot even begin to understand why I hate the place where I grew up.
        As far as the geography bit. Uh yeah. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m hardly an uneducated bumpkin. In spite of my best efforts to educate myself since moving, to this very day I struggle with trying to orient myself (direction-wise) when traveling.
        I constantly point in the wrong direction when gesturing toward an unseen location…the only reason I can pick out “east” and “west” (and the subsequent cardinal directions) is that I live relatively close to an ocean.
        To not have been taught this basic information early on is, to be blunt, wholly embarrassing and has certainly retarded any innate ability I had to begin with.

        I remember, we had a kid that had moved to Hawaii when I was in Junior High. At some point during the school year, they announced that he was being sent to DC, (I think?), for a Geography Bee. I wondered how the eff that was even possible when Geography was NO WHERE in our curriculum! Then I remembered that he was new from “the Mainland”…where he was probably taught basic geography in the third grade!

        The willful ignorance KILLS me. I have ZERO patience for it.

        And as far as having your back…man, that’s just paying it forward from the very few local people that had mine (and I remember them all, by name, to this day).

      • Joe says:

        John and the “truth”,

        Please defend high home prices that oppress the locals, high grocery prices, stevedores that hold you hostage. 2500 dollar shipment fees for new vehicles that only cost 500 for the shipper. Schools that look like third world entities. Local beach parks that are shit. Please defend something that is here intellectually. You cannot… This place is a decrepit shithole and you know it. You can defend an alcoholic father all day just like you can defend a state that is a complete and horrid dump.

      • My Truth says:

        Look, Joe and ANYONE ELSE who thinks John and I are defending Hawaii in ANY WAY :




        John, I can’t believe these fucking idiots think we would defend Hawaii. Fuck.


      • My Truth says:

        Malia :)

        Hi Hun, sorry for the late response. I’ve been busy responding to village idiots, hahaha. And believe me, there is more than one per village :)

        One minor clarification :) Amazingly, even with 27 years on this rock, I do not consider myself local in any sense of the word. (Oh, Malia, this is not being directed toward you in any way…)

        I’m not a :

        One “local haole” ( BTW, I ALWAYS thought people who said that about themselves were the LAMEST kinds of lame people I’ve ever seen in my entire life…)
        Pidgin-speaking “I get ’em” kine person; one who “understands the ‘local way'” etc.

        ANY kind of person somehow related to being Hawaiian, local, or otherwise, as in, “Hanai” (I do not need to somehow become informally adopted in order for me “rate” amongst ANY person who considers themselves one of the “chosen ones” of Hawaii; you know, God’s gift to – you know – THE WORLD.) etc. People who appropriate the cultures of others are just a bunch of cheap shitbag losers who have no idea of who they are and what they stand for…and you can count LOCALS in at the top of the list. For instance:
        – Misappropriating the :
        – Reggae culture
        – Gangsta culture
        – Instruments (ukulele is an instrument they hijacked from Portuguese)
        – Pidgin from the plantation workers (FUCK, SPEAK HAWAIIAN YOU IDIOT!!!)
        – Anyone want to add to this list? Because locals here in Hawaii have misappropriated just about everything in their culture that’s worth a damn. In other words, there is no fucking originality. Just try getting a culture of your own, losers!

        To recap (yes, I’m talking to you, you fucking Kimo’s, Haunani’s, Braddahs and Seestahs,) I am not ANYONE whom you wish to label me with ANYTHING you desire. Here is what I am:

        I am an American living in one of the United States’ territories, states, or annexes. I am an American who lives by the United States Constitution, the laws of the land, and yes, even the shitty laws of the STATE of Hawaii. NOT the KINGDUMB of HUV-VA-EEE, or any of that crap. Beyond that, I have my own fucking culture, so don’t count on me misappropriating your shitty stolen on, or anything close to the norm around this one-horse shithole. Party music Hawaiian or “Jawaiian?” Nope. Smooth contemporary jazz…Remove shoes at the door? Maybe, but only if I fucking feel like it. “It’s OK, you go ahead,” when there are six cars behind me waiting. Fuck you, it’s called learn the fucking rules of the road. Aloha attire? Again, fuck you. I’ll wear what I want, and by the way, it’ll be a hell of a lot classier than the shit locals wear. Pupus? Nope, Potluck. Hawaiian time? Fuck you, I’m outta here. Maybe next time you won’t miss out on a deal. DO ALL YOU FUCKING LOSERS CATCH MY DRIFT???

