Law Enforcement Loves Tasers

In light of the recent tasering of a college student, and others, I just thought I’d make a comment.

Ideally, providing law enforcement (LE) personnel with “non-lethal” (actually, less-likely-lethal because certain people can still die based on their body’s physiology) should mean that cops will have better control of a situation. Not having a gun means they, theoretically, have more options available. (Actually, I’m not completely sure of what rational LE uses but I’m taking a guess). It also means that, if the situation warrants it, cops can use a weapon but not kill the suspect.

However, if you read the news you’ll notice that LE simply loves to use tasers. They almost seem to use them at the drop of a hat. Have an unruly suspect? Just taser him. Is someone mouthing off? Break out the taser.

Unfortunately, the “rent-a-thug” campus police seem to like tasers more than regular cops, probably because they can’t carry real guns. And they also seem to like using them on individuals they have already subdued; the UF incident is the second time I’ve seen a video of a student being tasered after he has been dragged to the floor and the handcuffs have been taken out.

Providing LE with tasers instead of guns, I think, makes it more likely for them to be used. If I can “shoot” someone but not kill them, chances are very high that I will. Whereas if I had a regular gun, I would definitely have to decide whether the incident warranted pulling the trigger.

Apart from internal investigations and paperwork, there’s effectively no bad consequences from using a taser. There may be lawsuits or whatever, but the victim is still alive.

If it’s easier to subdue an individual with electricity rather than use psychology and police training like in days past, people will choose the easier path. Hence, I think LE will continue to use tasers as a line of first resort, rather than last resort.

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6 Responses to Law Enforcement Loves Tasers

  1. I actually agree on this choice of opinion on this topic. Wow, you don’t know how true that is. And campus cops usually are more likely to use the tazers way more often then not. And they tend to use them on people, usually guys, who have caused them trouble before.

    Yeah…so I’m just saying. If any cops, especially campus cops, cut us some slack. Geez. The tazer should be a last resort, not a first. Just think of that tazer as a gun. Unless the person is showing serious potential threat, like within 20 feet, and is going to attack you…then use it.

    Not because some person is a little mouthy, as a girl, my mouth usually runs getting me in trouble. Damn, don’t tazer me for it!! So yeah.

    ~~RaYnE sToRmY rOoD~~

  2. LocalTech says:

    In my experience livingin in New Zealand – Cops there have earn’t the respect of the public. One main reason being that they rarely use weapons unless they need to (If the offender himself has a weapon). Usually the offenders are scared of cops because they’re huge! There is actually a minimum body size and strength you need to join the police acedemy there.

    None of those skinny guys that would get knocked out with one hit… Even if the cop is a little large, he sure as hell can run!

    Unlike in Malaysia where anyone who is unable to find another job becomes a cop. I swear when I came to Malaysia after living in NZ, I don’t feel safe at all with the cops walking around struting their guns – And they’re soo small! Anyone could just beat the daylight out of a cop in Malaysia, grab his gun and go on a massacre…

    I know it’s a little off topic but I think Malaysia needs to adept to that tazer thing – But then again, with the amount of corruption in our system at the moment, I’m pretty sure the same things gonna happen as you’ve mentioned above… *sigh*

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  4. John says:

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  6. John says:

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