Hawaii sucks

I’ve been avoiding this topic since I started this blog but I’m finally breaking down to gripe. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flames in the comments about this or any future posts I may have on the subject.

I hate Hawaii. I’ve lived here for over 2 1/2 years and I can’t wait to leave. Sure, the weather is nice but it really does get old after a while; I really miss having all four seasons. But apart from that, I can’t really find a lot of redeeming qualities about Hawaii.

Most of the people I’ve met in the past who enjoy Hawaii only came for a week or two to visit. If you never get out of the tourist areas, I’m sure it’s quite nice. Waikiki is clean (at least where the tourists go) and the beaches are nice over there. But once you leave the tourist areas, Honolulu is more like a ghetto. Many of the buildings are decrepit, there’s trash and graffiti all over, there’s a lot of homeless people, etc. Behind the facade of paradise is the gutter of real Hawaii.

The local government could care less about doing its job and corruption is rampant across the islands. Last year, 48 million gallons of raw sewage were dumped into the Ala Wai Canal (the demarcation between Waikiki and Honolulu proper). This canal goes straight into the beach area of Waikiki. In the 2+ years I’ve been here, there’s probably been more than eight sewage spills around Oahu, most of them into the canal.

The city waited three days or so before they posted signs after one of the spills and only did it after public outcry. The reason is because they didn’t want to scare the tourists. However, after the big Ala Wai spill, one man died from acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria infection after falling into the contaminated water. The city claims there was no connection between the infection and the release of sewage.

The latest problem is between go! airlines and Hawaiian. Hawaiian is trying to sue to have go! shutdown due to predatory pricing. go! currently charges ~$20 for a one-way trip to a neighbor island. Hawaiian feels it has to charge the same but, since Hawaiian has a larger infrastructure due to also supplying intercontinental flights, they simply can’t afford to compete locally. They also claim that go! used Hawaiian’s financial information illegally after gaining access to it during Hawaiian’s bankruptcy filings. So rather than competing on service or other things that may justify a higher price, Hawaiian is following the route of the music companies and trying to use the courts to prop up an outdated business model, or so it appears. Hawaiian has admitted that they will raise prices immediately to “market level” if go! is shut down.

There is a distinct racial bias against white people and, to an similar extent, black people too. But if you look “local”, you’re okay. I have friend who is Hispanic and was treated like a local when he went to a bar, even having people buy him drinks. But his white friends were given the cold shoulder, or at least not treated nearly as well. And Zeus forbid if you’re military.

The term “haolie” is used to distinguish white people from all others here. According to a dictionary I looked at, haolie means “foreigner”. But it’s definitely not used for all non-locals, only the white ones. And I’ve talked to several native Hawaiians who have stated that it actually means “soulless one”, implying that white people have no soul.

Speaking of language, since when is pidgin English considered a bona-fide language? It’s considered an unofficial language of Hawaii; they have dictionaries, books, and even classes on how to speak it. To me, I just think the speaker is a completely illiterate imbecile when I hear it. Seriously, it makes a person sound like a complete moron when he can’t speak in complete sentences. It’s worse than hearing people who have English as a second language; at least you know they’re trying to learn English.

I have a lot more to complain about but I’ll save it for later. But I know that I’m not alone in my distaste for Hawaii. Nearly every single military person I’ve met hates it here and can’t wait for orders out of here. As a matter of fact, there was one guy who cut his shore duty short and went back to sea because he couldn’t stand it.

Update: Since everyone seems to love commenting about this article (probably because of the title), I thought I’d make sure readers realize that there are other, related articles to this. Apparently relying on people to look at the sidebar for similar stories isn’t enough.

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  1. betty says:

    I come back after a few days and cannot believe what happened. Did the race card and the white privilege comment really rear its head here? Amazing, funny and sad all at the same time. Oh well, it did make for some entertaining reading. Unbelievable.

  2. Kapu says:

    This is my last ECY quote from her spree. “Why complain if you can’t change the system.”~ ECY
    Because you can CHANGE the system–it takes voices, people, votes, participants, activity (on all levels) to change a system, it takes out cry–it takes grass roots it takes momentum…it takes above all rationale and common sense!! IT TAKES TRUE EDUCATION!! Equal means equal. Equal doesn’t mean a pay back of for-gone sins, equal is now–present and protected, equal is MLK’s dream–just your character not your skin. How cool would that be? all be cool–or shamed who cares if you are green, blue, white, pink, brown, beige, black, purple…its how you behave, its how you act, its what YOU DO! You don’t acquiesce! & then play along! There was a dream…
    Otherwise how far back to we play this card–of lands that were once someones—??? How far as history shows many a shift and can create many victims–it doesn’t create the desired tone of skin, but history, conquer, etc—has had its victims. I thought you were all smart en-stuff?

    • Eastcoastyankee says:

      Yup, the Race card was played it was delt and played by the Hoales on this blog.

      I actually like that word, it perfectly describes ignorant “white people” ( like most on this blog), Souless, cultureless, egotistical, bigoted people like yourself.

      You are not human, just a robotic humanoids without Empathy or compassion.

      Humans realize they are the only race on the planet. You my fickle friends are people and people classify themselves and are polarized, causing divisions and inharmony. People like you don’t deeply analyze themselves…you blame others for your misgivings and twist their words for your narcissistic needs. People like you are the most pathetic beings on the planet, hence why you are able to integrate only with others who think like you.
      Oh and by the way I am ENFP Personality type, I can get along with anyone, even people like you but, I prefer to surround my self with other Humans.

      • My Truth says:

        But, but, but…

        You’re an attractive black female utilizing your womanly charms…

        Sounds more like you’re upset because you’ve been pegged. You can stop now, you’re looking just a little desperate here…

      • My Truth says:

        You do realize you’re being played like a fiddle, right?

      • Eastcoastyankee says:

        Lol! kapu you are too funny….over the course of 6000 years of failed governments has proven that system does not change because of ignorant people who control the echelon of our society.
        Draconian laws have been in practice for centuries centuries. So why complain? Instead I pick my battles and control my personal space. Gee! I thought you were all smart en-stuff!?

      • My Truth says:

        Can you go away now? Because you’re starting to suck.

      • Eastcoastyankee says:

        Lol and I do! “My fictitious truth” But I find your unreasonableness and ignorance to be hilarious. Besides I don’t know how to play a fiddle, but I do know how to amuse myself, Thank you!! Lol! Don’t worry soon i will become bored of your blog and leave yout to resume your self loathing and pity party.

      • My Truth says:

        Ouch Baby, very ouch.

        Zat all you got?

      • Charlie says:

        White privaledge, haole, western expansion… Likely you are Asian. The majority of people that call themselves island people are actually Asian. So… Let’s take a simple educated look at civilization. White people (Europeans) built elegant cities and languages in which you communicate in as of now and european culture and the people within it dictate how the world operates. The Chinese do build our cheap shit (iPhones) but at the bequest of the European people. We control the world and dumbass Asians live in generational homes making babies next to their mother and father in the same structure. This stupidity is not known on the mainland because poor retarded democrat voters can move into section 8 housing readily. I am sorry that you are confused Asian that thinks that you are local but the majority of Asians are upkeeping an intellectual position that you are not.

      • Charlie says:

        White privaledge, haole, western expansion… Likely you are Asian. The majority of people that call themselves island people are actually Asian. So… Let’s take a simple educated look at civilization. White people (Europeans) built elegant cities and languages in which you communicate in as of now and european culture and the people within it dictate how the world operates. The Chinese do build our cheap shit (iPhones) but at the bequest of the European people. We control the world and dumbass Asians live in generational homes making babies next to their mother and father in the same structure. This stupidity is not known on the mainland because poor retarded democrat voters can move into section 8 housing readily. I am sorry that you are confused Asian that thinks that you are local but the majority of Asians are upkeeping an intellectual position that you are not. 1

      • Ezekiel says:

        You really are an incompitent hypocrite, just because you’ve lived here for years and are hawaiian does not mean that you automatically get the right to hate white people, if you look upon yourself you would see that you are acting soulless by saying those things about him, you are dehumanitizing him because of the color of his skin qnd his opinions about hawaii, i live on oahu and am a white male too and cant wait to leave this sh*thole, it honestly sucks with prices FIVE TIMES that of prices on the mainland and hawaii really is a ghetto with one of the largest meth problems in the US and if you think you cant live without the US say bu-bye to your electronics money infastructure and buisness, hawaii would become a third world country in weeks if it became soverign.

      • My Truth says:

        You just replied to a black female from New York. She’s not Hawaiian at all.

      • John says:

        Or so it claimed……

      • My Truth says:


    • Kapu says:

      We are your “fickle friends” (ECY) twisting words? Here are YOURS:
      “Kill them with kindness and make them feel ashamed when they disrespect me. I guess that is one of the joys of being an attractive feminine woman, you can soothe the savage beast with your womanly charms.” ~ECY
      “No, I wouldn’t call the people in Hawaii sheople, just extremely comfortable in their ignorance and have a slow comfort for change(had to throw in a dark side of the moon reference). Lol!
      Locals try to find contentment with what they have, they are a small minded people who don’t ask for much. ” ~ECY
      “Oh and how I miss satire and playful sarcasm of New England. I thought Connecticut Sucked….Oh how I was wrong; Hawaii sucks ten times to Infinity.” ~ECY
      “I tell all of my friends back home what it is really like living here. I tell them imagine the state of Mississippi as an island governor by the most ignorant moronic backwards people you can think of and the majority of the local are comparable to ghetto/trailer park mentality, who have nothing better to do but over drink, go beach and repeat the same talk story over and over again. It gets old really fast. The culture as a whole is sophomoric and emotional immature.” ~ECY
      “Sadly the culture here is conditioned into brainwashed comformity, I find it intellectually lacking in both conversation and things to do. I have many friends and met some awesome people have a full_time job but my stay here is just a phase. The reason people enjoy living here is because the false sense of security and family like surrealism. They live with their heads buried in the Sand with the expectation that they don’t have to change for progress to happen.
      When I am not with my friends I am lonely and bored planing my grand exodus in a year or so.” ….. ~ECY
      “I also use to my advantage the fact that most locals are imtimidated by Blacks and they immediately back down because I am not the “sterotypical Black” ~ECY

      You are a fickle pickle, far from a friend and far from stable. Congrats on your reddit quiz, here are your results :

      Oh cool you are an ENFP, you took an on-line personality quiz. Kudos! 🙂 So this :Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, ENFPs can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best.

    • lost kama'aina says:

      Its bizarre how equality or “we are one people” is always mentioned when speaking about issues like Hawaiian Sovernity or Minority reperations but not one peep about racial inequality currently in our system. It seems reasonable to some that nearly 96.1 percent of the 1.2 million households in the top one percent by income were white, a total of about 1,150,000 households. White families hold 90% of the national wealth. This means that the top 10% of white families own 65.1% of all the wealth in the nation.

      More closer to home ok, in Oahu we can look at population stats for each community. The poorer the community the more native hawaiians and least caucasian population. As the community gets wealthier the population of native hawaiians drops and the caucasian population rises.

      This is the biggest race based system out there, wealth in our country. Im all for total equality and “we are one” but unfortunately when those who scream “race based politics” against minorities are keeping the status quo.

      • John says:

        Gee I wonder if there is any correlation in wealth and education in hawaii…. You might want to actually open your eyes hawaii isn’t over run by whites oppressing native hawaiians, running all the government offices, and politically in control of the money in hawaii … In every shop you walk into that position belongs to asians… So called “native hawaiians” want “their” kingdom back, yet allow asians to control everything here but somehow still blame whites for all the disfunction/degradation.

      • Irritated says:


        What is the RCA for your realistic yet unsupported argument? It does seem logical yet in this realm people want to blame caucasians yet Asians are the reason why everything is so expensive here. Asians control everything. After being here for a minute or two, it is easy to say that the Hawaiian people lost their island because the Hawaiian leaders got greedy and let open borders occur for a decent portion of the 1800s. As a nation, the dumicraps have a desire to do the same thing to the rest of our country. Hawaii is a pure example of how open borders can destroy the native landscape and could fundamentally transform (dipshit obama) America. Where are we now here? 8% Polynesian? My children are within that portion and I get irritated by the Chinese kids that think that they are islanders because they are born here.

  3. Eastcoastyaknee says:

    Nah, having too much fun with you insignificant dweebs!

    • Eastcoastyankee says:

      I’ll get bored soon don’t worry, beside I am giving you the opportunity to hate on someone besides the locals. Ok, ok I promise after today I will leave you alone. I mean your ever going to feel complely comfortable in Hawaii. So if this is the only place you can find your small piece of Paradise, who am I to disrupt it. You’re cowardly because none of you would be able to talk about these topic face to face with a local. “MY ( fictitious) TRUTH” I know you don’t give the locals hell,if you did they would have ran you off this island years ago. No, you fall in place and walk with your eyes cast down just like the coward that you are. So this is the only place you can come and feel like a “real boy”. Ok cowardly lions I just became Official bored with you, now you can go about your day/lives belittling me without anymore interjections from me! Enjoy Maggots! Especially you John mwah!