        So, my sweet Malia :) Just to clarify for you, my dear, the years really don’t mean much of anything to me, except to say that I’ve made my way, thrown down roots on my own terms, and pretty much feel the same way about you regarding your very palpable feeling of wanting to get the fuck out of here as soon as I can. Why don’t I? Honey, it ain’t because of the culture rich in the “Spirit of Aloha.” It’s because I CHOSE to live here under my own rules, with my own self esteem (which had to be VERY STRONG in order to fight against the losers I live and work with who have no idea how to conduct themselves in life except from the back of the classroom while they make shitty immature comments about why it’s so hard to learn something in school, so they disrupt it with all the class of a fucking wino stumbling down the street looking for his next fix, or some low-class hussy workin’ to see who her next trick will be. In a nutshell, the reasons why I stay relate to making a six-figure salary while I live very comfortably, rule every fucking movement of the all-local subordinates in my charge (you have no idea of the reward I get for rubbing their noses in a steaming pile of shit that they have to take on a daily basis – Today, I shamed them about how they treat women.)

        And, we can continue this, but I’m sleepy :)

        Sorry Malia, I hope this wasn’t too boring or off-topic hahaha. You touched a nerve hun, but there’s nothing negative you did, it helped me vent a little, and I hope you know NONE of it was directed toward you, except for when I call you Honey, hun, sweet, etc. hahaha.

        Good night, Malia.

        Anybody else wanna jump on the bandwagon?

        MT :)

  24. maliaog says:

    I had reread my post before I inquired. Uhhhh. I honestly have been viewing and commenting on this blog for almost a year and I feel for all of you. I grew up being abused both verbally and physically for being “pale” and for using complete sentences instead of adopting pidgin (I’m sorry, regardless of the fact I was born there, white people speaking pidgin just looks DUMB) and as far as my user name…it’s a family thing I “inherited”. The “OG” is not O.G. like “original gangster” (but in hindsight that did give me a good laugh). As far as saying there “ARE” nice people (which is the only part I thought might have been misinterpreted?) there are! Just…the d-bags tend to outnumber them so…I hope that explains that. It’s not generally a friendly place though. I’m quite happy to be in the continental U.S. (“Mainland” as they say). I miss the music some, and the beaches…but that’s about it. I’m sorry for those of you that are stuck there on deployment or contract or what-have-you. Hopefully it’s not forever. 18 years was easily 10 too many for me!

    • maliaog says:

      Apparently y’all missed my earlier post (months ago?) about dealing with a Hawaii bank…
      I’m not a fan of the islands inhabitants by any stretch.

    • My Truth says:

      Hi Malia,

      I do remember your bank post.

      Again, sorry to have jumped so quickly. Things can get a little raw around here. It’s kind of our thing ;)

      I appreciate your replies and explanation. It definitely helps.

      Take care

      Truth :)

    • john says:

      I recall your post, but i have to say vacation where people are being paid to be nice to you is certainly not the same as living here … yeah I’ve had to deal with bank of hawaii on more than one count I finely just yelled at the womanshe was unprofessional, and when push comes to shove an the big bosses leave the country with the money the pee-on’s that work in the branches are going to have their asses handed to them….. he cops here are so corrupt ( yeah thint there was just another write up in the papewr about another bust of cops … ???) I got a ticket for parking to close to a drive way… there were more than 25 other violations by locals on my block including parking in front of a fire hydrant, stop sign, in a cross walk, four cars in front on one building in the strip between the sidewalk and the street, cars on the street with expires tabs, .. in no parking any time zones, … but local blindness allows for only the white guy on the block to get a ticket… yeah great place to vacation.. maybe they should ask to borrow my truck?

  25. Hawaiian Local says:

    You haoles are crazy

    • My Truth says:

      Eh, Hawaiian Local! Howzit!

      Listen. You sure you wanna do this? I’m pretty sure there are four or five of us, all sharpened up, ready to hand you your ass.

      Just being friendly;)

      You have a great day.


    • Joe says:

      Hello “Hawaiian local”

      You are an Asian that lives with you parents. Go to a Fucking MTV or goofy local music blog. Local intellect does not reside here. Local intellect does not exist.

