Hawaii sucks

I’ve been avoiding this topic since I started this blog but I’m finally breaking down to gripe. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames in the comments about this or any future posts I may have on the subject.

I hate Hawaii. I’ve lived here for over 2 1/2 years and I can’t wait to leave. Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons. But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.

Most of the people I’ve met in the past who enjoy Hawaii only came for a week or two to visit. If you never get out of the tourist areas, I’m sure it’s quite nice. Waikiki is clean (at least where the tourists go) and the beaches are nice over there. But once you leave the tourist areas, Honolulu is more like a ghetto. Many of the buildings are decrepit, there’s trash and graffiti all over, there’s a lot of homeless people, etc. Behind the facade of paradise is the gutter of real Hawaii.

The local government could care less about doing its job and corruption is rampant across the islands. Last year, 48 million gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Ala Wai Canal (the demarcation between Waikiki and Honolulu proper). This canal goes straight into the beach area of Waikiki. In the 2+ years I’ve been here, there’s probably been more than eight sewage spills around Oahu, most of them into the canal.

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage.

The latest problem is between go! airlines and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is trying to sue to have go! shutdown due to predatory pricing. go! currently charges ~$20 for a one-way trip to a neighbor island. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. They also claim that go! used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! is shut down.

There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. But if you look “local”, you’re okay. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. And Zeus forbid if you’re military.

The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here. According to a dictionary I looked at, haolie means “foreigner”. But it’s definitely not used for all non-locals, only the white ones. And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language? It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it. To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it. Seriously, it makes a person sound like a complete moron when he can’t speak in complete sentences. It’s worse than hearing people who have English as a second language; at least you know they’re trying to learn English.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later. But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii. Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here. As a matter of fact, there was one guy who cut his shore duty short and went back to sea because he couldn’t stand it.

Update: Since everyone seems to love commenting about this article (probably because of the title), I thought I’d make sure readers realize that there are other, related articles to this. Apparently relying on people to look at the sidebar for similar stories isn’t enough.

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3,072 Responses to Hawaii sucks

  1. Fran says:

    Hey John,
    – Sorry to hear about your eyes and hope it’s not too bad and with a quick recovery. That sucks!, but for whenever they’re better and you can see to read, I just wanted to express my thoughts and concern. I see there’s no problem with your sense of humor anyway… very funny. I was lmao. Ya so anyway, I’ve been busy and avoiding the blog, waiting for the temper tantrums from the multiple personalities schizophrenia nutcase to subside. It was getting incredibly ridiculous and increasingly disturbing. Anyway, take it easy – tty soon.
    Hope all is well with the crew too…. the “true” crew that is
    P.S. I wonder what my color will be tonight?????? LOL

    • My Truth says:

      John: wanted to piggy back on Fran’s well -wishes for your speedy recovery. Let’s hope those eyes of yours are quick on the mend for this new year of 2016.

      Hey Fran: Hope this new year is one that greets you with prosperity and good health. I totally get what you said about taking a break from the blog. When losers have nothing constructive to say, that shit gets old real fast. Chat soon.


      • Fran says:

        Oh thanks MT. That’s really nice. I appreciate it. I was almost reluctant to read your post thinking that it could be the imposter who talks to and answers himself with different names and stolen identities. Anyway, enjoy the tail end of the weekend.

    • My Truth says:

      Yeah that quack was a real gem. Definitely some desperate actions going on there. You have a great night:)


  2. tara says:

    I have so much shit to say to this blog… If you can’t find “redeeming qualities” than you are sitting on your damn couch and its your own damn fault. I’ve gone to a hole in the wall bar after being here 6 month, nothing but locals, after a few random conversations I was being called sistah ( had no clue what that was about at the time, just thought it was cute) and the patrons AND bar owner took care of our entire bill for the night. (My husband is OBVIOUSLY millitary and insanely white) I’ve seen other races than white touted as haole, and I’ve been called haole only once (in real life and not the internet) in animosity but more times than I can count in more of a joking way. If you are being treated “wrongly” its most likely some dumb shit you do, re evaluate yourself. It was weird to me having no seasons at first but once you pay attention, there are seasons. Swim season, surf season, rain season and Hawaii season 😂 at least that’s what I cal them. If you never left Honolulu in tue 2 1/2 years you are here than the problem isn’t Hawaii, its you.

    • Liam says:


      I suppose drinking solves your problems but you should sober up to the reality that the island is an overpriced, overhyped shithole. Come back and talk to me after you sit in traffic for a few hours to drive for 15 miles or when you have to buy a 1500 dollar ticket to get home after a relative dies.