      • My Truth says:

        Single black gorgeous female seeks attentive audience, limelight, public adoration, and constant validation. Seeks praise-heaping man who doesn’t mind me keeping his balls in a mason jar. I’m a beautiful, succulent kind of lady who likes to use her womanly, sensual, sensuous charms to hypnotize any mother f*cka I want. My man must not use $5 words, must pay for everything since I’m so highly valuable and must tell me I am intelligent. Potential suitors must not disrespect me, as I do not disrespect anybody else. Interested applicants must submit a photo, debit card, meal ticket, and balls in a mason jar to me before I will consider you worthy of my attention and company any further. Must be card-carrying victim, and allow me to play the race, woman, and “intelligent” cards. Email me at ECYLove@self-centered.com.

      • John says:

        LMDFAO I was going to write just about the same about ECY….. Except I think it’s pretty clear “she” is experiencing some issues with bipolar disorder. Funny how the eloquence of her writing has dissappeared, replaced by honey girl-esque delusional manic ranting. Sad she has gone off her meds…….

      • My Truth says:

        Thought you’d like that 😉

  4. Mike Scott says:

    Your blog should be subtitled ‘Mindless ramblings of a terminally butt hurt assclown”. Seriously bra, you are the ones we in Hawai’i laugh at as they come here with a chip on their shoulder, can’t succeed in throwing their weight around (or succeed in anything, for that matter), alienate everyone possible with all manner of presumptions and prejudices, ostracize themselves, and then pack up their shit in a huff to slink back to the mainland. A true treasure. Come on back sometime when you have more money to spend. We love you, Aloha!

    • My Truth says:

      Are you Hawaiian?

      • Fran says:

        Thanks John & MT-
        Only a low life POS could ever claim pride in ripping anyone off and as far as throwing “our” weight around… well, shit, it looks like someone needs to have some balls over there. Do they not have the capacity to be self-sufficient enough to NOT rip people off?, apparently not. Alienation and all the rest stems from them and it’s blatantly obvious from the post (jealousy, hate and insecurity there), backward all the way. We can probably laugh a lot harder than they when we deposit our wages (earned, not stolen) into our accounts while they claim to earn their money by ripping “us” off and while faking their “Aloha” (I’ve actually come to loathe that word just based on what it truly represents by low life posts like this, what a shame) which just exposed “them” as the frauds, thieves and manipulators that they claim to be. No shame, no class, no decency. I’ve never seen so much fear of people as I’ve seen in and heard from them. I wanted to keep it tame, but when you can’t reason with or fix stupid, a little bit of fight ensues in me. As far as ECY, that’s a lost cause and a useless waste of time as is this other latest thing here too, undoubtedly. Well, lol – good night. It’s morning here though. zzzzzz

    • John says:

      You did see in the news recently korea launces ballistic missiles, ongoing issues with china’s breaches of trade agreements? How long do you really think it will be until the US is at war with at least one asian country? How much trust do you think the US military is going to have with all the haole hating locals on these islands? What do you think is going to happen to all those asian held coveted government jobs? Just wondering what all the locals have to back their entitlement to hawaii….. It certainly isn’t the respect of being part of the US unless of course they have their hand out for federal government money…. So you keep thinking about who will be leaving?

      • Fran says:

        Hey John,
        The last reply was for “Mike” as well. I’m with you and don’t feel confident that the existence there will improve much if at all, unless you can at least be a little secluded from … well, I’ll stop there.

      • John says:

        No worries Fran, I got who you were responding to. I do find it amusing with all that is going on politically & socially and all the current propaganda being published in media, the locals in hawaii seem to believe when shite hits the fan, they are somehow going to retain control of the islands, automatically receive trust with the reputation for hate of the whites are hey have made for themselves….

    • Fran says:

      Most people from the mainland I met in Hawaii were recruited by your state and some were strongly persuaded to relocate to Hawaii because the state was in major need of skilled professionals to assist several departments and businesses in getting up to speed with the demands of a much needed higher tech workforce that the local people were not adept to or prepared to manage or sustain with their current systems or management in place so there was and is much deficiency there. Also many construction jobs were/are in demand because locals in Hawaii could not perform and endure the job requirements necessary. Several employers were ill-equipped to put into place imperative measures or skilled employees that could get some jobs done (not all, I want to be clear on that) so if anything, I think the opposite is true for the most part as far as wages paid to mainland workers. They pretty much took advantage of opportunities in Hawaii offered to them (not sought after), yet not in any shape or form by way of thievery or trying to screw anyone over. They were fair, skilled, professional and very eager to help out graciously. Few wanted to stay long term due to family obligations and nice homes they had invested in so they were eager to return home to the mainland. Also, there was a handful of people I met from Chicago who relocated to Honolulu because they could not find work in or around Chicago, but definitely thrived in Hawaii with very few to no problems, if any.
      People I met in Hawaii from the mainland who left there (Hi) or planned on leaving did so because they either didn’t like it, had responsibilities awaiting them, etc. I never met a person who said they were leaving because they were defeated or depleted of money. Mostly I think they profitted from state and decided to move on for whatever reason(s). And those who have stayed, I applaud them for excelling and being where they choose to be. I think it’s very sad how many people struggle and are neglected in your state and a large majority are locals, not otherwise. I think you’re inflating your home state way too much; nevertheless I respect your pride, but please stop throwing stones. It’s not all that desirable to all people. I, myself, admit that I do miss some aspects of the island(s) and am very grateful I got to experience it (for a while).

      • My Truth says:

        Great comment Fran. You too, John.

        The truth is, this bozo is not Hawaiian, and not even local. He’s like Sgt. Hulka there, trying desperately to find an identity in Hawaii that will be acceptable to the vagrants who are from here. So don’t worry, he’s harmless. Lame, yes, but pretty harmless in his ignorance.

        Also, another drive by. Sheesh.


  5. My Truth says:

    OH BOY, do I have a story for you…later on today or tomorrow, when I have time – it’ll take awhile to type it out.

    Until then, let’s just say something happened today that confirms most, if not all of what I’ve been saying about shitbag locals…



    • John says:

      Gee lets see, the second police chief & wife are being investigated for corruption, as is the ethics committee…. Someone in the dostrict court has been stealing cheques & money orders people have sent in to pay tickets & cashing em through their hawaii state federal credit union account…. So far nothing on that investigation being done by the sheriff’s office …. Still no cases of the zeta virus, but hawaii is asking for more than Obama set to be spent nationally for research? Marines are busy adding to their helicopters et cetera…. The rail project has been broken into rail cars already graffitied and stuff ripped off lets not mention the rails pre bought are rusted out but according to the expert reviewed “rust is a protective coating?” LMDFAO CAN’t wait to read your post tonight ….

      • My Truth says:

        OK, so here goes. I’m going to give you the scenario, and let’s just say that I’m on Kauai this time…I’ll also change some identifiers, so the point of the story will be understood, but not necessarily the situation.

        So I’m at work today, and it just so happens that one of the local supervisors is working with me – I am a supervisor and we are the same level of position. I was given a tasker to write a three part report by the end of the day. I sought out and solicited help from this guy, whom I’ll call “Kimo.”

        There Kimo is, sitting at his desk, and I ask for his help. He tells me no – “Oh, no, I stay doing this…”

        I asked what he was working on.

        “Oh, I stay paying bills.”

        Paying bills. He’s not available to work while he’s on the clock – instead, he’s PAYING HIS FUCKING BILLS, and turning me down at the same time. I look at him incredulously, and say to him, “that’s not work – you’re going to leave me hanging to do this three part report while you do bills?” I was fuming – and he knew he was wrong. I continued, “Oh, OK, I understand, I’ll just go do this by myself, thanks a lot…”

        As I walked out of the room, he called back to me, saying, “Truth, come back, come back…” I called back saying I’d be working on the report. This is where it gets good.

        I was out in the back about five minutes later taking my afternoon break, and this shitbag comes out and starts giving me the tough local schtick. “Brah, we’re the same level, don’t get me wrong, don’t fucking talk me lidat…”

        I snapped. He knew it. He could immediately see it in my glazed over eyes, and his whole visage took on a very sheepish look. But he had pushed me too far. Look out Brah, you gon’ get one twenty years pent up angah…

        “Fuck you,” I said to him. He went from sheepish to surprised. This is where I saw I had him right where I wanted him.

        “FUCK. YOU,” I repeated, this time with gusto.

        I said a few more words to the effect of “leave me the fuck alone; I have work to do; I don’t have much time; and then, I left.” Then, I remembered he had asked for my assistance that very morning, and I had promised to help him on Wednesday.

        Kimo was in tow. I sat back down at my desk.

        “Truth, I’m sorry,” Kimo began, “I don’t wanna be like this…” Basically, I had that shitbag right where I wanted him. This little display of unprofessional, insulting, and childish behavior was going to cost him. He knew it.

        He jumped on his computer, all the while trying to chat it up with me; I told him not to talk to me, that I wanted to cool down. I cold-shouldered that fucker for the rest of the day, and he could feel it and openly displayed his little pansy tail between his legs. This is the kind of stuff that’s worth staying here just a little bit more.

        So, tomorrow, I’ll be going in and not saying one fucking word to Kimo. Around 10:00, he’ll sheepishly walk in and make like everything is alright, before asking me for my help. Will I? Maybe. Or, maybe I’ll just do the piece by myself, then give him a copy to follow – which he will NOT be able to do, with that stupid, wide-eyed, shit-eating grin on his face saying, “I no mo’ computah dakine. Skills lidat.” I reminded him of the fact that I’ve helped him quite a bit in the last several months, too.

        So, what do you think I should do?

        I’m going to relish reading John’s response, and anyone else’s who wants to join in.

        Nynite 😉

        My Truth

      • John says:

        I personally would do the work myself, since he was obviously to busy doing personal stuff on the clock to help you. Let kimo hit up is other local buddies to help him do his projects. It’s been my experience locals will be “nice” to you as long as they believe they can use you for something. As soon as you make it clear you are done with a one sided “friendship” I’ve found then you are and always have been the problem for not asking how high everytime they say jump. At school I got to when a teacher here said we were to work on a group project, I would just say I’d rather work on my own because I have no desire to do all the work, pay for all the supplies, only to share a grade with people who did nothing to earn it? Fuck him He’s supposed to be just as qualified as you holding getting paid for the same position. Let him shine in all his own glory for his own work.

      • My Truth says:

        He and his incompetent boss are sitting in each other’s laps blindly trying to somehow get this job done. I washed my hands.

        By the way Kimo, if you’re reading this, there are so, so many more things I know how to do competently that you never will. How does it feel to be as stupid and incompetent as you, with that scared, confused, lame, panicky look you have on your face, when you blather out “Ummmm, aaahhhhhh, I no mo’.”

        You stupid, ignorant son of a bitch dumb bastard!!!

        Go fuck yourself.

      • John says:

        Sadly it’s just expected for whitey to step up & do the work. But then be modest & to share the appreciation /praise for getting the work done with locals who have no clue to do their job?
        I got over that bullshite real quick. Then found locals who did shite work, were getting the same grades as those of us who actually put in time & effort?

      • My Truth says:

        I saw that in a college course here. They were letting students submit crumpled papers they wrote in class right there before class started.

        I called the teacher on it right in front of the whole class. Didn’t like that much.


      • lost kama'aina says:

        Oh god. Folks sorry i have say something. I don’t argue the corruption ok. But its interesting that people just are not awake enough to know that Hawaii politics especially honolulu hasn’t been local since “the big five” its owned now by international special interests. Any true local can see by the actions of our leaders in Hawaii today with rail, gentrafication, the rotting and crumbling of old hawaii monuments(outside of tourism) that the choices made don’t fall inline with our island traditional values. Sorry though i agree the corruption in police and the ethics committee is bad. Its an effect of big moneys corruption. The biggest curroption is HART rail. Gee cant anyone really see that its not about relieving traffic but a gift for future developers. It will increase the population, traffic and cost of living.

      • John says:

        Yes I would agree with you on that… Instead of protecting and restoring the islands it has become only about how much cash can be milked out before it is rendered useless. The islands should really be classified as a national preserve/ park. Closed to immigration.

  6. Fran says:

    None of these work or classroom scenarios is surprising to me since I’ve experienced similar ones myself. I guess it just stems from their lack of ability and laziness combined, but incredibly accepted by all those like-minded people who deep down know of their lack and insecurities so they can only get by through “turning the tables” tactics and screwing the actual professionals (do all and know how) over while claiming to the superior ones. They believe it’s their privilege and it is despicable. We just have to believe in karma to endure this crap sometimes.
    Happy 4th of July to you all! And God Bless America!