  26. maliaog says:

    HPD is hella corrupt (more so, per capita than LAPD it would seem).
    Shame really. There ARE good cops, but like my earlier comment, the d-bags tend to outnumber them so… 😣
    Hopefully you’ll get to escape soon!
    (Reminds me of the “Escape from LA” and “Escape from New York” movies…

    • My Truth says:

      Oh! By the way! Malia!

      The cop in the article who was most recently arrested for assault and promotion of a dangerous drug, Mr. Alan Ahn, GAVE ME A BULLSHIT TICKET HE KNEW WAS WRONG!!! But, you know, he was ON THE TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT TASK FORCE, so of course, gotta get your quota in…

      LOVED the article you linked. WOW, that was informative and really, really well done. I am also neighbors with the guy who shoplifted. I won’t name him here, he’s actually a really good guy. Helped me out once, too.

      And guess what? ALAN AHN “No longer works with HPD.” What a great way to put it! I wonder if they let him resign? Piece of garbage.

      Your reference to “Escape From New York” was classic, and I remember it well. Good job, Snake Pliskin ;) That Caddy with the chandeliers on the front end was the shit!!!
      :) MT

    • john says:

      M…. thanks so much for this post … not sure I want to leave until I can do something to make a difference… expose or start a slide that will trurn into something more .. I can’t walk away without causing change for the better it’s not who I am ..Thanks again for the post comes just in time for a troll saying how hawaiian cops are not corrupt…

  27. JR says:

    Thanks to all who answered my question. Clearly Fran is in a dark place and her problems are more deep seated than locals. I’ve decided on a resort in Maui, so I can have as little local cultural contact as possible. By the way. Thanks for keeping my question up. Trip Advisor took it down and accused me of being a racist against native Hawaiians. All these tourism sites are geared toward wanting you to meet the culture, like every Hawaiian is going to run up to you in a grass skirt and put a lei around your neck in the sweet sweet embrace of the “aloha spirit.”

    • john says:

      HAhahahahaha… RE: Trip Advisor took it down and accused me of being a racist against native Hawaiians. All these tourism sites are geared toward wanting you to meet the culture, like every Hawaiian is going to run up to you in a grass skirt and put a lei around your neck in the sweet sweet embrace of the “aloha spirit.” you might inform trip advisor Hawaiian’s are few and far between… whaat you will have running up to you are asians trying to shake you down for every last dine you might have left down in your pocket .. after you have no cash left of credt on a card they won’t give you a glass of water to drink or let you use a rest room …. None of the Hawaiian entertainment is actual Hawaiians it’s all asians or as they call themselfves locals as are the people who are waiters etc…. you might pass that on to trip advisor or if you’d like send me their adress I’d gladly end them an email as far as their truth in advertising goes?

    • My Truth says:

      Hold on just a minute there, JR, if you want to come and ask questions, fine. But don’t call out one of our members who happens to have their head screwed on straight, as we have in Fran. She’s doing great, and doesn’t need someone like you to tell her she has problems.

      She’s doing just fine.

      • john says:

        Thanks truth, I got a bit caught up, I figured fran could chew him a new one on her own, being one who always comes prepared with well thoughtout responses to those foolish enough to try and read her..

      • fran says:

