Hawaii sucks

I’ve been avoiding this topic since I started this blog but I’m finally breaking down to gripe. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames in the comments about this or any future posts I may have on the subject.

I hate Hawaii. I’ve lived here for over 2 1/2 years and I can’t wait to leave. Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons. But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.

Most of the people I’ve met in the past who enjoy Hawaii only came for a week or two to visit. If you never get out of the tourist areas, I’m sure it’s quite nice. Waikiki is clean (at least where the tourists go) and the beaches are nice over there. But once you leave the tourist areas, Honolulu is more like a ghetto. Many of the buildings are decrepit, there’s trash and graffiti all over, there’s a lot of homeless people, etc. Behind the facade of paradise is the gutter of real Hawaii.

The local government could care less about doing its job and corruption is rampant across the islands. Last year, 48 million gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Ala Wai Canal (the demarcation between Waikiki and Honolulu proper). This canal goes straight into the beach area of Waikiki. In the 2+ years I’ve been here, there’s probably been more than eight sewage spills around Oahu, most of them into the canal.

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage.

The latest problem is between go! airlines and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is trying to sue to have go! shutdown due to predatory pricing. go! currently charges ~$20 for a one-way trip to a neighbor island. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. They also claim that go! used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! is shut down.

There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. But if you look “local”, you’re okay. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. And Zeus forbid if you’re military.

The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here. According to a dictionary I looked at, haolie means “foreigner”. But it’s definitely not used for all non-locals, only the white ones. And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language? It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it. To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it. Seriously, it makes a person sound like a complete moron when he can’t speak in complete sentences. It’s worse than hearing people who have English as a second language; at least you know they’re trying to learn English.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later. But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii. Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here. As a matter of fact, there was one guy who cut his shore duty short and went back to sea because he couldn’t stand it.

Update: Since everyone seems to love commenting about this article (probably because of the title), I thought I’d make sure readers realize that there are other, related articles to this. Apparently relying on people to look at the sidebar for similar stories isn’t enough.

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4,011 Responses to Hawaii sucks

  1. Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

    Lol….Renee didn’t you post this?
    I hate the Haole thing in Hawaii, but since I’ve been on the mainland 6 years I can’t adapt and have become increasingly isolated and depressed. I miss Hawaii and can’t believe I’m making plans to go back. Anybody else????
    Boo-Hoooo! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

    Reneed didn’t you post this? I hate the Haole thing in Hawaii, but since I’ve been on the mainland 6 years I can’t adapt and have become increasingly isolated and depressed. I miss Hawaii and can’t believe I’m making plans to go back. Anybody else????
    Booooo- hoooooooo!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

    Lol! Yes it was. Boohoo hoooooo! I miss Hawaii I can’t function boooooohoooooooooo

    You’er all ready a Pansy but….now you’er a liar too?
    Renee says:
    March 26, 2017 at 5:33 am
    I hate the Haole thing in Hawaii, but since I’ve been on the mainland 6 years I can’t adapt and have become increasingly isolated and depressed. I miss Hawaii and can’t believe I’m making plans to go back. Anybody else????
    My Truth says:
    March 26, 2017 at 5:46 am
    Stop. You’re using a location to try and change your psychological situation. Go see a doctor to handle your depression and isolation. You’re barking up the wrong tree, and may make it worse, by returning to a place that will – most likely – make you MORE isolated and MORE depressed.

    Good luck.

    My Truth

    It was your first post to this blog…..oh how lies make youwant to forget but, lies always come back to bite you.

  4. Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

    I am not stalking you…..your own words are just returning from the past to bite you in your present. You just lost all credibility.

  5. Renee says:

    Hey crazy, I’m not worried about credibility with you …go take your meds.

    • Whaydoyouyouneedtoknow says:

      Renee you really do share a brain with false truth. You both repeat the same redundant rhetorical lame brain catch phrase over and over again.
      WHats wrong did you eat lead paint chips as a child?

