I’m looking for job prospects

Well, I figure it’s about time to harvest the power of the Internet and see what happens.

I plan on getting out of the Navy next June and so I’m starting to get my resume in order and see where to send it. Naturally I’m looking at Monster, et al. but for many large Internet job sites, it’s like looking for a job in the classified ads: you’re just one of several thousand resumes mass mailed to prospective employers. It’s even worse now in the digital age; it takes nothing to email a resume so a lot of people essentially spam employers in the hopes of “shotgunning a job”.

Knowing that networking is the leading way to get a job, I’m asking any visitors here to let me know if they hear of any specific job offerings. I know the vast majority of people who may visit this site may not have a clue about me, but then that’s the reason for having a resume and interview process.

I won’t post my entire resume (since naturally I’ll want to customize it towards the job offer) but I will give a brief rundown of my history and what I’m looking for.

  • I’ll have 11 years of service in the U. S. Navy when I get out. I’ve served on two submarines, an aircraft carrier, and various shore commands. I spent nearly 5 years as a nuclear engineering laboratory technician (maintaining nuclear plant and steam plant chemistry and monitoring radiation levels), 3 years as an assistant Public Affairs Officer and senior newspaper editor, and 3 years as a programmer and general IT technician.
  • Outside the Navy, I have 13 years of experience in the computer industry as a personal computer support technician, programmer, trainer, and instructor. I’ve advised supervisors on computer security, general technology, and I’ve published several articles on computer issues. I’ve also acted as a translator, explaining many technical ideas to upper management in a way that makes sense, so they can then make informed decisions.
  • I have an AAS in Electromechanical Technology, a BS in Computer Engineering Technology, and expect to have a MS in IT Management by next summer.
  • I have experience in C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP, though I prefer to program in Python. I’ve worked off-and-on as a web designer, even earning a Navy Achievement Medal for my services.
  • I’ve written nearly a dozen tutorials on the Python programming language. This tutorial series is even being used by a Florida college for it’s Intro to Programming course.

I would like to work in the federal sector since my military time will carry over towards retirement. However, I’m not limiting myself. I’ve found that I do better when I’m educating others in technology so I would also like to be a computer technology instructor, such as an introduction to programming, general computer science, etc., preferably at the college level.

I’m also looking at IT management; I’ve spent my time as a technician but I’ve found that I have a knack for acting as a bridge between the “in-the-code” technicians and the “broad picture” managers. I am very good at discussing things at the level of my audience so they can understand what I’m saying without being unnecessarily “jargony”.

So, if anyone stopping by expects to be hiring in the next 12 months or knows of someone who will be, please let me know. Since I’ll be moving from Hawaii anyways, relocating isn’t a problem.


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