Hawaii sucks

I’ve been avoiding this topic since I started this blog but I’m finally breaking down to gripe. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames in the comments about this or any future posts I may have on the subject.

I hate Hawaii. I’ve lived here for over 2 1/2 years and I can’t wait to leave. Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons. But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.

Most of the people I’ve met in the past who enjoy Hawaii only came for a week or two to visit. If you never get out of the tourist areas, I’m sure it’s quite nice. Waikiki is clean (at least where the tourists go) and the beaches are nice over there. But once you leave the tourist areas, Honolulu is more like a ghetto. Many of the buildings are decrepit, there’s trash and graffiti all over, there’s a lot of homeless people, etc. Behind the facade of paradise is the gutter of real Hawaii.

The local government could care less about doing its job and corruption is rampant across the islands. Last year, 48 million gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Ala Wai Canal (the demarcation between Waikiki and Honolulu proper). This canal goes straight into the beach area of Waikiki. In the 2+ years I’ve been here, there’s probably been more than eight sewage spills around Oahu, most of them into the canal.

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage.

The latest problem is between go! airlines and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is trying to sue to have go! shutdown due to predatory pricing. go! currently charges ~$20 for a one-way trip to a neighbor island. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. They also claim that go! used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! is shut down.

There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. But if you look “local”, you’re okay. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. And Zeus forbid if you’re military.

The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here. According to a dictionary I looked at, haolie means “foreigner”. But it’s definitely not used for all non-locals, only the white ones. And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language? It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it. To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it. Seriously, it makes a person sound like a complete moron when he can’t speak in complete sentences. It’s worse than hearing people who have English as a second language; at least you know they’re trying to learn English.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later. But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii. Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here. As a matter of fact, there was one guy who cut his shore duty short and went back to sea because he couldn’t stand it.

Update: Since everyone seems to love commenting about this article (probably because of the title), I thought I’d make sure readers realize that there are other, related articles to this. Apparently relying on people to look at the sidebar for similar stories isn’t enough.

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2,265 Responses to Hawaii sucks

  1. Ivy says:

    Hmmm. Scarcity and fear create HATE. hate consumes and destroys. I happened on this website only by accident and it is truly disheartening ( I only read a few lines, but that was sufficient to get the gist).

    • My Truth says:

      Hello Ivy,

      Believe me when I say that this blog does serve a very important purpose. If you can get past the flames, insults, and fighting, there really is some very solid truth underneath it all. We all have our various positions, and sometimes they get expressed a little emotionally. There is good and bad everywhere you go in this world, and this website has given voice to those who have been alienated so harshly for nothing they themselves ever did to these islands – or to its people.

      Good luck.


      My Truth

      • Josh says:

        I agree, the people that are here are left hanging progressives that are confused. If you state a valid point, they try to find a way to undermine your position by attacking you. Hawaii is great for wealthy white or Japanese people, but the locals get the bone. Having to live with your family is humiliating if you are married with kids. I am a local boy and my wife and I both work. We sit in traffic every day to make a living while my parents attend to the kids and make dinner. We will leave this place so our quality of life will increase and our children will see parents that live on their own. We can come home for summer vacations then, because we could afford the tickets then. Local people be real about it… this place and the people that run it are screwing us.

      • My Truth says:

        Josh – You have some interesting things to say there. I, for one, think it’s refreshing to hear a local person speak about things differently. Here’s a tip o’ the hat to you.



  2. Ivy says:

    And I’ll never read another comment from this website.. Peace to all

  3. Ivy says:

    All right. fair enough, that deserves a reply. So I’ll make a point that could be important– this emotionally debate continues for a basic reason–ethnic pride. We have got to stop being proud of something we didn’t choose, or achieve– we were simply born and then adapted accordingly.The one side is harboring feeling of repression from the past and wants the whitie to feel marginalization for a change. The other has never been treated that way before and is shocked But you’re both wrong. If an insane (wo)man starts babbling some nonsense, are you going to reply? Remember, if someone doesn’t know you and you get the brunt of their mood, it’s not personal. They’re stuck in their world and you’re just a by passer. We all have biases.

    Ok one more point– give humans a top position and most become power hungry and corrupt- it’s inherent in the system that we are all a part of.

    • My Truth says:

      Thank you for that lucid comment. I think that you’re probably right about one side versus the other, and maybe that’s just how it plays out in the human race sometimes.

      Not sure if you were referring to me about that “top position” comment, but I have to tell you – I was never given a darn thing. Whatever I have, I earned.



  4. john says:

    finely some sense !

  5. Ivy says:

    No, Your Truth. The top position wasn’t a reference to you, just “how it plays out in the human race” sometimes.”

    Wow, it is nice to share your feelings. I can see why people spend so much time doing it now!

    • My Truth says:

      Hi Ivy,

      My apologies for inferring that your comment was intended for me. I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions! It can get a bit raw at times on this blog – but I believe it’s a good a place to vent and heal a little; if only a little bit.

      Please believe me when I say that there are folks here who are honestly expressing themselves – and, to me at least, that matters!