    • John says:

      So true Fran, Happy and safe 4th of july you & yours too! Funny, you certainly don’t hear them complainig about celebrating / the 4th by going to camp out in all the parks all damn weekend & leaving all their trash behind all over so their uncles can have government jobs to go pick up after them …or as It always seems to me…. Sitting in a government pay for truck doing nothing for at least four (4) hours wasting gas & getting paid for eight hours …. LoL

      • Fran says:

        Thanks John, I will. Ya, they’ve got nothing to complain about, only hatred to shed on “you know who” – word beginning with “W” + people 😉 – for no good reason(s). You guys crack me up!

      • My Truth says:

        How ’bout this for a 4th of July present:

        I’m leaving.

        Got a job offer on the mainland and I’m working out the details with HR. But I’d say I don’t have more than three months left on this one-horse shithole.

        Jealous, John? :):):)

        A VERY happy 4th, INDEED.

        MT 😉

      • John says:

        Yeah a little but happy for you for another move upward …. Hope you end up somewhere with bright days, clean water, and good people to share you & your lives! Happy 4th to you as well.

  7. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Congrats to MT on his release from this overpriced ghetto.
    As I’ve always thought; no one truly comes here to make it and few stay here for long.
    Most who come are connected with the federal government or have a short term working for a company as few here have the job skills fro the technical work that needs to get done.

    Of course it’s a haven for losers, drifters, runaways, and the workman’s comp crowd. An influx of shady oddballs and dysfunctional types who add nothing to the place.

    I as well am in the process of leaving by the end of the year. I won’t be coming back Just head over to Ala Moana Park today to reinforce why leaving is the right decision.

    • My Truth says:

      You know, ICU, just no reinforcement needed. I am so tired of mediocrity being the standard, it reminds me of a friend who once told me why I felt I didn’t fit in here.

      I was lamenting the problem with locals being so damned cold, and that I felt I wasn’t doing the right things.

      She stopped me in my tracks.

      “No, MT,” she reassured me, “it is not you that is the problem…they cannot hang with you.”

      I was puzzled. She continued.

      “The book, ‘Escape to Freedom’ speaks of those people who are not part of the masses, those who always look to each other for the answer – when in reality, no one in their group has it.” “You are a leader; you have the answers; you are not doing anything wrong – you are simply not one of them, not part of their flock, you are not a sheep huddling among other sheep.”

      From that day forward, I NEVER looked back. Anytime a local cold-shouldered me, I got it. They’re not strong enough to have ANY kind of affinity with me, because they cannot put together even one individualized, cogent, rational thought.

      Today, one of my supervisors slighted me by making a remark about “what some others would say about you – get the fuck out.” Initially, it bothered me, but then, after thinking it through, I said to myself, “No, he’s right.”

      I’ve been here too long – and locals will NEVER be on par with the kind of quality person I am. As a dog returns to his own vomit, so do local people to their pathetic lives, eeking out an existence, and blaming everyone around them for their shitty, meaningless lives.

      So, when I leave and the door hits me in the ass, I’ll just move on to my promotion, to affordable housing, to affordable food – and I’ll laugh all the way to the bank because of it. The state I’m going to has no income tax – or sales tax.

      And when I do leave, it will feel SO GOOD – and I hope the same is true for you, ICU and John.

      My Truth

      • Charles says:

        In a state full of Democrats, what would you expect?

      • Fran says:

        Hey MT – I haven’t been on site here for almost a week and WOW! – This is some news! Welcome back to the land of the free where people are authentic, have manners and are for the most part, kind at heart. Also, welcome back to dialog in complete sentences where people can actually communicate (yes, accents vary, but it’ll be such a welcoming change to be able to communicate and be understood without dumbfounded looks and major lack of understanding even the basics of English comprehension) and where cleanliness is encouraged and appreciated; hoarding is frowned upon and not tolerated. Congratulations to you!
        For me, I love my central AC, ice maker, state of the art microwave, pool, gym, laundry room in condo and laundry facility room for all those who don’t purchase for hookup in condo/apartment, bug control, beautiful landscaping and upkeep on property – all included in rent. – so very nice and spacious at half the cost (or less) of a rental dump in Hawaii and the air is clean without the stench of overly populated homeless people that Hawaii refuses to address.
        I am very happy for you.
        Charles – I’m with you – Carribbean for all tropical future vacations.

    • Charles says:

      I agree, there are no redeeming qualities in this place. I do not even understand why the tourists even come here! I spent my vacations in the carribbean before coming here and those islands were so much nicer. Locals even had decent places to live and the beaches and their parks were miles ahead of Hawaii in quality. Hawaii’s answer to the beach park is: “Brah, ets put em concrete pillas on de ground and neva fix dem bathrooms for dem haolies that pay off of my bills so me and de wif can live wit my mom and dad!”

      6 months left, I am glad that I live on base and never purchase anything off base because I do not want to pay a fucking cent in taxes to assist this broken state. My kids are home schooled as well because the system here is worse than Mississippi.

      • John says:

        Ph but didn’t the local pride swell with a sense of achievement in passing air conditioning for their run down portal schools…. And didn’t the aloha shone so brightly with inflated local bids in a price gouging war at the thought of government contract being paid to install it, leaving the kids to sit in sweat boxes for months longer while they look for a reasonable bids to do the job?

    • lost kama'aina says:

      Wow guys, guys your not paying attention. Please go look in youtube or other media and look at Hawai’i just 40 or 50 years ago. Compare life today with back then. Now look at the issues of the Homeless, Cost of living, Meth use and Education. Im not saying that Hawaii did not have its share of problems in the past it did. But life was safer, simpler, cheaper on the islands. What is different today then in the past? If you can spot it, you will have the answer to why Oahu stinks. Todays issues your talking about used to be called “mainland issues only”.

  8. ocelot says:

    Yeah Hawaii sucks

  9. Charles says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Today is the day that all of the locals claim their spot in a dirty and run down beach park a day in advance so they can cook food, drink beer, and drown each other in dirty water while watching a substandard fireworks show. The sad thing is that the majority of them have no idea what the holiday is for or even who the third president of the United States was. They are just happy to not have to be in their generational home sleeping with their girlfriend or wife with their mom and dad in the next room and their children on the floor in their room because they cannot afford to live on their own in this shithole. Also, paying too much for a crappy Toyota truck is a priority over saving for an overpriced wooden shack with no air conditioning or a garbage disposal.

    If the beaches are the redeeming factor for this place then why are they so small and shitty?

    What a fucking dump!

    • lost kama'aina says:


      RE: Fourth of july.

      Sir it appears to me that you need some more information regarding your comment so you can get a bigger picture view ok. Hawai’is major culture is asian. For generations except the last few years. The people of Hawai’i have celebrated chinese new year, fourth of july, new years with real fireworks and other traditional things. You want to know why “locals are sitting on the beach watching a crappy fireworks show?” Because stuff like lighting real fireworks and other traditional things have been banned or regulated. Why? Because people with money who move here don’t have enough patience to deal with the “noise” four nights a year and alot claim breathing issues because after we are done there is a fog of smoke that lingers on the island for hours. Not that im not compassionate but if you move to Hawai’i with breathing issues don’t you think its your responsibility to research that we have fireworks celebrations, vog from a volcano and heavy humidity at times?

      • John says:

        As you say, hawaii’s culture is asian… One would think if people choose to move to a new country for more opportunities/ a better life they would want to adapt / assimilate into the new country’s language, culture, mores, yet for some reason everyone in hawaii is supposed to try to assimilate into asian culture not american culture? Wonder how that’s going to turn out for locals when the US goes to war with china/korea in the near future?

  10. Fran says:

    OK, one more plus for living back on the mainland – People welcome and embrace diversity no matter what color you are, where you’re from or who you are – an unspoken peace among all that just exists here. I haven’t met one person here (mainland) who liked living in Hawaii; they hated it, they get it and got out.

    • John says:

      Hey Fran, just couldn’t find a little coarser rock salt to rub into my wounds?

    • lost kama'aina says:


      RE: OK, one more plus for living back on the mainland – People welcome and embrace diversity no matter what color you are.

      Aloha Fran.

      What to say about your comment? Hmmm fran it sounds like someone treatted you badly in Hawai’i and its clouding your awareness. I don’t argue that Hawai’i has some racist or small minded people. The world has them. But to say the mainland has diversity because there are minorities living in the mainland is bizzare. The mainland has really only one main culture and language. Thats western(white) not diverse. You look at pidgin english in Hawai’i. Its made up of all languages of the islands including english. Look at Hawai’i culture(not just say native hawaiian ok). Every culture that embraces the culture has its place.

      The problem i see from alot of people who move to Hawai’i sometimes they have difficult time not being a part of the whole because individualism is important in western society. Ideals of there “progress” works in the mainland but not on an island.

  11. Fran says:

    Oh hey, John,
    I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to and I’m happy that there are people like you/ us still living there and representing the fair and just way of life in paving a way and fighting for what’s right. To be honest, I do miss some people from there, the tropical vegetation and my daily routine. The posts were mainly intended to take a jab at the state and its people (as we often do) and serve as encouragement to MT, which he probably didn’t need to begin with. I always admire your tenacity and fight in dealing with the BS you and many of us have endured.

    • My Truth says:


      Oh I don’t know Fran, John was probably just messing with you there. I do appreciate your words of encouragement though, I’m excited as all get-out! Thanks!


    • John says:

      LMDFAO….. You know I’m just paying off my credit card debt & then My tired fat arse is outta here too…. I actually wouldn’t mind staying ’till we go to war with korea & china. To be able to see how much the attitude changes when they are affraid of the witch hunt that’s gonna go on. Be nice to see coveted, self important, entitled, government jobs filled with qualified, educated, competent mainland people ….

      • lost kama'aina says:


        RE: To be able to see how much the attitude changes when they are affraid of the witch hunt that’s gonna go on. Be nice to see coveted, self important, entitled, government jobs filled with qualified, educated, competent mainland people ….

        History repeats itself when we don’t learn from it. You should read about the internment of japanese americans in Hawai’i during WW2. Infact you should read all of Hawaii history to understand how attitudes of class supremacy or white male dominant society thinking really raises stink here in Hawai’i. Really honest the mainland and haole hate is minor compared to what mainland big money did to locals and Native Hawaiians. Im not supporting hate at any level but if you read the true history you will understand Hawai’i really well. Seriously rich haole communities have murdered locals in the past just on allegations. The Massie Trial is just the most popular incident.

        If your willing to expand your awareness?

      • John says:

        I’ve lived here for many years … Gone to school, dealt with the blank dead eyed stare / stink eye from asians/locals … I’ve lived with the “hawaiian culture” so when you try and sell me on “just allegations” I understand how hard it is as a white guy to get anything in writting from a “local” in a government office? I’ve dealt with the back stabing & corruption, being told in school hoale’s have no business living here… From asians…. In America? You might want to expand you understanding of defrauding the federal government/ the public. Misappropriation of funds. Also treasonous acts. You see I’ve lived here long enough I have have no sympathy/empathy for “locals”… Over the years I’ve aquired a substantial list of names, photos, paperwork of untrustworty, and people in government positions who feel that they are not subject to abide by federal laws …

  12. Ianmon says:

    Im born and raised in hawaii. Hawaii is the most caring and safest place to live in the world . And tbe idiot who wrote his comments needs cracks big time .ive been to and lived in the mainland continental united states for yeats and i always was home sick
    We dont have alot of dumbass idiot problems like mainland haole. Have . So if he dont love hawaii he is a damm fool.and we dont need or ignorant people here to visit

    • My Truth says:


      Go fuck yourself, you ignorant, classless, vagrant shitbag. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit here, so just take that “howzit” approach of yours and take a walk down to the “dakine Hawaii” blog. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

      • lost kama'aina says:

        @My Truth

        White supremacy much?

      • My Truth says:

        Oh Wise One:

        Before you come in here shooting your mouth off, try aiming that high-powered perception of yourself into reading a little. Just a little. It won’t take that much effort. Ask anyone on this board whether or not your accusation of me being a white supremacist holds any water. You’re more likely to get your ass handed to you there, keyboard warrior.

        You have a nice day.

      • John says:

        Hey MT,
        This guys busy trying to convince is all how grateful we should be living in America yet having to / getting the blessed opportunity to praise asian culture while being hated by the asian master race in our own country….. Yes we should want to love them long time being fake hawaiians blaming whitey for all the evils of the world…. Hahahahahaha

      • My Truth says:

        Yeah, the other thing? He’s trying too hard. Another wannabe local. Loser.

