Just plain scary

As found on the Libertarian Party blog, the era of Orwell’s Big Brother is in sight. And the U. S. government isn’t even shy about it.

Under Project Hostile Intent, scientists will aim to build devices that can pick up tell-tale signs of hostile intent or deception from people’s heart rates, perspiration and tiny shifts in facial expressions.

As reported by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, the Dept. of Homeland Security is developing technology that will scan crowds and pick out suspicious characters based on their unusual behavior. Of course, the problem is the sheer number of false positives that will develop.

If an area is under obvious security measures, some people will act suspicious because they get nervous in these situations. Other people have a problem with authority and will do things to trigger the system, just to make a point. And some people are just naturally “twitchy”.

As quoted in the Libertarian Party’s blog, once you take away a person’s privacy, the government has absolute control over that person.

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