      • Fran says:

        Ya, she refernces an isolated drinking experience in a bar and being here for just 6 months under a military post. The true experience of the much larger picture is certainly not there, like prejudice in the workforce, experience and exposure to other areas of the island, rampant homeless people trashing the island lying everyone covered in urine, feces, and flies, ripping off people, corruption,etc. She’s probably confined to the Waikiki area or some other base where she’s not the only white person and a bar room does not count as what Hawaii is all about. Of course I’ve met some really wonderful people here, but the overall realities outweigh the beauty. It becomes more blatant the longer one is here and the more one experiences as a whole, not minimal shallow isolated incidents. She’s young, isolated, naive and protected, therefore cannot shed a lot of light on this place at all. I dismissed the silly accusations of “sitting on a couch” and “being the problem” as completely absurd. That’s my 2 cents Tara.

      • Liam says:


        I always enjoy your insight. It is true, intelligence comes with age. I hoped that my daughter fell into that category. Unfortunately, we moved to Texas and she is still there (Oahu). I guess she will have to realize that living without family means 2000 plus a month rent. Her dumbass boyfriend is not much help either. Dumbass mokes…

      • Fran says:

        Hi Liam,
        Thank you.
        I think chances are good that your daughter will eventually see the light, come to her senses and reconsider the company she’s been hanging with as not being the norm and not good. Then, hopefully she’ll realize her true potential and self-worth and meet up with other kids who have some wisdom and goals who can help in redirecting her focus. Who knows(?), maybe the boyfriend is her reason for wanting to remain on this dump of Oahu, however, when that relationship ends (just a matter of time) and the novelty of island living wears off, it could very well be the wake-up call you’re hoping for. I, myseIf, love the accessibility of being nearby the ocean, swimming, etc., but we all know this isn’t the only place on earth that provides such recreational enjoyment. The difference is having to pay a much higher price (monetary and otherwise) and having to compromise too big of a tolerance threshold to pay for it here (done with that!). I wish you, your wife and family the best of luck with that and I’ll send a prayer your way and hers. Incidentally, I’m sorry for the loss of your relative.

      • Liam says:


        Thank you for your response. We live on the coast now in a beach house that we bought after profits that we got from our wear beach tow home sale. I hope that she sees the light. Her debt from nursing school and low wage for nursing there will ensure that she will be in poverty for many years to come. My wife is a native, I am glad that I can give her a good life. I feel bad for the rest that he to deal with financial, corruption, and overall poor standard of living.

  3. Fran says:

    Well that’s great that she’s got an education in nursing behind her. I applaud anyone who seeks an occupation in the medical field. You’re right though, unfortunately Hawaii is the most expensive state to live in with the ratio of cost of living far exceeding wages paid here. That’s fact.

    • Liam says:


      I agree, the cost of living is oppressive for her. She made her choice and hopefully it is fulfilled with happiness. Unfortunately I saw a lot of poverty during my stay there and I was so upset by it. Paradise lost… I will never go back there, I just hope that she can manage to eek by in that oppressive economy.

      Your friend


  4. Raider says:

    White people will never understand the effects of colonizing another race’s Homeland. They expect everyone to be “happy hunky dory” when democracy is introduced to that society…It’s supposed to be a cure-all, never think again about the injustices and atrocities, “you have democracy now, you’re welcome”. If you stopped looking at the world view and looked at the individual view, none of this would be surprising to you.

    • john says:

      Raider, Oddly you are posting this message on a computer, probably have a phone, use a car, have flown in a plane and live in a modern home with electricity…. strange how you don’t mind taking advantage of all of the amenities brought to you by white people when it suits your needs … yet you want to come on here and bad mouth us when you would not have the existence or even the language you use t post in were it not for us? I assume you are university educated and earn a living using the english language? You’re welcome, now go back to your parents country and live without any of it Bye Bye you big arsed hypocrite.

    • Fran says:

      John’s 100% correct. “Your” islands and its “people” desperately need us whites to survive in many ways, yet we certainly don’t need “your” homeland in the least. That’s why Hawaii recruits skilled workers from the mainland because they need us. Then we help them / you with our abilities, knowledge, modern equipment, etc., earn our wages here and leave (gladly). Of course each of us is here for individual reasons, other than only that.
      Stupidity strikes again!