      • John says:

        Are you getting it all together & excited to get gone? My friends who moved back a bit ago sent me a pic of how many bags of food they could buy for fifty bucks at krogers compared to the bag they could buy here and bragged about how much better / fresher the produce is there…

      • My Truth says:

        Brother, you have no idea – and boy, do I have a story to tell once I get on the other side of the pond about something that happened – kind of a “farewell” between me and a Cro Magnon local – it couldn’t have gone more in my favor. They got verbally palm heeled in the face…local idiot and his woman. They knew they were wrong. More later when I settle.

        Thanks so much for checking in. Moving from Hawaii is like moving internationally.

        Chat soon.


    • John says:

      Lanmon, you are so right…. You don’t need any more stupid here. Stupid is beyond abundant in hawaii, only third to the laziness & incompetency.

      • lost kama'aina says:

        @My Truth, John

        History doesn’t lie and should we look at facts?

        1. U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country. We have more people in jail than any other country on Earth,”

        2. U.S ranks fourth in income inequality in the world.

        3. U.S ranks first in Wealth inequality.

        4. Los Angeles is ranked third, just behind second-ranked New York City in Highest homeless populations in any city in the world.

        5. The U.S. ranks fifth in spending per student, but the U.S. scores below average in math and ranks 17th among the 34 OECD countries. It scores close to the OECD average in science and reading and ranks 21st in science and 17th in reading.

        6. U.S ranks 5th in divorce rates.

        7. U.S ranks top 10 for single parent families.

        8. U.S ranks number one in illegal drug use.

        Should we go on? The point is your ideals of progress you bring to Hawai’i are lacking. Sure it makes alot of money. Which if you look at wealth in our country its really race based(White).

      • John says:

        Maybe you should move to china?

    • Fran says:

      Hey Ianmon –
      He’s a “damm” fool for not loving Hawaii. LOL, that’s really funny. You are where you belong and can’t identify or relate to much else, but have a good night. You think Hawaii cares about anything at all and is considered the safest place to live “in the world”. Wow! I wonder how many other places “in the world” you lived in to make such a dumb conclusion. I think you are blinded by your beloved Hawaii. The world doesn’t only consist of Hawaii and Las Vegas, NV – just a FYI for you. You’re so silly. Aloha!

    • Charles says:


      You are truly one and thank you for adding your ignorance and making it easy for us to illustrate how sad you pathetic existence is living in generational housing, voting for corrupt Democrats because you are an ignorant retard, and buying an expensive car or Tacoma to place in front of your parents home that lacks AC or a garbage disposal or even a garage. If you have a girlfriend or wife you likely reside in your childhood room next to your parents room with her. How pathetic right?! Vote for rail… Vote for the braddahs dat keep al ya if ignint n stupid. Please do not saw haolie… You are likely part of the Asians that the Hawaiian people decided to block from invading their land in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You are the worst example of how immigration ruins a native society. Close to no Polynesians exist here now because the Asian infestation. Being 20% “Hawaiian” is not redeeming… It just means that you are 80% Asian. Argue the facts please Mr. Ignorant… Defend the shitty roads and failing third world schools too.

      • My Truth says:

        Hi Charles,

        Totally agree!

        One thing you may want to know, though, is that most, if not all of us who post against Hawaii and its crooked ways generally remain politically-neutral – because we are a diverse bunch who really attack Hawaii based on locals’ actions versus political affiliation.

        Just my two cents. You have your points and they’re we’ll-made.


        My Truth

      • John says:

        Charles, have you no white guilt for the way we stole their land and distroyed their culture? LMDFAO oh, right you were talking about “locals/asians” the farm workers who believe some how coming to work on plantaions, roads and other grunt work somehow entitles them to someone elses land they worked on?

      • My Truth says:

        That’s “well made.” Phone auto correct…

      • Charles says:


        I simply think that it is ridiculous that some of the “locals” believe that Europeans destroyed their culture. The Hawaiians killed off their own culture by allowing the flood gates to open in regards to Asian migrant workers. Look at the population today…. Over 80% Asian! Less than 10% claim to be actual Polynesian (prob less than 50%) during the last census. True, many locals cannot read so who knows how many actually filled out a census but I am sure that many stay home during the week within their generational housing or public ally provided homes so the census might be right due to the fact that census door knockers might have reached them. Regardless “locals”, especially those that look Asian and have an Asian last name should never look at a person with European ancestry with any distain.



      • John says:

        Charles I completely agree with you on your points ( yes I was being sarcastic in my laat post to you ). When I put my home up for sale in seattle, I found it courious when several neighbours spproached me saying please don’t sell to asians. I’ve always lived in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods. So I didn’t see what it mattered who moved in … Untill they started coming to look and then coming back with more and more “family” to invest in the house together … Then I move here and see it up close and personal… You hear in local news house fire distroyed house all 28 residents got out safely? Seriously??? My house in seatle was 3k sq ft on half acre, I thought one other person in my place was a pain. Now I understand why my neighbours didn’t want the mess & decresed property values that come with that many people living in a single family home. They’re worse than roaches.

    • Charles says:


      Brah we den hav no problem lol de haole peeps because I be live on de mainland place for der long eh?! No dumbass problems? How about not being able to afford to live? How about you living with your mom post marriage and children? If you are well travelled (you are likely not or never left this shitty island) you will find that other US territories such as PR have 100K homes, a dollar menu, free amazon shipping, and 2.54 dollar gallons of milk (I just returned from a business trip from there). The problems that you have arise from the leftists that you keep stupidly electing. Brah!? I ain’t electing that haolie becuze they might make tings bettah! Fucking morons! I will move next year after making a six year profit off of my home that the Asians realtors push that will make the home that you could not afford just that more expensive. At least my children will be able to live in a nice area with a large yard and a nice school. Things that they cannot have here. This is truly a third world area that is one upped by a state like Mississippi!

  13. ICU8PUC2 says:

    What Lanmon fails to realize is that this is a place run by a Democratic Monarchy for the last 57 years. A dilapidated run down Banana Republic that is propped up by federal money. A boondoggle of welfare, greed, corruption, and incompetence. Lanmon also represents the quality of the public school system’s educating of people into generational dependency. His take is very lame and the same ole local mantra. Tell ya what Einstein, I pay taxes and own property and that gives me the right to say whatever I want. This place would be grand if we could get rid of all the locals.

    One other thing I want to discuss. The quality of food in eating establishments. How many of you no longer eat out due to high cost and low quality? It seems that if one is not paying lots of money, your essentially eating garbage that the locals think is top notch fare.

  14. My Truth says:



  15. My Truth says:

    So, I got bored and decided to come down to Ala Moana tonight…I wanted to eat at Sbarro’s because I hadn’t eaten there in quite awhile. After dinner, I wandered into the new area of the mall near Ben Bridge and Bloomingdale’s – you get the idea. It’s really beautiful what they’ve done to revitalize the place.

    Part of what they’ve done to make it nicer is the quality of the music played. When I was there, it was a sophisticated, beautifully played classical guitar piece. It matched perfectly with the surrounding decor.

    After about 30 minutes, I needed something from Long’s, and went inside. It was as if I had gotten hit square in the face with a palm heel.

    On their sound system, Longs had Braddah Iz singing his hit single, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” I felt nauseated. I got my stuff and left.

    This little detour confirmed to me what I’ve been feeling all along; and that is, I am so over this one-horse shithole, and I am so disgusted by the likes of fat-ass “Braddah Iz” and all his fucking pseudo-cousins.

    Seriously. This place is a fucking garbage dump. And I’ve done what I had to do, and now I’m leaving it for a much better standard of living and a raise.

    Keep it, Hawaii. You deserve this shithole.

    • John says:

      Truth, a stockbroker who lives in my current building phoned about chinese in the building next door dumping their shit on the street for pick up… Thing is they always bring it over to dump in frontvof our building/in the room our dumpster is in when you yell at em they of course don’t speak english. He said the same thing “can’t wait to get out of this shitehole”.

  16. My Truth says:

    “You don’t want to take advantage…”

    So I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, and a couple of local ladies are talking and won’t shut up. One lady says to the other the above quote.

    This is one of my favorites. They have no idea what the hell they are trying to say. None.

    What they mean is, “You don’t want to take it for granted,” but because just about every stupid local there is here in da islands can’t put together two brain cells to force out a cogent thought, they sit there and look, act, and sound what they really are – stupid.

    Time to go in!


    • John says:

      LMDFAO Island ebonics…. I do love to laugh. Coming from hillbilly roots I have seen it in the ignorant south way to often. It’s like a mad TV skit of ignorent people trying to use phrases & big words to seem intelligent & important? You even see it often on hawaii’s news. As far as being in a doctor’s office have you ever noticed how many support staff each doctor here need? My cousin is an office coordinator for three doctors, three nurse practitioners, two rn, and two assistants …. She is responsible for everything but payroll? She makes appointments, confirms them answers the phone, returns call with answers, helps with all the required coding she has learned throughout the years … One person, to do what three people here can’t get done? WTF

    • Fran says:

      Ah, yes, this brings me back to another unfavorable conformity of having lived there which was the “dummying down” as practically being a necessity and a compromise I don’t miss in order to communicate with locals there. I consider myself being of average intelligence (at best), yet soon realized upon arriving there and getting acclimated in the workforce, that I needed to stick to basic English language and dropping some of those words that were over 2 syllables long. Otherwise, I would receive looks of either dumbfoundedness or as if I was being an ***hole. LOL. It was so refreshing to encounter people from the mainland who could comprehend and communicate the English language. Even international people who had learned or were learning English as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language were so many steps ahead of those in Hawaii who were born and raised there as having English as the primary language (oops, Pidgin first I guess, English questionable). They really do sound so stupid and oppressive to the ears of anyone not from there, but hey, they like it and think it’s cool. It definitely wouldn’t go over well anywhere else so it’s a good thing they keep it in Hawaii.

      • John says:

        So damn true…. Sad but true… I love how the news broadcaster “got the call to come back home”…. Like so many other locals … Funny on the mainland when most people move to better themselves the last place they want to be is back where they came from…

  17. My Truth says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m headed into a busy time in my life where I’ll be moving, packing, and starting a graduate program all at the same time – oh, and I also work full-time, and have a part-time job : /

    So, I’ll have to take a little break from responding to the forum that we all have grown to feel like our own little family, sharing our pertinent experiences, shoving it right back into locals’ faces when necessary, and writing the occasional vent.

    John, Fran, Betty, ICU – all of you, and you know who you are – be well and keep fighting the good fight. I AM NOT LEAVING, but instead I’ll be below the radar, watching for the inevitable dust-up, and cheering you on. Oh, and if I feel like it, I may do the proverbial “drive-by-flaming” if it’s really something stuck in my craw, or if I feel like slamming some stupid local who comes in here shooting his or her mouth off.


    I will return – most likely once I’ve gotten settled into my new job and home in the lower 48 states(fuck “the mainland” – it’s not my term.) But it’ll probably be a few months before I can tell the difference between my ass and my elbow – this whole thing is going to be VERY upending – but also very, VERY good for me and my life. I hope you, if you’re still on-island, get the break you need to get off this one-horse shithole, too.

    So John, and all the rest, I leave the keys to you for now, but always remember: You are NOT alone – I will be cheering you from the bullpen, and if it gets to be heated, I may just make a foray in to help you quash any nitnoid shitbag, uneducated, pidgin-talking, “big body,” punk-ass local who thinks “dakine” is the end all, be all. FUCK. THEM.

    Idiot Locals: FUCK. YOU.

    My Truth

    • John says:

      Thank gawd I won’t have to break out Thelma Houston drag, & mirror ball and sing don’t leave me this way ……HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • My Truth says:

        Bust it out!!! Nothing like a little disco to brighten things up around here…

        You’re sucking me back in JOHN!!! (Remember that little gem? 🙂 )

        I almost had to choke someone today. Holy shit, if she were in front of me I would’ve jumped across the fucking table and choked the living shit out of her. I’m on the phone with answering service. I tell the lady, “The doctor will call you…”

        She says, “Well OK, he will probably call and then in the morning and…yada, yada, yada…

        And then, it hit me. She thought I was asking her a question in pidgin. I could’ve crawled through the fucking phone cable and strangled her proper.

        “NO,” I continued,







        You fucking classless, tasteless, turd.

        Does it make sense why I’m so happy to leave this shithole now?


    • Mytruthisamyopticegomaniac says:

      Wow get a life….. melodramatic much!
      Good Riddance.

      • My Truth says:

        Honey Girl?

        You DO know how to read, don’t you? Oh yeah, Hawaii ranks LAST out of ALL 50 states and territories when it comes to I.Q. Since I know you don’t know what that means, it stands for “Intelligence Quotient.”


      • Ausländer says:

        It’s spelled Myopic. Not “myoptic”. You just proved the point.