        Wow, many new comments to catch up on… First off, I’d to apologize to Malia for misinterpreting your comment that was in response to JR’s vacation inquiry. You genuinely seem like a kind and bright gal, so I’m sorry for my unnessary sarcasm. And I do agree with you that, yes, there are nice people here so I do cherish those individuals.Oh, and thank you for sending us the informative link re: HPD.
        For MT and John… huge thanks to both of you for defending me.
        As far as JR’s all-assuming judgements and preconceived notions, I’ll try not to spend too much time on responding to that, but basically, one should not judge without first walking in another’s shoes. For a little background info for you, JR: On a professional level, I currently work for the government here and endure and witness theft, corruption, ignorance and injustice daily, having to bite my tongue and question my own integrity in compromising my good conscience each night. I’m resented by some in the workplace because I’m trying to accommodate the general public in resolving particular issues while most everyone else “turns the other cheek” and puts blame of their mistakes on those who are already victimized by crooked state policies.
        On a more personal level, I take public transportation each day and encounter people pushing ahead to board the buses. There is no order or common courtesy exhited so I’ve learned to stand back and let all others board rather than engaging in the brutal “fight” (loosely). Just the other day while I was waiting to board a bus, some guy about twice my size, walking down the sidewalk comes by and shoves my hard nearly knocking me down because I assume he didn’t feel like side-stepping a little off his trajectory when indeed I wasn’t in anyone’s way. Also, the many disgusting flies that swam all over me and others while waiting for the bus as I try to swat them away from my skin can be pretty unpleasant. Of course we know that the flies are from the aftermath of homeless people sleeping, urinating, and shitting all over the bus stop areas, along with all the food remnants and garage they leave behind. OK then, I do suppose these pesky little issues can put me in a dark place at times and yes these few issues I’ve mentioned here do most certainly involve locals, but on a brighter note, I have a healthy and happy life overall, I have several friends from all over (including a few locals so my complaints about and references to locals are generally speaking). My social life is fulfilling as well. FYI: I’m very grateful for having stumbled upon this site because it helps to confirm and support the fact that I am not alone in my views which cannot be discussed with the general population here as I already have been through enough “testing” in order to merely get along and gain the respect I have. This site and people on it help me to achieve healthy balance while here. The title of the site speaks for itself anyway, so I’m thankful to have this outlet and will continue to sustain my involvement with it. And so JR, the Trip Advisor or the VRBO sites are probably more designed for you. Enjoy your trip to Maui. It really is quite beautiful there.

  28. ICU8PUC2 says:

    As a frequent reader and occasional responder here I cannot agree more with what I read and experience. As we all know, few come here to make it. It is a brewed of castaways and misfits from the mainland running away from their problems. Soul searchers and underachievers who also add to the weird dynamic of this place. A place lost in time, space, and culture. Toiling in the 70;s, the place is a hollow sham kept afloat by US Taxpayer money. Those of us who come with the military, government contractors, or to fill voids of professional jobs as the local population is ill equipped to do those jobs; quickly learn the place will be an endurance test. It doesn’t take long to learn that if your not downtown or in east Honolulu; daily life will be an adventure into dealing with a monochromatic intellectual society. I have created an insular bubble by dealing with as few locals as possible. Living downtown and east of it is more palatable. We all know mediocrity is the order of the day. Lousy food, lousy service, blank stares from low browed cerebrely challenged locals is the norm. We have all lowered our expectations here as most of us will only be here for a finite amount of time. It serves our future or careers in some capacity, but we all know that a future with higher quality of life and higher standard of living will eventually come. We never bought into this paradise crap, we all know this is an inefficient socialistic system that suppresses the masses by keeping them uneducated. The local media is like Pravda in the Soviet Union and they know the people here have no hopes of a brighter tomorrow. It’s an apathetic brain dead community where more than 1/2 the state is on welfare, another 1/4 are senior citizens, and the other 1/4 works at primarily service low wage jobs. It’s Manhattan prices with Manila wages yet many of us actually do quite well here because we have the means and brains to outshine the natives. I have no expectations and realize that these islands are made up primarily by the descendants of peasants who came here to pick sugar for anglo corporations. It did not attract scholars, intellectuals, or the like. It attracted human cattle to work fields in blazing heat. Today, these descendants walk around in public dressed like it’s a boat lift. They shuffle around like a slovenly clad of a hopeless looking hoard of Neanderthals on their way to Costco or Walmart. They know we are their masters and they are too ill suited to compete with us to attain the same status. This leads to the weird dynamic and inferiority complex. True, many Japanese have elevated themselves off the plantations through education. They know the deal but will never admit it to outsiders. They are a said faced zero personality lot of shit nasty people who are just big fish in a puddle. The state and county government functions as a jobs program and the federal government pours in lots of money to an inept society of uneducated people to help keep it from sinking. The military will change, federal $$ here will decrease, and the diaspora out of here will accelerate. Nothing produced, nothing created, nothing manufactured, nothing exported in a place that is akin to a parasitic black hole of federal waste. The military does not need to be this big here and the golden years are behind this place now that Dan Inouye is gone. It’s a fake state that the rest of the country doesn’t even blink an eye about….it should just become a county of California and this is no different than the native animals of the Gallapagos….they have eveolved into a different type of specie……

    • fran says:

      ICU: WOW! You said it all, more than what I could even put into words. Everything you have sited here, I can totally relate to (as I still try to look at the beauty and bright side of things) and experience on a daily basis. Uhhh, 8 more months here for me. Thanks for your post which was so much of what I didn’t know how to express. People who have never been so closely involved with this crazy corrupt crap could probably never fathom it.
      Oh hey Joe: WTF man?, we thought you were on our side; looks like you may be playing both sides of the fence. My Truth’s response… so fucking funny!!! What were you thinking Joe?, chastising John & MT for the very same issues that you claim to have disdain for??? This is not understood by us evidently, but thank you for provoking some laughs among us.