  6. Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

    Truth says:
    March 26, 2017 at 5:46 am
    Stop. You’re using a location to try and change your psychological situation. Go see a doctor to handle your depression and isolation. You’re barking up the wrong tree, and may make it worse, by returning to a place that will – most likely – make you MORE isolated and MORE depressed.

    Good luck.

    My Truth
    Renee says:
    March 26, 2017 at 6:46 am
    Thanks for the reality check. Do you not ever feel like you miss the weather , the good people there?? (Ok of my friends were fellow transplants!). I’m just at the end of winter here maybe the sun coming will help.

    It’s the same symbol and color next to your name, if it was a different Renee it would but a different color symbol……tsk tsk tsk liar…….

  7. My Truth says:


  8. KellieLee says:

    WHYDOYOUNEEDTOKNOW, what value are you adding to the sound debate? You are down to maxi pad? Lordy..the point of this board is made, over, and over again! Thank You Jesus!

    • Whaydoyouyouneedtoknow says:

      No point…..coming here and poking a stick at the narrow minded is like taunting the monkeys at the zoo.

      • My Truth says:

        Well, at least you admit to being a vapid, insignificant troll of a shitbag. How’s it feel to be irrelevant?

      • Whaydoyouyouneedtoknow says:

        False truth, You just use the same words over and over again…..you need to read more often to improve your vocabulary.
        The real trolls are the ones who come on this blog to complain and whine about Hawaii even when they are no longer resident, At least I live here.
        Move on…..grow, evolve.
        Or is it that your life is so insignificant and pathetic; this little online demented Club of dweebs is all you have as a positive within your life?

      • Whaydoyouyouneedtoknow says:

        False truth you come here to poke fun at the locals….so that would make you a douchebag. How does it make you feel to be irrelevant imbecile?

  9. Betty says:

    To all those who googled Hawaii Sucks. Now, you understand why we post what we post even after leaving the islands. We are providing a service to all those who are contemplating leaving, contemplating moving to or feel unable to express their opinions for whatever reason. We experienced what life is like and want to educate and enlighten those who are only given partial information or outright lies. Observe the responses of locals and it proves our point.

    • Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

      Betty, agree with you Hawaii is corrupt but what place isn’t. Yes, if you are your stereotypical self-righteous narrow minded american white person; Hawaii is not the place for you.
      Reading “your” comments are just as ignorant, as the locals.
      Your called Haolie a racial slur, and it is said to make you feel inferior; it hurts and it isn’t fair.
      Now remember that feeling Everytime you look down upon a non white while you live on the mainland.
      American history: whites stole the land from Indians called it manifest destiny; brought slaves to build and sweat die in the fields and build railroads. Until 60s Jim crow laws terrorized Blacks in the southern states…..
      america was built on corruption and whites bullied non whites that’s history.
      So now you know how it feel to be treated as a minority, but you didnt learn your lesson. You complain or as you say educate others about the lies of Hawaii and act self righteous just like the locals.
      What you and your fellow bloggers post is filled with vulgarity and hate proving that you are not as enlighten as you believe yourself to be, your bigots.

      I will apologize for being contentious but, I just wanted to give you guys a taste of your own Medicine; since you always serve it to the S.bag locals.
      I am sorry that you and everyone here was treated unfairly but, people aren’t stupid they can tell an sincere person from an insincere person no matter their intellectual level.
      Humans don’t treat each other well anymore but in actuality history shows we never had.
      Be well…

      • Renee says:

        Why do you assume Betty is white??? That’s plain ignorant.lots of colors on the mainland.

      • My Truth says:

        Careful Renee, you might make Mr. Fancypants weep, there. I’m sure he’ll respond with a raft of pompous shit to take the focus off the real issue: locals are shitbags…

      • Renee says:

        LOL he’s got meds to take

      • Betty says:

        I have no time for you. You are an American-hating bigot. Move to North Korea if you are unhappy here. Your race card and/or slavery card has expired.