      • My Truth says:

        Nice catch, Ausländer. Typical response from a dirtbag local shoving their foot in their mouth.



      • John says:

        Butt-hurt much? We’re gonna forgive you because of the shape of you head … No go squat like a monkey & wait for your buss…

      • My Truth says:

        It’s, “Da Bus,” John, get your shit together.


      • John says:

        *** now go …. For da buss… I assume “da” classifies the level of intelligence?

      • My Truth says:

        Yes. It’s an indication their intellect is in the fucking toilet. Not surprising in shithole Hawaii…

      • John says:

        Blame it on no air conditioning/ destroyed desk /furnishings in the classrooms…. The fact kids from third world countries who have no classroom/ desk come to the mainland better educated than locals from hawaii… One of our own states.

      • My Truth says:

        Yeah, one of my favorite topics: “Locals Hating on Locals.” Bunch of fucking frauds. “The gift of Aloha,” my ass. They don’t even treat EACH OTHER that way, most of the time. Most are a bunch of self-centered, me-driven, stupid grin on their face IDIOTS.

        They don’t need my help to tear them down. They do that to each other very nicely, thank you…

      • Youguysaretoopathetic says:

        You are just as classless the very people you hate on. Wasted pieces flesh, you are insignificant and pathetic. Frauds everyone of you, with myopic eyes close you scream complaints that exsist in every state and government. Only here in Hawaii your American white arrogance isn’t tolerated. Not all whites are hated on in Hawaii…I meet an ex military woman who plays with the Royal Hawaiian Band. Just egotistical whites like yourselves who are uncomfortable with being in the minority.

        Now show me how uneducated You Are by screaming obscenities of the vulgarity, with low blows and assumptions. What a sad little men and woman the three of you are that after you leave horrible Hawaii that you are still going to make it a point to visit this page and comment. You are worst than the locals…..

      • My Truth says:


        Awwww, c’mon you guys, ya’ll leave Honey Girl and her pristine good- hearted local family alone…it hurts to be sucked back into a place like Hawaii Sucks where the bold truth is told!

        Actually, I find it interesting when locals find this site. I mean, REALLY, if it was THAT GOOD in Hawaii, why aren’t you spending all your time on a cultural “I Love Hawaii” blog?

        Because the truth is, you know as well as we do that Hawaii is a one-horse shithole, and that locals have ruined these islands WAY MORE than the big, bad white man EVER has.

        Now take your sob sorry and get the fuck out of here. You’re not wanted.

        Bye Honey Girl…

      • John says:

        He says while using internet, computer/phone while owning a car, TV, in their typical white mainland style home… And when they go to the frig for a beer or soft drink enjoying your status symbols, all the while hating whitie while couldn’t make it through a day without enjoying the benefits whitie has brought you… You probably even dress in white style cloths ?? Remind us what all hawaian locals have contributed to america? Go fuck youself.

      • My Truth says:


        As Honey Girl’s head explodes…

        Nice one, John.


      • John says:

        She’s probably under the impression everything that allows the life she lives as a proud self important local is mana from the gods… Even though identifies with being christian…. The very people they blame for the downfall of native hawaiian culture… Although she herself, asian or portaguese no tahitian king bloodline whatsoever.

      • My Truth says:

        Exactly! Just like all of them – a bunch of lowlifes who co-opt and steal everything but the banana leaf hat, and then look the other way and pretend like it always existed, all the while enjoying the benefits of the USEFULNESS of white INTELLECT!

        Fucking losers.

      • Mytruthisamyopticegomaniac says:

        Man….the two of you are soooo pathetic, broken scratched records repeatedly typing the same ill information over and over again(as in the u.s government provides funding for schools, schools across the nation are failing due to common core. Do some research oh that’s right you won’t because it would upset your bigoted ideology) . Angery white men with an inferiority complex all due because you were treated like a minority.
        Good back to the mainland to hatred, racism, division and chaos enjoy…you have been out of touch living here in Hawaii you have no clue what your walking into. Be ready to dodge bullets. Trust me just left to come here to relax from the violence.
        No one is going to scrap in the MAINLAND run your mouth to much to the wrong person and get shot.
        Enjoy your worthless….your so pathetic if you die I doubt anyone who mourn your passing for very long.

      • My Truth says:

        You don’t do English much, do you?

        By the way, the reason we keep repeating ourselves is because you thick-headed locals can’t get it through your fucking concrete skulls – You’re a bunch of one-dimensional, dead-end, shallow and vapid poor excuses for victims – CONSTANTLY playing the victim.

        I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about me. I’ve ruled your life for decades, lived a great life in Hawaii myself, and called all the balls and strikes. Go fuck yourself on the way out the door. I’ll come here whenever the fuck I want to shove a little truth into your fat, shitty, Portuguese sausage-stuffed face. Go to Zippy’s and have an Orange Bang on me.

        Fuck off…

      • John says:

        I guess we’ll all see how mich integrity you all have when we go to war with china & korea …. So hate whitey all you want we’ll gladly had you & your families over to the chinese where you’ll find your self important arses in chinese labor camps… But hey you won’t have whitey to deal with any more right? Good luck with that 🙂

      • John says:

        ***hand you and your….

  18. Fran says:

    Honey girl, etc.,
    You should first step off your island and experience at least one or two states in the north, south, east, west and central US by living in various areas before assuming that all US mainland is so horrific. The glory of coming from the mainland is that we’re able to adapt, well- educated, broadminded, versatile, etc which gives us the ability and opportunities to make choices in life. You couldn’t conceive of that vastness so you really haven’t much choice but to defend the only way of life that you and others know there. That’s ok for you, but I would give up all attempts to portray Hawaii as the greatest place on earth, Your posts hold no validity whatsoever in stating what you preach. Our comments, on the other hand, are very true, valid and have been backed up by facts repeatedly so thankfully we can see the absurdity and humor in your state, even as horrendous as it is. Life is short and wisdom comes from experience. Vandalism, theft, pit-bull owners raising “pets” to kill, gout, negligence of mankind, extreme fear of anyone unlike yourselves, houses built of cardboard, ignorance, lack of skilled workers, lack of respect and dignity for all humans, oh my- and the list goes on — are not prevalent or mainstream on mainland like in Hawaii. Yes there are problems here of course, but not nearly as many as you have there when you compare VAST to secluded little tiny dot(s) on the map comprising Hawaii. Give it up honey. We’ll continue to laugh and reflect as you continue to try to defend and promote your backward way of life. You should create your own blog doing just that. This site isn’t for you… just saying.

    • Mytruthisamyopticegomaniac says:

      Lol Man you really need a life…your life is so meaningless. It wouldn’t matter what state you live you would find reason to complain.
      Who cares if the local are uneducated, they a function within their means and life goes on in Hawaii…you are just upset because your input and opinions are not valued.
      You are not vauled in Hawaii your worthless, you are just a body taking up space. Repeating the same rhetoric phases over and over again with your lover John. The two of you need to stop French kissing and being secret lovers. Pathetic frightened middle age privilege Man syndrome has you acting like transgender sissies.

      • Mytruthisamyopticegomaniac says:

        Oh and by the way idiots I am from the mainland born and raised punks and No I have no desire to become a local, i enjoy being myself. You can’t even make a tangible argument, you’re beyond worthless.

      • John says:

        Laughable …. Keep talking your bullshite…. After a while you might convince yourself to believe it yourself.
        Good luck with the one sided “aloha” here.

      • My Truth says:

        Well, in that case, you’re a lame-o Hawaiian apologist. I think you’re in the wrong forum. Actually, I think you’re a fucking liar.

        Nobody from the mainland says they were “born and raised.”

        No, you’re a shitbag local who has to disguise yourself because as a local, nobody takes you seriously, listens to you, or holds anything you say to be in any way, shape, or form, as intelligent bY ANY MEANS . Nobody cares – you have been marginalized. Locals are stupid, uneducated, slow-on-the-draw nitwits who couldn’t tell their fucking ass from a hole in the ground. So you keep pretending you’re “not from Hawaii.” That’d be just fine by me.

        Piece of garbage.

      • John says:

        Looks like it won’t be long before a whole lotta locals with their self important, coveted government jobs are going be be supported by the government they’ve been fleecing in a very different way……
        “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

        (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

  19. Fran says:

    This is coming from someone who hasn’t yet hit puberty or maybe is in the midst of and who can’t stand the thought of “outsiders” being highly valued over some locals. We know that we’re valued anywhere. And we have nice lives too, thankfully. Those posts are laughable, especially considering the source(s).

    • John says:

      Hey Fran, either that or another illiterate thirty something hawaii college graduate, living in a three bedroom, one bath house with twenty six other people ….. Working a minimum wage job while striving to have all whitie’s status symbols. LMDFAO

  20. Fran says:

    That’s funny. I was thinking along those lines as far as being a possibility or probably. It’s tough to gauge there as growth can be often stunted. Have a nice weekend lover boy. LOL 😏

  21. Merp says:

    Let me tell you about Oahu…I look white but am hapa, I also have never been in a physical altercation & do not look like I desire to be in one. Today my friend & I drove down to where a trail head is on the north shore. We pulled over to the side of the road as I was showing her where we would walk to. We then turned around & drove back down the road because we were hungry. A white Tacoma pickup comes speeding down the road (she had to have passed several cars illegally) & swerves in front of us to cut us off. We ignored it because road rage is something that only gets you shot. Anyways, this truck starts driving really slowly but we still ignored it because we were too busy talking. When we got to a fork in the road, the truck stopped & the driver got behind us & started following us. When we pulled up to a stopsign (with several cars in a line) she pulls up on the side of the road & drives up to where we are waiting to turn. I had no idea what was going on, but there were 2 locals in the car, a girl driving & a guy in the passenger seat. She started asking if we had a problem. We said no because we sincerely did not. She then asks why we were staring them down. Wtf, we have never seen these people before. The guy asks if we were near the gate at the hike entrance. I said yes because I was showing my friend the trail head (I kind of remember seeing the truck driving through the gate but I wasn’t looking). The girl kept talking shit even though I told her we have no idea what she is talking about. Her response is to mimick me (I effing hate when people mimick me, are you 5?!) so I instantly tell her that this has been a strange interaction & roll up the window & we continue on our way. She would have followed us if the other cars had let her into the actual lane haha so many misbehaved fools here. Can we not look in the general direction of where your idiotic-foolish-asses are because it means we want to scrap? Get over yourselves!

    • My Truth says:

      Hey Merp

      Sorry about that, I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Everybody on Oahu is tough; some kind of bare-fisted Karate champion or Jiu Jutsu ground fighting prodigy. You sound like an intelligent guy. The truth is, those idiots have economically, educationally, and without an ounce of personal dignity painted their stupid asses into a corner – so, acting tough is all they’ve got. Read a couple pages back where some of us on this board handed them their ass when they came in here to try and do that shit via keyboard.

      You are welcome here. Nobody is going to threaten you – only support you, as long as you’ve got constructive things to say.

      One more thing: It’s not you, it’s them. They can’t hang with you. You’re better than them, and they know it. They’re nothing but a bunch of small-minded, small-playing, small-time, idiotic losers who play the victim and get as much as they can for free.

      Just know that you’re not alone – we’re here to support you, brother.

      My Truth

  22. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Merp’s interaction is all so typical here. It’s a culture of corruption and violence. They are not far removed from the natives who conquered the islands of the Pacific through barbarism at the point of a spear. To function here one must insulate themselves from the majority of the cerebrally deficient locals. Generational low achievement, welfare, substance abuse, and violence is the local way.
    I am one step closer to finally leaving here after a decade of observing the most over rated and dysfunctional place in this country. Hoping to be gone for a new opportunity by year’s end.

    • John says:

      Congrats to you I hope the move will bring you much success & happiness …. No where to go but up when you are moving from the bottom of the barrel right? Lol Paying off my little bit of debt so I can leave as I came paying cash for what I need /want … Down size to the point everything will fit in my truck bed with a top on it to ship. But must say wouldn’t mind being here when we go to war with china/korea to be able to point out a lotta people who shouldn’t be trusted by whites to turn their backs….. Be funny to see all the locals suddenly claiming to be americans … Especially those who have lived here 20 + years and still don’t speak english.

  23. Haoleguysortof says:

    Your blog is spot on. Hawaii is highly corrupt and mostly a ghetto. And the whole “Aloha” thing is B.S. (Sure the hotels like to have the hula girls say it, but if you look closely at their faces… they don’t mean it.) It’s sad. Because, it really has to do with the word “haole.” Although, it can mean “white person” or “someone lacking soul,” today it basically means “outsider.” There are not many places on the planet that have such a word and until they stop using it, they will never see themselves as part of a bigger picture. i was born in one of the most integrated and international cities on the planet and I have to say, when I came to Hawaii, I was shocked at how unwelcoming and small minded the population is in general. Instead of being intrigued about you or wanting to know anything about the world beyond the little rock in the Pacific they inhabit, the people here are just plain insecure and could care less. I literally miss my hometown that has so many different cultures to appreciate. The basic mentality here is all about what local high school you attended. (Not what college or what big aspirations you might have.) It really is a sad place. I actually feel compassion for the people here but mostly… I’m angered because they just WANT to remain in their little mentality.