      Here’s a little honesty for you: I want you to know just how much I appreciate you being open, with your special brand of reasoning, to engage those who come here – just as you have done with me. Being a true man, in my estimation, is all about apologizing when he messes up, and also, that same man stands up for what he believes is true. At times, when there are opposing views, it can get sticky. I believe that’s OK, as long as folks are allowed to say what’s on their mind – and counterpoints are entertained – even if there is disagreement. Same goes for a true woman, but again, that is only my opinion.

      Again, thank you for your honest communication and good intent. That much is very clear to me, and probably to all those who frequent a board such as this one. Have a great day, Ivy!


      My Truth

  6. john says:

    This is exactly why I LOVE this site, people say shite, people come back and make a point if it’s a reasonable rebuttal with merit it gets positive attention, if not that stuff gets crammed back down the writers throat. Thank you very much for your input Ivy.

    • My Truth says:

      I’ll second that, John, we definitely need more level-headed people who’ll give a modicum of respect and dignity before giving someone both barrels – I welcome anyone with the kind of conversation that Ivy – or anyone, for that matter – brings to the table. That includes you, John!


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  9. Charlie says:

    Hello local people… I am not recognizing native Hawaiians because there are none of you left and brown Asians are standing up to support you. I have lived here for 10 years and I have to say that your State is lost. Wake up stupid assholes, your unions and governance is ruining you. White Caucasians and Asians own you. There are no plans to make a rail stop in Hawaii Kai or kailua. They want your poor tails to ride a train so they can drive to their fancy coffee house with out your ass 8 the way.

    • john says:

      and the sad truth is told, amen Charlie.

      • john says:

        There is one PROBLEM in your statement Charlie, you state ” brown Asians are standing up to support you” ? We all know this is complete bullshite. Asians are here to look out only for themselves, PERIOD. They are NOT standing up to support the Hawaiian people? Seriously point out to me just how and where they are they are making Hawaii a better place for the Hawaiian people? I see the Asian communities continue to increase in populations, purchasing more properties, opening more businesses, … also bring with them the same tragic practices they have been using that have destroyed their own countries?
        Having no or at best little regard for anything but themselves and the dollar, using the least expensive overhead methods possible to do business, your businesses continue to import obscene amounts of non-biodegradable packaging and products onto an island showing that you have absolutely NO RESPECT for the ISLANDS or the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE ?

      • My Truth says:

        Ba-ba-ba……………BOOOOOMMMMMMMM! ! !

    • My Truth says:

      Hi Charlie – Can I buy you a drink?

      My Truth

  10. john says:

    In Dedication to My Truth Re: Hawaii Sucks.. So many blessed perfect health, often have no sense.

    Oh, the terrible burden you have brought upon yourself. While only seeking truth in observing marvellous things, the ungodly knowledge you dare share to enlighten, & educate.
    You branded yourself a lunatic, while the people gasp at your scientific proof, calling it witchcraft, & sorcery speculation spreads and label heretic is yours.
    What insatiable desire devours you to expand man’s vision and enable him to see more clearly? Why illuminate the folly of his beliefs?
    Oh Galileo, an impolitic crusade you lead is madness,
    I fear you have chosen in your madness, the fool’s journey!
    “Long experience has taught me this about the status of mankind with regard to matters requiring thought: the less people know and understand about them, the more positively they attempt to argue concerning them, while on the other hand to know and understand a multitude of things renders men cautious in passing judgment upon anything new.”

  11. john says:

    This part is a quote from Galileo, iIn rereading through comments on your blog it just took me back to how insane common man is and how little depth most of their thought actually has.
    It makes no sense trying to explain to someone how many different colours the colour green is, when they chose only to see in black & white?
    “Long experience has taught me this about the status of mankind with regard to matters requiring thought: the less people know and understand about them, the more positively they attempt to argue concerning them, while on the other hand to know and understand a multitude of things renders men cautious in passing judgment upon anything new.”

  12. john says:

    Guess I might have mentioned somewhere along the line I have an education, I just have to dust off the hillbilly to find it…

  13. The Hammer says:

    The only fate the local Hawaiian has to look forward to due to his abject ignorance, stupidity, and inability to see beyond himself is to be eliminated. Not by some outside force, but by his own nature propelling him faster and faster into self-destruction. Meth. Disease. Entropy. Impotence. Death. Of course, Whitey is blamed for ruining his pre-contact way of life which has led to his current dismal condition. He longs for the good ole days of open cannibalism, human sacrifice, violent savagery which would make ISIL blush, and otherwise living it up like a feral beast. What meth and poor diet won’t fully accomplish, the Chinese and Japanese will complete as these local boys clamor and beg to be ‘free’ of the mean ole Haolies – running right into the arms of an even more exacting master lording it over them. At the end of it all, the 3 remaining iced-out locals will blather something about the good ole days under Whitey’s USA paradise.

    • My Truth says:

      I always listen to anyone who uses words like abject, entropy, and clamor.

      Welcome aboard, Hammer, we certainly need folks like you who know how to fully express an opinion without ANY chance of retort. Good work.

      You’ve expressed some air-tight facts and opinions – can you hang around awhile?


      My Truth

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