      • My Truth says:


        This idiot has turned tail and left. He picked the wrong fight and lost badly. Losers like this know they are losers, and that’s just how it is. He doesn’t know shit about us. Good on you, girl 🙂



      • Desert Scorpion says:

        ” Yes, if you are your stereotypical self-righteous narrow minded american white person; Hawaii is not the place for you.” What does being a white person have to do with anything you racist?

      • Renee says:

        Scorpion, why are you assuming we are white? Secondly, you googled Hawaii sucks to find us, lol. Not everyone from the mainland is white , not everyone celebrates Asian ethnocentric thinking and other culture ignorance like Hawaii. Obviously, deep down you know Hawaii sucks to have found us!

      • My Truth says:

        Not sure, but I think he was quoting that idiot, “Whydoyouneedtoknow.”

      • Renee says:

        Oh! Ok;)

      • My Truth says:


    • My Truth says:


      Ignore him. He’s a dirtbag Hawaiian apologist who has no purpose other that to speak and hear himself talk. He thinks he’s so pious, when in reality he’s a pompous ass. Don’t worry; we don’t owe this troll anything. He’s nothing. He speaks from his own distorted mind, not from experience.

      Great to hear from you!


      • Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

        Lol, the two of you are encourageable.
        You make fun of the locals because you say they are uneducated, and you dismiss me because I am educated.
        My Experience: I am accepted here and not because I agree with the irrational ideology; I am accepted because I can logical explain why I don’t yet, I am empathetic.
        That is why myoptic people have a hard time getting along with others, they can see pass their own nose.

      • My Truth says:

        You’re educated? Why then do you use the word “encourageable” when it should be “incorrigible?” You’re a complete and total fucking idiot. Move on. You’re done here.

      • Renee says:


      • My Truth says:

        Hahaha Renee, no worry, he’ll come back and try to put together a cogent thought while writing in a disjointed, unconscious, grammatically poor manner, then tell us how educated he is. He’s an idiot and he knows it. That’s why he has no point. Next!

      • Whydoyouneedtoknow says:

        Funny, I never assumed Betty was white I was speaking in general. Extra funny that you assume I am a male; I am a woman but yes False truth… I am more of a man than you will ever be.
        Enjoy your blog lol!

  10. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Whydoyouneedtoknow is the standard whitey who has bought in the lazy welfare lifestyle of the Gulag Archipelago. This person was wooed by pictures of Diamondhead and lazy days on white sand beaches. Couldn’t get it done on the Mainland and tried to change their life by coming to the Welfare Isles. Coming to terms with the festering poverty and the realization that there may be jobs but few careers is taking it’s toll on Whydoyouneedtoknow . We understand and we know the plight of everyday life on this overtaxed and overrated chaotic degenerate mess of an island Oahu really is. ALOHA HARD!

    • Renee says:

      LOL LOL….I got the strong feeling he’s a typical limp dick tree hugging chopstick eating, attempted pidgin talking overly accommodating weak sell out WHITEY too!!!!👍👍👍

    • My Truth says:

      A pleasure, ICU, glad to see you stop by. I think we ran him off… He’s been awwwfullllyyy quiet the last 24 hours. How are you doing these days? Great to see you.


  11. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Things are good. People overall in public are courteous, my stress level has decreased, and it’s an easy commute since I left the Appalachia of the Pacific. It’s easy living without state income tax. Update: the morons will be doing a 2 years water line project on Waiakamilo from Houghtailing to Nimitz….make that it will be 4 years and then the rail will come through…..what a chaotic mess that dumpy little Banana Republic is….Where I’m at now, people are welcoming and don’t care where you are from……..Most don’t realize that Oahu is a very stressful , over-rated , dysfunctional boondoggle of a place…..