    • My Truth says:

      Can I seriously buy you a drink?

    • Fran says:

      I agree with you 100%. It’s funny how you mentioned that the local adults there put so much status on which HS they attended. I always found that so strange too. Like, who gives a fuck, especially after several decades have past. I’m sure most people barely give their HS years a thought. You’re right, they certainly don’t want to progress and expand their mentality and it is sad and pathetic.

  24. David Lopez says:

    Im a mexican on the Big Island. I get so much hate from the locals. I can see how all yall others think its just something that is thrown out there but its the truth. Hell I came here because I was genuinely interested in hawaiian culture and this place but it is almost nothing like what you will read. Sure youll have those who really could care less where you’re from and stuff but theres a majority I’ve seen here on bI that just flat out hate you since you don’t look the local part.

    • My Truth says:


      You’re not alone and I’m with you, brother.

      We are of the brotherhood of the “less-thans” or the “non-locals” here in shitty Hawaii.

      They can have it.

      We have more heart, more intelligence, more passion, more to offer the world around us.

      You’re totally right.

      Most locals I know in Hawaii can go straight to Hell.

      Welcome aboard, brother, to this site. We’re here to help and support the outcasts such as you and I.

      My Truth

      • John says:

        I second that mouth-full

      • My Truth says:

        Hey John,

        I’m a short timer with only a few weeks left in this shithole. Right now I’m with a group of Cro Magnon’s who think Jawaiian is the best thing “since ever since ever.” I can’t wait to leave this streaming pile of shit.

      • John says:

        Last night around 11:30pm a group of monkeys were walking in the middle of the road, around the neighbourhood with some sorta boom box blaring the same thing with their nasty honey girls talking /laughing over the “music” doing cartwheels in the middle of the road as well… They started getting louder, and walking towards me on the sidewalk, till they noticed I was holding my dog back, when decided to take a little detour… So frick’in gross

    • John says:

      Yep David I know just what you’re saying … And gawd forbid you take the time & effort to clean up / inprove the integrity of the land

  25. truthnostranger says:

    I don’t know if he’s still around, but there used to be this big ugly kind of retarded guy (complete with a stupid looking ships Captains hat) that lurked around Kawui and rented kayaks with his wife called Captain Dick or Dave or something like that? Now there is your typical island fuckup right there.
    A transplant that suddenly thinks he
    is the chosen God of the North Shore, complete with a Tourette’s syndrome tic plus a generous helping of Klazomania for desert.
    Now this Fucking maniac will appear out of nowhere and scream (I MEAN SCREAM)
    at Touists for practically nothing. What a fucking that douche bag he is.

    This is the kind of freak that depends on tourist for a living but just can’t wait to try to scare the living Fuck out of them on his off time.
    It would be better for everyone if that guy was raced to the nearest nuthouse in a straitjacket, complete with a real (pedal to the burning rubber metal) fast Ambulance with sirens BLAIRING at full blast!

    • My Truth says:

      Yeah, typical local tough guy who has nothing but bluster. No intelligence, no leadership, no common sense.

      In short, a total fucking idiot.

      Spot on, man.

      My Truth

    • John says:

      That’s laughable, not so long ago someone visiting posted something much like you’ve described on Facebook, while discussing how rude people in hawaii are.

      • Truthnostranger says:

        Was it about that Captain (Dick head) Dave having a complete meltdown in the middle of the street again and causing people to run for cover,
        I wouldn’t be surprised because that
        freak will pop out of the bushes at the drop of a feather and (like big stupid ass dog) bark orders at tourists like some kind of emotionally handicapped and deranged X drill sergeant.

  26. Fran says:

    Wow, that’s crazy shit! Amazing he (it) keeps getting away with that menacing behavior. I think we all pretty much know that recurring, even frightening (to me anyway) public disturbances like that would never be accepted or tolerated in most places. The weirdo should be put in his place… wherever the heck that would be, [as one of you stated], in a strait jacket. Stories like that make me miss place that much less.

    • My Truth says:

      What that guy needs is to have his ass beat down by someone other than his racial background. Problem solved.

      Hi Fran! 🙂

      • Fran says:

        Hi MT,
        I totally agree with that,,, if only. Always refreshing to stay in touch with you, among others – best support system I could’ve hoped for while I was on Oahu.

      • My Truth says:

        Be gone in less than a month…on to bigger and better things. Thanks for checking in 😉


  27. lost kama'aina says:

    @My Truth, John

    When you continuely support ideals that maintain white male dominant society then what should one call you?


    My appoligies ok. The blog is weird. Missed alot of responses and its hard to follow, my post are everywhere on the page lol Sorry if i misjudged or misread you.

  28. lost kama'aina says:


    RE: I simply think that it is ridiculous that some of the “locals” believe that Europeans destroyed their culture. The Hawaiians killed off their own culture by allowing the flood gates to open in regards to Asian migrant workers. Look at the population today…. Over 80% Asian! Less than 10% claim to be actual Polynesian (prob less than 50%) during the last census. True, many locals cannot read so who knows how many actually filled out a census but I am sure that many stay home during the week within their generational housing or public ally provided homes so the census might be right due to the fact that census door knockers might have reached them. Regardless “locals”, especially those that look Asian and have an Asian last name should never look at a person with European ancestry with any distain.

    Aloha Charles,It wasnt the native hawaiians ok. The colonial powers brought the production of sugar for exportation and white plantation owners imported asian workers. Same ones who overthrew Hawaii.

    • John says:

      Oh yeah that’s right the hawaiians didn’t profit at all from the land traded /sold to whites…. You forget the natives wanted what the whites had to offer… And judging by the basic way people still live in hawaii using everything from cars, phones, computers, watches, electric, living in white man style houses, with air conditioning, refrigerators, drinking beer, soft drinks, even still wearing white mans style clothes …. yep while the white man is the root of all evil try and get through a week not using anything invented by white man

      • lost kama'aina says:

        Again john human nature is”the grass is aways greener on the otherside”. The point is every culture has positives and negatives. Yes western culture has great advances like technology, medical and wealth is also a byproduct. The setback is humanity and the loss of it. The Hawaiian culture and asian culture has more humanity. The problem isn’t really race based but one of culture. I don’t hate haole or technology. My issue in Hawaii is how outside money thinks and its ideals of “progress” and how it changes everything. Again john goto youtube and other media and look at how life was like just 40 years ago and compare it to today on the islands, its like night and day. I remember a Hawaii where you could leave your door unlocked. I remember a Hawaii where keiki could run around the islands safe. I remember when a condo rented for 400 instead of 2000. Just a few decades ago. Issues like homelessness, meth and road rage were “mainland issues”. We just had different problems. And yes aloha is real.

      • My Truth says:

        Yeah aloha is real.

        Real for locals. Bunch of hypocrites. Backstabbing hypocrites. By the way, how dare they say “aloha” is any more special than anyone else’s love. It’s special alright. You know that racism you speak of? Bingo. Aloha.

      • John says:

        Sorry you can’t say “hawaiians,asians” have more humanity or any better culture than whites. I grew up in dale hollow ky, fifty years ago we did’t lock doors either, times & peoples sense of right and wrong… Peoples sense of entitlement is new…
        Peoples sense of self respect, honesty& integrity sadly has lost value.

  29. lost kama'aina says:


    Aloha, history is your friend. The same group of american plantation owners who overthrew the hawaiian monarchy did so because the queen was going to enact a new constitution that would bring more power back to the citzens of the kingdom and not big plantation money that dominanted back then. Haole plantation owners seeing this was afraid of losing there investments and power called on the Unitted States representative to protect “U.S citzens interests” thus the invasion of US Marines and the overthrow of the queen. The safety commitee that deposed the queen and set up a new government to annex Hawaii were American and European citizens who were also Kingdom subjects.

    • johnny d. moore says:

      More power back to the citizens? That’s a laugh, the queen had full /complete power of all things, including who lived or died at whim? You know hawaii has been under U.S.control for a long time now…. Doubt it is going to change hands anytime soon….. There are plenty of islands in the pacific not under U.S. control… With little interference from the white man …. You might be happier there.

      Johnny d.

      • lost kama'aina says:

        @johnny d. moore

        Johnny you can’t think in the relm of a democracy system. Most people don’t know that the Hawaii kingdom was a constitutional monarchy. Obviously your ideals wasn’t the case. Look up the Bayonet Constitution. Further also read about Liliuokalani, the last and only Hawaiian Queen she was so loved by here people. Also read the The 1897 Petition Against the Annexation of Hawaii and other documents. As for my stance, im not pro or against hawaiian sovereignty. What i ask is people read the true history of Hawaii and all the shades of grey during the process of becoming a state and ask themselves “could hawaii have been taken by questionable means?” If so what would be the reasonable thing to do? Divorced from “national pride” or “personal profit”? The true ideal of democracy is justice, liberty etc.

      • John says:

        Because hawaii wasn’t taken by questionable means when Kamehameha, took over and declaired himself king? …. How about Tibet, was that taken over by questionable means? Oh that high standard of asian humanity…. I wasn’t part if the ugly past in hawaii …. But the current state of affairs doesn’t say much for the people

  30. lost kama'aina says:

    Here is an example of how international money dominates Hawaii politics ok. How haole thinking is messing up Hawaii. Traditionally Hawaii school year startted in september and went to june. Recently with the reforms in school testing on the mainland. Some mainland schools start early like in late july and early august. Now bear with me ok. In Hawaii july, august and september are the hotest months of the year. So in order to be more like the mainland some people not knowing hawaii and her unique issues decided to start the school year early in late july or early august. Here is what happened. Students startted having heat related illnesses. You see in the past we never had to build heat abatement stuff for our classrooms because we always startted in september which mainly had the last week or two of high heat. So now instead of saying this early school isnt working because we live on an tropical island. What do these haole do? They decide that the schools need a/c and heat abatement. To the tune of billions

    • Obvious... says:

      Ah…the traditional school year for decades was September till June on the mainland. HAWAII did not adopt that, it was like that BEFORE STATEHOOD! I don’t know where it went all stupid, but Hawaii is the dumbest of all. JULY….NOBODY ON THE MAINLAND STARTS IN JULY! These poor kids…in reality half a summer and gawd awful oppressive heat. Blame your mainly Asian school board, after all THEY NOT the “HAOLES” run everything stupid and bureaucratic in this lame state!

  31. blah blah blah says:

    You are so brilliant and full of –it. LOL!

    • lost kama'aina says:

      @blah blah blah

      RE: You are so brilliant and full of –it. LOL!

      Really? would you care to explain? I don’t have an issue of admitting im wrong if i am. HART rail is another mainland thinking ideal. An elevated track that goes 20 miles on an island 44 miles long, 30 miles wide? With only 7% of the population projected to use it. Then the cost could be 10 billion by the end? There was many more effective and cheaper ideals that got ignored because rail is about future development. You see its about outsiders not caring about Hawaii or taking the time to understand our home, thus haole.

  32. lost kama'aina says:


    Re: Sorry you can’t say “hawaiians,asians” have more humanity or any better culture than whites. I grew up in dale hollow ky, fifty years ago we did’t lock doors either, times & peoples sense of right and wrong… Peoples sense of entitlement is new…
    Peoples sense of self respect, honesty& integrity sadly has lost value.

    My point john isn’t to say we are better then you or our culture is better. My point is to point out that living on an island like Oahu being 44 miles long, 30 miles wide. The traditional values of local or native hawaiians fits better then Profit first or Individualism. We now have almost 1 million people now. I think people confuse local with geography rather then a subculture or a way of life. I speak of local values like ohana, community, pono, respect for our elders before self.

    Like i spoke to a malihini recently about how he should speak with his neighbors first about a dispute rather then just calling the police or his lawyer. The point right or wrong we live on an island.

  33. lost kama'aina says:


    RE: Because hawaii wasn’t taken by questionable means when Kamehameha, took over and declaired himself king? …. How about Tibet, was that taken over by questionable means? Oh that high standard of asian humanity…. I wasn’t part if the ugly past in hawaii …. But the current state of affairs doesn’t say much for the people

    John back in the time of Kamehameha it was considered the darkages of Hawaii history. The time of the hawaiian kingdom overthrow the world as a people formed international laws governing what is legal or not. Im no lawyer so i will stop there ok. I have heard arguments about everybody conquers everyone. Like the people of tahiti (Kamehameha ppl) overthrow the marquesas of Hawaii eliminating any claim they may have today. Im nobody so my opinion really doesn’t matter much. The pro hawaiian sovereignty movement international law argument appears to be “no treaty of annexation was signed with the true legal hawaiian government and the US government” this annexation was illegal.