      • My Truth says:


        I gotta agree with the basic premise of your reply regarding ICU’s really great diatribe. Spot-on, spit-on, spat-on, all good :)

        Thanks for reminding Joe just how much of a fucking idiot he came across as :) ARE YOU LISTENING JOE??? THE FREAKING QUEEN OF “HAWAII SUCKS” JUST CALLED YOU OUT!!!

        Playing both sides of the fence, ahaha.


  29. fran says:

    OK,,, playing both sides of the “field” vs “fence”. I do tend to butcher a good cliche every now and then (sorry). Anyway, the “Queen of HI Sucks” label (I guess I’ve come a long way, LOL) is pretty funny, yet could create more contention on this site by those who oppose the truth and logic of our “voices”, but I would not and could not care less. I’m rather amused by it anyhow. It’s already been assumed that I am so much of what I am not (by a fucking long shot), by that multiple personality disorder amoeba, who thankfully hasn’t posted anything here for quite some time, along with, just recently, the Trip Advisor consultant boy. Thanks MT

    • john says:

      Always Ms. popularity & congeniality… I feel a campy, folk inspired theme song to a late sixties, early seventies sit com coming on …LOL

    • My Truth says:


      (Kneels in blessed honor)

      • john says:

        Fran … You couldn’t have made me laugh louder in my class while supposed to be drawing …. You do know I’m from that part of the south … LMDFAO … I’m just gonna say your image is ummmm becasue of Burt Reynolds role as Lewis Medock in the movie … don’t ask..

      • fran says:

        Aw shucks, I don’t know whether to feel honored or to prepare myself for the next crucifixion. One never knows on here. Hey, thanks for sharing the footage of local sweetheart – class act. Thank you John, for the article in “Complacency vs Corruption”… looks like blatant lack of accountability, remorse and shame in either case. Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s no retribution required to be paid or justifiable punishment administered for either as well. Commonplace ways in dealing with wrongs here are to sweep under the rug, turn the other cheek and not promote any action or leadership to right the wrongs (just my opinion).
        Oh and John, as far as the Deliverance reference, I really didn’t know you were from the deeper south, but based on what I’ve gathered from some of your prior posts, I know you’ve been and lived in various ranging places, giving you a lot of experience and exposure to a hodgepodge of people (1 of many reasons why I respect you, your insights and views).

  30. fran says:

    LOL, well as long as it ‘ain’t’ the duel banjo theme/ tune from “Deliverance”, I guess I can take it. Oh, and BTW, just for the record, there is no inference there regarding our gripes and posts…. honestly; although, how that vision came to mind is beyond me (maybe subliminally).

  31. My Truth says:

    One of Hawaii’s finest…

    …Ties one on in Vegas. Boards aircraft drunk
    …Uses an E-Cigarette after flight attendant tells her to put it away
    …Flashes her tits to the entire first class cabin after throwing half a can of soda at attendant



    • fran says:

      Thanks again MT. I’ve watched a TV show in the past about airlines (I forget if it was based on just one in particular) and passengers boarding and someone behaving like that or even slightly intoxicated would never be allowed to board. That shit just wouldn’t fly, no pun intended. Unbelievable!

      • My Truth says:

        You bet, Fran :) I had to. Hawaii’s finest! Although, she doesn’t appear to be all that local…

      • fran says:

        Right, she actually looks very attractive (admittedly so) from her picture so I agree – doesn’t look local and as far as behavioral -wise,,, I suppose that could be anywhere, but I can almost guarantee that if that were a white woman from mainland, that’d be a nice piece of added ammunition to hurl at the “white man” while they bury their heads in the sand when it comes to their own. To all: enjoy your Sunday and thank you.

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