    • My Truth says:

      When I first arrived, a friend exclaimed, “Hey, you’re going to get a speeding ticket!” He was right. I was doing a minimum of 10-20 mph over the posted speed limit – and it also made me realize just how stressful living in Honolulu made my life. Every spare minute is needed because the traffic sucks. Not here. A “traffic jam,” to me now, is when I take an additional five minutes to get to work. When school lets out for the summer, there’s no noticeable difference, except it takes five minutes less to commute.

      I also live in a dry climate now. Today was 100 degrees. Problem? Nope. I have what’s called a “swamp cooler” that pumps microscopic water droplets into my home, driven by a fan. It cools everything down just fine. Sitting here now, at 94, it feels more like 75. I do not miss those oppressive muggy days of Hawaii weather one bit. It’s back to the four seasons for me, and I have loved very single minute of it.

      Work is great. What workplace doesn’t have problems with personalities and issues? None. But there is one major difference: I have never been judged based on whether or not I was from here, nor the color of my skin. People judge me based on how well I do my job, what I stand for, and how I treat others. I have garnered more education and training in the last year than the last decade in Hawaii alone – I was definitely stunted. More like, apathetic. You see, Hawaii does that to people, it grinds them down into someone who isn’t their best. Oh, it might be good for idiots like the one who was posting here recently, but he’s a fucking half-wit who deserves to live a shitty life anyway. People like us? John, Renee, ICU, Betty, myself? We know better. A LOT better.

      Great to hear from you, ICU!


      • Renee says:

        Stunted….good way to put it!! You have to downgrade or change your personality to survive. Not selling out for low lifes

  12. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Traffic, Vog, Racism/Discrimination, Overpopulated, Extremely Expensive, Isolated, Hot, and Small: This is Hawaii. Whats not to miss??? Ever since I left my stress levels have decreased substantially. The truth is, there is no real peace on Oahu. There is no space, limited resources, and a long history of cross-cultural racism and discrimination that will never seem to end. There is so much competition, corruption, and greed that a bitter sadness looms over the place and if you lived there for years you know it’s palpable. I have never met so many stupid, inarticulate, bottom feeders in my life while living in Honolulu for over 10 years. Lets just talk about traffic, the weather, the next potluck, and going Vegas…. The fantasy of Hawaii versus the reality of daily living are polar opposites. Living in Waikiki I got fed up with the tourists and that there was a fair amount of stuff in Waikiki; yet there was really nothing there. How many times could I stroll down Kalakaua Ave before I went insane? As many would agree, to function there long term, one must create a bubble to insulate ones self from the degenerate local community. I knew that and it worked for a few years; but once the charm wore away and they closed the Shell Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village; it was time to actively start looking for the exits. Ala Moana Par, Ft. Derussy Beach, Magic Island were all nice, but after 500 times , it was time to go… It took about 3 1/2 years and as I look back; I do realize that the quality of every day life was in the shitter and the inflationary pressures were off the chart. The myth and fantasy will always just be that as many of us now realize from doing time on the Gulag Archipelago.

    • My Truth says:

      Sounds like a genuine case of “Battle Fatigue,” there, ICU. I sure as hell experienced it. That bubble you speak of is very real – in actuality, it was the only thing that kept me sane, was to be able to come home and insulate myself from the low-brow locals and their stupid “Hawaiian slapstick” flavor of humor. Bunch of lame fucking idiots. It’s funny how the majority are village idiots there.

      Hey, has anyone heard from John? It’s been awhile and he hasn’t posted recently…I’m a little worried.



  13. Pacific resident says:

    Its unfortunate but I totally agree the beauty of the islands and kind hearts of the people make it a place that’s easy to love but the corruption, petty theft, nepotism and constant misuse of US funds makes it a hard place to respect.