  34. lost kama'aina says:

    to add john im just interested in justice, thats all. John you said “. I wasn’t part if the ugly past in hawaii …. But the current state of affairs doesn’t say much for the people”

    Well again i suggest that the current state of things is not a true testament of its people. Hawaii politics hasn’t been local since the “big five” ruled Hawaii. I once had a guy tell me that “olelo hawaiian” almost died in modern society because it wasn’t popular. I had to point out like the hula when the missionaries took over they outlawed the language as well. This almost eliminating any practice. In the 70s “olelo hawaiian” almost died. Had the outlawing never happened could we say the same? Don’t know but past and present are connected. Thank god in the 1970s there was a effort to revive the language and culture. I enjoy watching the hula and the language is gorgeous. I wasn’t part of the ugly in Hawaii but as a US citizen i benefited by it today. JMHO

    • John says:

      You must have mistaken the hawaii sucks site for the I know everything about everything about hawaii, & I love it so much I have to wear duct tape on my head to keep it from exploding site… Good luck spouting the same bullshite you have for years & when someone preaches aloha, anyone who has spent any time here knows they are the people looking to only receive due to their entitlement.

      • My Truth says:

        John, you nailed it. This guy can’t see the forest through the trees. I don’t even read 90 percent of what he writes. He’s got an ulterior motive – to show everyone just how great he is. He doesn’t want to converse – just argue. We’ve been through so many like him. From zero to he- oh, to zero again!

        Good call. This guy’s a phoney.

  35. lost kama'aina says:

    @My Truth

    Re: Aloha

    Love is love. Aloha is Hawaii law.

    • My Truth says:

      Yeah, well, you wouldn’t know it around here. Locals spout off about how great it is, then reserve it for their little cliques. I’d say aloha is more like a sham, and love is love.

  36. lost kama'aina says:


    RE: Maybe you should move to china?

    Lol, the fact that you don’t know we are living in china right now says how far off awareness is. Look at the stats i postted. I sometimes love people who get all “butt ugly” over those who burn the flag, like protecting the flag is protecting freedom and being a patriot! Of course lets ignore the founding principles of our country which the flag is suppose to represent, AUWE! Yes we don’t live in a Communist country but just as bad to liberty, freedom is a Aristocracy,Plutocracy and Corporatocracy country we are now. Like i said both our country now and Hawai’i are so far away from the founding principles or ideals it was. Can you guess why? Its the same principles that now made our country a Aristocracy,Plutocracy,Corporatocracy. The same ideals your pushing. When you think of true freedom and diversity dont you think cultural pluralism over Cultural assimilation? Why the push for only one language,culture or one way of thinking in our country?

    • John says:

      You should really seek out some one who cares /finds interest in your rhetoric.
      Here’s a clue, it aint me babe.

      • My Truth says:

        Two words: Word Salad

        Never have I seen someone say so much, to mean so little…

      • John says:


      • John says:

        Only in entitled hawaii… I go out to get onto my truck this morning to find some arsehole has put their throw away shite in the bed of my truck ….. Pathitic thing is it’s not the first time, or even the second time? This kind of bull has never happened to me on the mainland…. Guess I should expect it after when walking my dog at 4:30-5:00am and watching old locals/asians taking their trash & walking from their house and putting their trash in other peoples trash cans down the block…

    • Charles says:

      Dear Kamimukiainakuli,

      You are obviously a Democrat because you are local and your rhetoric suits the nature of being local. The only difference between China and Hawaii politically and culturally is the fact that Hawaii is an island. Third world ignorance (asians) controls the land and the party of slavery dominates your world. People continue to vote for people of the same ideology that continue to make things more expensive and horrible for the masses yet the masses still vote for the party of slavery in the majority. This place is such a fucking shithole yet so many people are so ok with it. I will never understand how people are ok with living in a substandard way over here when they could live like kings anywhere else in the country with the same salary. The beaches and houses are crap as well. The beaches are supposed to be the redeeming factor here yet the locals cannot keep a bathroom in one piece for a weekend. Enjoy your high taxes, horrible roads, terrible schools, small homes, expensive utilities,and all of the things that you dislike that you have voted for. If you replace a person that you dislike with a person that shares the same ideology, you simply perpetuated the problem. Hawaii in a nutshell….

  37. Fran says:

    Hawaii and all its people have no problem whatsoever accepting and spending money issued to your beloved (considered by few overall) “Aloha” state from federal funds by Haoles (mainly) and tourism income paid to you by “Haoles” (mainly). There’s more money paid-out from federal funding by all other states collectively in the US PAID TO Hawaii than any other state in the US, regardless of their individual states’ needs to improve their own economy. Is that fair… well, no, yet you continually “bite the hand that feeds you”. Jeez, I can’t count how many times I’ve used that expression on this blog.
    You hate, you blame, you condemn, you resent the very people who are most instrumental in your state’s sustenance… white people, not haoles. We don’t go around calling you foul names of contempt just because your culture differs from ours. I can appreciate your language and know translation of your charming Hawaiian nouns you utilize here on the blog as you profess to be a US citizen. Maybe you could omit the “haole” reference since we don’t take too kindly to name calling based on negative and hateful depictions of us and who we are.
    Thank you… aka, Mahaho. :/
    There seems to be a lack of sense, appreciation and justification on the part of Hawaii in general. I tend to attribute that to sheltered mentality, with all due respect – as you said – it is a small island(s).

    • lost kama'aina says:

      Aloha Malihini Wahine. E’Aloha Ahiahi.

      Fran there is a reason for what your saying ok. Its one thing to hate something to hate something, its another to know why things are the way they are ok. Lets look at Hawaii ok, its main economic market is tourism now. Ever wonder why? In the past Hawai’is main economic driver was agricultural. Do you know why its not agriculture anymore? It is not what you think. Ag was very profitable in Hawaii, look at Dole and C&H Sugar. The reason agriculture is no longer the driving force of Hawaii anymore is it wasn’t profitable enough for the corporations. Heres the kicker. Tourism is more profitable but half or 3/4 of its profits are going off island because mainland and international corporations own more then half of all hotels. You can pay a service based employment force alot cheaper then union agricultural workers(not talking plantation years). Further with the paradise tax and corrupt special interests government spending on welfare will be high so a few can get rich.

      • My Truth says:

        Oh Christ, it’s back.

        Fran: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It’s just not worth your time.

        Glad to hear from you 😉


      • lost kama'aina says:

        Also might i add that i can tell you haven’t spent alot of time in Hawaii or really understand its culture. I say this with no disrespect but i agree the word Haole can be a racist term. But in the true form it means anybody who is not from Hawaii(it doesn’t matter what race) or with no breath. I meant it as foriegner. We also have pidgin names for every race. Also its a right of passage or a hazing (in good spirit) that everyone makes fun of eachothers race.

      • My Truth says:

        Oh, really? I’ve been here over 30 years.

        Let’s call this disgusting word “haole” out for what it really means: “Nigger.”

        You are naive as fuck…

      • betty says:

        Corporations did not force your elected officials to sell your land by gun point, did they? The greedy local politicians sold you citizens out. They would rather sell the land for a big profit than sell it cheaper for agricultural purposes. Don’t blame those buying….blame those selling.

      • Charles says:


        Again, it is the big business man that is the problem not the corrupt party of slavery that you continue to vote for? It is everyone else’s fault. Hawaii is a poor victim to the offshore interests that leaves the locals behind because they deserve high paying union jobs that rob the others of their salaries whenever they go on strike. Profit is an evil word if you are not a part of it. Revenue is not a bad word to you at all because confiscation is ok with you as long as it is redeeming. what a horrible, ignorant shithole this place is. I cannot wait for my six figure contract to run out so I can get the fuck out of here!

  38. lost kama'aina says:

    @My Truth

    RE: Fran: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It’s just not worth your time.

    Glad to hear from you

    Really. You know if you just want to hate to hate then ok. I will go. I just assumed you were an intelligent person. Like i said its one thing to hate something just to hate it. Its another to know why the things are the way they are first.

    Im not here for my personal glory. Very little glory in being anonymous. Im here because i truely care about my home, im kama’aina. Also i know alot about our home but also know little.

    • My Truth says:

      Ah, no, Lost Kama’aina, I don’t hate you.

      You don’t seem to quite understand: This is not the Kama’aina blog. This is the “Hawaii Sucks” blog. You don’t fit. Go down the hall and two doors down on the left.

      I got nothing against you, but we don’t want to hear your preaching. You love Hawaii. You love the culture. You want to be like locals and Hawaiians. Fine. But don’t do it here. You’re in the wrong place.

      Not to mention, you have a bit of a lost soul. Try connecting to your own roots instead of trying to be something you aren’t.


  39. lost kama'aina says:

    @My Truth

    RE: Oh, really? I’ve been here over 30 years.

    Let’s call this disgusting word “haole” out for what it really means: “Nigger.”

    You are naive as fuck…

    Really? I was born here, went to public school here when people practiced “kill haole day” ok. Do you remember those days? So who is older then who?

    Really, then does buk buk, katonk, pake, popolo, potagee, yobo all mean “nigger” too?

    See this is what im saying. Grantted its shameful how some just judge people by the color of ones skin in Hawaii. It happens. But its another to just look at things at surface level. You can live in Hawaii for fifty years and not know more then surface level. Bruddah and you are my bruddah im not here to compete with you ok. I don’t need to be da moke k.

    • My Truth says:


      Good for you, you were born here. Most folks in Hawaii think that makes them extra-special.

      I got news for you, too – “local haole’s” aren’t accepted either. Say, do, think, what you want – but Hawaii is about as difficult to figure out as a word search puzzle.

      And sheesh, please stop talking pidgin. It doesn’t make you look any smarter – or more local.

  40. betty says:


  41. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Inching closer to Departure. Job offer…. but must get through all the paperwork and red tape. I could not imagine living through the debacle that will be if the rail makes it through town coupled with the yearly cost to taxpayers to fund it…. It has become like Alcatraz and so tired about the triviality here like celebrating an opening of a new supermarket at Ala Moana as if the Pope is coming.

    • My Truth says:

      I just moved this week. You will NOT regret it. I felt instantaneous relief and awe at the beauty of my surroundings. I feel like an American again.



      • ICU8PUC2 says:

        Congrats MT! What city?
        Hawaii will make even small markets around the United States feel like modern cities with paved roads and normalcy……

      • My Truth says:

        I won’t say what city just now because I’ve said a lot on this blog and want to remain anonymous. But let’s just say, ICU, that your assessment is EXACTLY RIGHT. From the time I landed until now, I’ve felt nothing but relief and gratitude for making this move. My Dad has said he was proud of me several times – a rarity for him to describe it that way. This is right, it’s great, and it’s wonderful. Work through that red tape ICU, work through that red tape…let us know how things are going!

        My Truth

      • Fran says:

        Welcome back to the land of the free and the home of the brave MT! I know that feeling, after only 2 years or so. Also wishing ICU a very soon to be transition back to mainland America.

      • My Truth says:

        Thanks Fran :):):)

        John had it right. Every single time he’s said how backwards Hawaii is, he’s right.

        Here’s a little clue for anyone wanting to know: Hawaii isn’t fucked up because of outsiders, Hawaii is fucked up because of its own people, and you know what? They can have their little incestuous, backstabbing, one-horse shithole lock, stock, and barrel. It’s like a kid ruining the game by destroying it BECAUSE HE’S LOSING.


        The relief I feel already – I just can’t describe enough how relieved I am. You will be, too, ICU and John. You will be, too.



  42. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Understood…..and good luck……I’m a 9 year survivor
    I am looking for that sense of relief and gratitude as well…..
    Most on the Mainland cannot fathom the low level of quality of life on a daily basis even if you live in a nice area…… btw: The new International Market Place is all high end shops and restaurants…..just another shiv in the back of the typical local as another place they are priced out of…..just stay in your carports and grill some Kalbi my dog could barely chew through
    The red tape is just arduous as the job is mine….will take a few months due to the complexity of my profession…….

  43. James West says:

    I spent three years in Hawaii during the 1970s when I was in the Army. Doesn’t sound like much has changed…. If you were white and in the military you were a piece of shit. Ive never had the desire to go back…

    • My Truth says:


      You’re not alone and what you say is still true.

      Welcome to the board

      My Truth

    • John says:

      Hey james welcome … Yep still the same as when you were here … Maybe dirtier, and more people who don’t speak english to give ya stink eye for having the audacity to be white and living in their country….LOL
      I knew a james west when I lived in venice beach ….

