Programming book

For those not up to date with my other blogs, I wrote an introduction to programming book a few years ago. It is available for free in a variety of formats, but you can also purchase a copy in both ebook and paperback version.

Check it out at

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Writing a fantasy novel

So, I’ve been working on a novel for the last year and am looking for “beta” readers to let me know what they think. If you’re interested in giving me some constructive feedback, take a look at my book at

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New host

Frequent visitors may have noticed that the site looks different. My previous blog host no longer offers blogging services so I have moved to the WordPress site. However, I still have access to the domain name so all current links should still be fine.

In other news, since new things have happened to me in the last three years since I last posted on here, I will adding new material. The Hawaii Sucks post is still receiving a lot of traffic, but I have more things to talk about and posting them to Facebook isn’t always the most efficient due to the character limitation of posts. So, I will post things here periodically, though hopefully nothing controversial regarding the Navy until I retire in another three years.

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Last post for some time (ever?)

After having some problems with people having issues about my blog, I have deleted several posts that are causing or could cause issues, particularly at work. I won’t delete this blog totally because of the vast number of people who have something to say about Hawaii. This is the number 1 place to discuss it, apparently.

But, in the interest of saving myself harm or discomfort, I have decided to remove the material in question and won’t be posting here for a while. Perhaps in a few years I’ll get back into it. We will see.

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Med board results

My Navy medical board results came back: fit to continue Navy service. Unfortunately, I was expecting to be found unfit, so I have been making plans to get out. Job hunting, budgeting, saving, house hunting, etc. have been my life (apart from my Ph.D.) for the last two months.

The big problem is, if I accept the results and stay in, I still have the possibility of being administratively separated if my medical problem flairs up, or if my next command decides to not accept someone in my condition. With the draw-down the Navy is planning for (25,000 people in the next few years), there is no real reason for the Navy to keep someone who is medically limited around.

So, I’m still planning on getting out if I can’t find permanent shore duty orders or convert to a less sea-intensive rating. Plus, I haven’t heard back from any of my job applications yet. One way to guarantee a job offer is to stay in the Navy, and I have regretted it every time I’ve done it in the past.

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Ph.D. progress

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but since the only traffic this blog seems to get is from my post about Hawaii, it doesn’t seem like much of a point to update regularly.

But, since I’m bored, I figured I’d make a short post about my Ph.D. classes. I’m halfway done w/ the required classes. I only have my electives and 2 required classes left. I should be starting on the dissertation next year. Continue reading

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R for statistics

Since I’ve started on my Ph.D. course work, I found that I am having to do a lot of statistical work. I figured there would be some but there’s a lot more than I expected.

My school, like many others, has standardized on SPSS for statistical work. However, being the FOSS guy I am, I chose to find an open-source stats program to use. Plus, I didn’t want to spend $200+ on a program that expires in 4 years. Continue reading

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