  14. Ann says:

    Posted many times under different names, but I agree with you all…every single poster who tells it like it is! These democratic loons in charge, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Tulsi and Brian ShitShatz throw themselves in front of any camera two seconds after Donald Trump makes a legitimate call to to protect the country! These pandering idiots embody what is wrong with this state at every ahem “professional level”. And lie about the agenda to the low hanging fruit that they want to vote for them! And the lefty libs, the trust fund babies, “empowered middle aged white women who love all things, ALL THINGS Hawaii” empower these lefty loons that have control over everything at the state and county level. Corrupt bunch of low IQ idiots, who only care about themselves and pushing the “victim card” at every turn! This state sucks the life out of the Federal system, as well as it’s legal law abiding taxpayers living here, and yet they want the gravy train to go on forever!

    Honolulu is the plantation master of old, and the neighboring island “elected morons” bow and bend and GIVE OUR HARD EARNED MONEY OVER TO THEM without so much as a fight! The rail system is a pork project, a disgusting vanity project of crap, missteps and poor quality..that is costing every working person in HAWAII $$$$$$. And these idiots, don’t see it, or if they do CARE WHAT IT IS DOING TO LEGAL TAXPAYERS! Mazi (I have cancer!) is a horror show, retire. A state run by morons, true morons…and they are proud as peacocks over their less than below average thinking and mediocrity! Corrupt, nepotistic on the most simplest of levels, they despise and are deeply threatened by true work ethic and fight it nastily to the point of embarrassment because they do not realize how moronic and stupid they appear and are! Generalities for sure, but the point is true for most. IMO.

  15. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Ann is outstanding! Well said and totally agree…….
    Best take; ” the trust fund babies, “empowered middle aged white women who love all things, ALL THINGS Hawaii” ….. so true; I’ve seen all these woman who don’t work and live off their husband’s careers as they attend yoga classes and spa days at the beach……

  16. Renee says:

    Ok what I don’t get about Brian Shatz from Michigan , white sell out typical, is he DOES jump in front of the camera to be anti Trump, same for the other political morons in Hawaii. But locals and these morons have said they want nothing to do with the mainland, all Hawaii all the time. Then stay out of mainland politics hypocritical fucktards just want something to whine about.!!!!

    • Ann says:

      That little turd and the phony Tulsi and Mazie Dazie, get on my last nerve! Pandering fools who refuse to see logic! They only parrot what the idiots who are too emotional, too pent up with “feelings”, posses ZERO logic or critical thinking skills think. Tulsi I predict will make a play to run for PRES. God help us all!

    • Ann says:

      Yeah, this is getting zero press locally or otherwise…other than the first report. CRICKETS! “Johnny a GOOD BOY, he no can”. SMH! Silence, NO SPEAK ABOUT THE CONVERT, a convert of the INSANE IDEOLOGY that the LEFTIST idiots think is just super duper in a country found on a Christian values! They really believe we all, can get along and sing KUMBAYA. Centuries of history and fact have proven that SWEET FANTASY, is a FANTASY based on the loons history! Political correctness, what ever that is now, I haven’t a clue is ruining the world, including this leftist stupidity who live in and run our state. They now are suing again and again what has been deemed “CONSTITUTIONAL” which it always was, but this ruling a formality. This state contributes nothing but pains in the asses!!!!!! The Mainland I can tell you does not think about them at all! They don’t. They are not valued, they are proven leeches for the taxpayers they hate, most of America knows this. The body of government here is a joke, and shamefully so. But Hawaii bearing braggarts the likes of no state has seen before will tell you till the end of times that they are the best, the best, the best. When it is proven otherwise every damn day! Take this “local boy” and put him long term somewhere where he cannot see a clear light of day again, once convicted!

      • Renee says:

        I noticed that lack of press too when can we go back to HI being a province they shouldn’t be allowed to enter our superior elite military with highly respected mainland officers given their island stupidity and ignorance toward our military and mainland people , mainland diversity and customs of all colors. They want rubbah slippahs and spam, everything Hawaii all the time. Stay home with the green beer cans , poverty, heat and cockroaches, stay out of the military.!! Our men are far too dignified for you.

  17. Renee says:

    Your lack of class isn’t welcome n the military.

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