      • Fran says:

        I forgot to mention that us whites here are also paying substantial taxes to you and your home state so that you can remain in the top 5 welfare recipient states of AMERICA.. Many locals here like to bite the hands that feed them…big time

    • My Truth says:

      Mr. Raider: It’s all been said, genius. I’ll refer you to John and Fran’s comments about your stupid post. Once geniuses like yourself realize that WE DID NOT STEAL the islands, and that it was actually someone else over a hundred years ago, then you can take that high-powered opinion of yours and stick it in your ass. And, one more thing: No need to thank those who swept in and annexed Hawaii, instead of being islands that primarily speak Japanese, Chinese, or Russian. Just take back your idiotic comments and apologize for being so dull and short-sighted.

      You’re welcome.


      • Fran says:

        I will never understand their disdain for Caucasians relating to all that BS. Whatever the real story is, I don’t know or care. True or not, none of it impacts anybody on earth now. Just a ridiculous lame excuse to hate, blame and cry like a bunch of foolish bitches.
        “kill a haole” day makes me sick that locals accept and condone it, especially in this now 21st century. No wonder why their despicable behavior is like it is.
        I have 3 months left here and counting down the weeks AND days. Hallelujah!!! Thanks for more insight, as usual. This place is like no other I guess.

    • Abraham says:


      This is easy… So if I out are actually “Hawaiian” ( 30% or so now since everything is so watered down) then how are these islands yours? Likely you are 60% haolie (Asian of some type, Asian is not Hawaiian) and I love how you want to preach to people in 2016 that your majority Asian ass deserves to control this island. I have news for you uncle! You guys do control the place through the Democrats and they milk your vote because you are stupid and they screw you without you even second guessing them. Why do you not have a ferry system (it is a Fucking island chain)? Why do you support the rail that costs billions instead of fixing the roads? Why does the rail not go to Hawaii Kai? That is because the rich ass Asians over in Hawaii Kai do not want you to be in their way so won’t you please place your stupid ass pleasantly on the rail and busses to get the fuck out of my way ( they are literally saying). Money rules politics. Please do not question and stand in line brah! Why are the Hawaiian homelands on the worst part of the island and Kamehameha schools admitting noticeably Asian kids instead of local Polynesians? Question everything man instead of attacking white people. The Asians are hurting you make ch more dude. My kids can go to those schools because they are 50% Polynesian and we moved because that place is so bad. Please return this with an intelligent argument… Otherwise… Enjoy your ohana lifestyle living with your parents wife and kids until you are in your 40s!


    • Ronald says:


      Your name is likely Asian… Fliper-pino.. Civilization is based off of western culture. Otherwise you will be ingesting dogs and adobo. Does the phillipines equate the Germany? Nope… So what is your argument as you come back and argue through an iPhone?

  5. Abraham says:

    Kill haole day, what is it.. why is it here and why does the southern poverty law center classify it as equal to the negros being persecuted in the south eastern unites states? My issue is not only that ignorance, but the fact that Asians are truly holes as well. The Hawaiian government curtailed their immigration for many years (exhibit in the bishop museum). Yet the decedents of the Asians are telling my kids are haole… you are Asian idiot… not polynesian! This place is such a racist shithole and it is sad that it does not get the ignorant racist attention that the south gets from the leftists… it is worse. My children actually are polynesian, I am white.. but their mother is 100%… it makes them eligible for Kamehameha Schools but why do I want that ignorance placed on them. Fucking liberals make racism a big deal yet they support it so much when their interests are in the plus. Fuck all of you, we are leaving with the money that we will gain off of out shirt home in ewa beach. The house that we are moving to has a pool and is three times the size. The kids that go to the local high school score higher than a 19 on the act (6 points actually) so my kids will not grow up as ignorant retarded bigots. Have a nice day and an joy your traffic, small houses, shithole schools, and high cost of living.

    • My Truth says:


      Welcome aboard! You’ve hit the nail on the head, Sir, I salute you.

      FYI: Kill a Haole day is, in general, the last day of the school year for local shitbag kids to beat up Caucasian kids. Their parents encourage it and are complicit in the abject and outright abuse of Caucasian kids, simply because of the color of their skin.

      I totally agree with you – there is a TON of generational stupidity, and a severe lack of any intent on getting even marginally better at academics and social interactions.

      Welcome aboard, your, Sir, are NOT alone.


      My Truth

    • Michael says:

      Can’t really say much about the other islands but Oahu is the most disgusting place I ever been to and the people are the most hateful miserable people on earth not to mention severely warped and retarded. I hope the other Hawaiian islands are far better than this depressing wretched shithole. Its no wonder people don’t stay. What a fucking dump! Literally

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