  44. Anonymous says:

    ou are obviously a Democrat because you are local and your rhetoric suits the nature of being local. The only difference between China and Hawaii politically and culturally is the fact that Hawaii is an island. Third world ignorance (asians) controls the land and the party of slavery dominates your world. People continue to vote for people of the same ideology that continue to make things more expensive and horrible for the masses yet the masses still vote for the party of slavery in the majority. This place is such a fucking shithole yet so many people are so ok with it. I will never understand how people are ok with living in a substandard way over here when they could live like kings anywhere else in the country with the same salary. The beaches and houses are crap as well. The beaches are supposed to be the redeeming factor here yet the locals cannot keep a bathroom in one piece for a weekend. Enjoy your high taxes, horrible roads, terrible schools, small homes, expensive utilities,and all of the things that you dislike that you have voted for. If you replace a person that you dislike with a person that shares the same ideology, you simply perpetuated the problem. Hawaii in a nutshell….

    • My Truth says:

      Hey Anon,

      Great post! Factually correct and very much on-point.

      However, I should like to point out that our longstanding tradition here on the blog (I am not the owner) is to remain politically neutral since posters on this blog have not formally declared their affiliation – and most of us like it that way.

      Most of us deal with behaviors, not just political affiliation.

      Notwithstanding the above, I certainly welcome you to the board!

      My Truth

      • Marvin gardens says:


        Politics = the problems here. You cannot separate politics and why things are so horrible on the west coast and in this place. Understanding that is the first step, not looking at the ignorance of the voters. The individuals in California and Washington state are just as stupid as the Hawaii locals!

      • My Truth says:

        My statement was about how our little group here on the board likes to run things – and that’s without flaming someone for their implied political affiliation. Had nothing to do with politics and its affect on the islands…read it again…

      • John says:

        Seriously? Washington, Oregon, & California have a hellava lot of highly educated people… Nothing like the amount of self entitled stupid in hawaii

    • John says:

      Welcome Anonymous, you’ve hit thecnail on the head….. Of course in so many cases here when ever there is an issue /confrontation of any sort, you get the play dumb to everything, with a dead eyed blank stare … And you’ll never get a local to sign anything confirming a conversation or receipt of documentation that might expose just how corrupt they are..

      • Anonymous says:


        In all of my travels, I have never seen politicians that are elected under the premise of being for the people work so hard against the collective. Sure, some of the “people” receive lucrative jobs as a dock worker or a public sector union… but the rest of the people that are not making those wages are then forced to pay a large sum out of their pockets to support those few.

        “Paradise Tax”

        This is yet another scheme that I loath. A 4K TV and a MacBook cost the same or less than anywhere on the mainland yet the essentials are overpriced. Why is chicken almost twice the price of comparable products on the mainland when they are running around the fucking island? In the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico the cost of living is much less and the cost of food is comparable to the mainland… enough said.

        My six figure contract will be up soon and I will never return to this shithole.

      • John says:

        Yes I agree, I just can’t undrstand how the people here don’t see or understand what goes on. Then again I’ve never lived anywhere where there is so much crime with so little results from the cops that people just stop reporting it … Yeah hawaii is very low on crime…. Reported crime that is … Even have had someone at the district court steal my payment sent in and alter it and deposit it into a personal account …. The US really needs to make tighter restrictions / eliminate immigration & land / business purchases from asian countries …. They don’t come to assimalate into amreican culture they expect us to assimilate into their culture.

  45. My Truth says:

    Hawaiian Punch.

    Now, there is some culturally misappropriated shit for you, yeah! Look at the guy on the label, I mean, doesn’t that pretty much say it all??? Look at him. That is one stupid person.

    But man, is that some awesome tasting punch! I mean, look, I can remember standing inside our family camper in 1972 in the middle of the night, with the fridge open and a shirt completely covered in Hawaiian Punch. Back then, it was in those huge metal cans, you know, the ones that opened up with those V-Type can openers – you incised opposite sides of the top of the can lid, and poured it out that way. I was 2 years old then.

    It’s a long time ago, and who knows, maybe there’s some weird “full circle” thing about me loving Hawaiian Punch so much that I’d pour it down the front of my shirt to taste a little and how I’ve left for good after nearly three decades of living there. Who knows? I really don’t – nor do I really care.

    In recent months, I moved away from Hawaii. I left there, and am now building a new life in a small town, within striking distance of a big city – just how I like it.

    But I can’t believe how happy I am. The truth is, me staying in Hawaii as long as I did cost me something. It cost me a lot. When I first arrived in my new town and job, within a week’s time, I said to my father, “Dad, I feel like an American again.” It was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever felt, and it continues to deepen – my sense of gratitude, my patriotic pride, and the most amazing feelings of abundance. Just today, walking through the supermarket, all I could feel was a feeling of ABUNDANCE. You couldn’t wipe that smile off my face if you wanted to. I realized just how happy affordable abundance can make a person feel.

    Contrast that with stingy Hawaii. Stingy with “aloha,” stingy with portions of food and the astronomical prices people have to pay for them. Stingy with space – all around you. The parking spaces are smaller; the living spaces are smaller; the roads are smaller; and yes, the minds are smaller.

    If you’re one who has moved to Hawaii and regretted it, do what you can to move on. Come on back to the States – what is awaiting you here is happiness, abundance, a non-judgmental air, and an opportunity to flourish the way you were meant to.

    Most of the people in Hawaii won’t ever see the other side of things. They’ll just continue to view things through their one-way, narrow-minded approach. I have seen the difference. I have seen what staying in Hawaii too long took from me; what it stole from me.

    I live in a house with a yard and a garage on a street big enough for three lanes. I work with people who judge me ONLY on the merits of my skills, knowledge, and abilities – and the relationships I cultivate. I am at ease, and am INCREDIBLY thankful for the little things in life, once again. And, now that I’ve left Hawaii, I’ve seen the person I was when I was there, and that was an unhappy, wistful, and quite frankly, one whose identity had been diluted. Not anymore though.

    Those of you who want to leave, do it. Make a plan. Know that there are others like you who were tricked into thinking Hawaii had a better life awaiting you. Not true. It’s here, in the States.

    No, Hawaii is best left to its own demise. The handouts and bruised egos will continue to rule the Islands, and good for them. All the more for us – and they’ll never know what they missed.

    I’ll be by the blog here occasionally, like Fran, Betty, and some of the others. But, truth be told, I am so happy to be away from Hawaii, I really could care less about talking about it. The only reason I’ll be back is to support a fellow poster, or to staunchly defend my position, which, if you know me, I’d say I’ve pretty much written all there is to say by now.

    Beyond all that, this blog serves a very important purpose. It basically gave me a place to put my anger, and to tell the unbridled truth – my truth. Anyone who has anything to say otherwise will more than likely get an earful –

    and they won’t even know what hit them…

    My Truth

    • John says:

      Truth, congrats! So happy to hear you are happy, comfortable, and sounds like flourishing as you are meant to. Hope your family is also appreciating the change, and the amazing opportunities that await in you futures. All the best, thanks for always being there for all of us.

      • My Truth says:

        Thanks John!

        You haven’t gotten rid of me just yet 😉

        I got this thing on speed dial, and if need be, I WILL be commenting and available to “assist” where necessary. Love to slam me some shitbag locals.

        Hey, thanks for the nice words and encouragement! I’m still here John – just not totally and completely fucking miserable because of some low-brow, low-wit miscreant who has no fucking idea what the world is like outside of “dakine Hawaii.”

        Chat soon 😉

        My Truth


    ALL you Fucking dumb asses on this bloggggggggg! If you no like Hawaii, then FUCKING LEAVE! You talk about us locals like we really care about your Fucked us opinions, but when your on vacation on our Island, YES, think about it, your WIFE, Girlfriend, Daughter and even Grandma is either FUCKING a Hawaiian Boy or Fantasizing about one while your Fucking her. Who ever this IDIOT who started this Blog, come say what your saying to a bench full with Local Boys and see how you leave! You guaranty wouldn’t be walking away, maybe left snoring on the grass. IF YOU HATE HAWAII and LOCALS THEN DON’T COME HERE! Every WHITE PERSON wants to visit Hawaii, why you ask? TO GET FUCKED BY A LOCAL (HAWAIIAN) BOY & even a REAL MAN! Specialty Military Wife’s, YAH that’s right, when your deployed, THEIR FUCKING HAWAIIAN COCK, if not BLACK because HA’OLE’S get small DICKS….

    • My Truth says:

      Oh, hey there, Dumbass, thanks for stopping by.

      I think we can all see what Mr. PissedoffHawaiian brings to the table. He’s a poor, disenfranchised, uneducated “tough guy” who thinks we all give a fuck about him coming here.

      Here’s a question for you, genius: When you type in “Hawaii Sucks” into ANY browser, THIS site comes up first! So let me ask you, why do YOU think Hawaii sucks? Is it because locals all get the shit jobs, because they’re stupid? Or is it more like you just got your ASS handed to you on a silver platter?

      But OHHHHH NOOOOOO, Mr. Chip-on-his-shoulder wants to beat everybody up now? Well let me tell you, Mr. Toughguy, from my experience, local’s aren’t as tough as they say they are. In fact, I’ve seen more get their ass beat than not. But it’s OK, you go ahead and keep thinking everyone born in Hawaii is some kind of champion bare-knuckle prize fighter, because that definitely gives non-locals an advantage when you show up shooting off your mouth. Kind of like that Kollin Elderts idiot.

      You’re a real tough guy coming in here and talking like that about women. What a fucking loser. The angry, disenfranchised, minimum wage local’s blog is down the hall, to your left, you fucking shitbag local…

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

      • John says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah I read through that low brow shite too ….funny though my experience with big mouth local trash is they are usually the ones grabbing their ankles begging for white dick…. Didn’t think this dick breathed local even deserved a reply…. But Had a good chuckle reading your reply to her…

    • Charles says:

      Hello upset person,

      How do you feel about your schools?
      How do you feel about your roads?
      How do you like extremely high utility rates?
      How do you feel about paying too much for crappy real EA state?

      Answer these questions and please describe why you still vote democrap!

    • Rachel says:

      I dated a Hawaiian man and part Filipino. His penis was very small (like that of a little boy’s). Needless to say, I’ve since returned to the white man and been very satisfied ever since. So you’re all wrong on that front, among many others.

    • Realist! says:

      Jesus H. Christ…Stop with the NO LIKE, NO CAN!!!!!!!Do you all know how fucking stupid and illiterate you sound? Apparently not, been going on forever!!!!

  47. ICU8PUC2 says:

    Rachel may have had the best take ever! The White Man brings the Heavy Iron!
    I am almost done here on this racially biased dump that hides under the pretense of diversity. Just a few more things to wait for and I will depart this dump forever and send a very warm ALOHA HARD to all! Rachel just melted my heart away….

    • My Truth says:

      SINCE I’ve started my new job, bought a car, and rented a house, and finally receiving my household goods, I will certify to you that YOU WILL NOT REGRET LEAVING HAWAII. I know I have alluded to this before, but this is the real-deal.

      I have been HAPPIER than I have been in YEARS!!!

      Keep plugging away ICU. We’ll welcome you back to America once you take the plunge – and after you leave that one-horse shithole of a cesspool, I guarantee you, you will NEVER look back!

      Godspeed and safe travels…

      My Truth

    • Fran says:

      Well, it is what it is…. or it is what it isn’t. LOL. Thanks Rachel for setting the record straight. I wish you the best ICU and God Bless America. That’s how I feel right now and also…. thank God for the white men…. right Rachel, and I too, get that (been there with one, same heritage). another lol.

    • da dude says:


      Diversity in adumpa means which Asian you are connected with. The Hawaiian leaders sold this place down the river for profit. Asians sckrewed this place over… and they are the ones calling white people haole yet the white people made it possible for their roach asses to be here instead of make no my new iPhone or tube socks in asia!

  48. John Daly says:

    I’ve been to Hawaii twice and I actually liked it, but it was Maui. I was sheltered from much of the BS, but I do remember being asked if I was a local whenever I bought something. Locals pay less than tourists or even resident caucasians.

    “Native Hawaiians” are often racist. Look at what they did to Captain Cook. Why did they murder him and attack the British? One of the British crew members died, revealing that they were mortal, and not gods. So they attacked the British and murdered Captain Cook. From the get-go, “Hawaiians” have been racist toward white people — the people who built roads, schools, hospitals, airports, shipping ports and brought them into the 20th century. The ones who cured diseases and drastically lowered the infant mortality rate. No thanks at all… Just a lot of mistrust and hatred.

    The U.S. made them a bonafide STATE, unlike Peurto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. We’ve bent over backwards for the Hawaiians, only to be accused of being exploitative colonists. Yes, we wanted a base in the Pacific, but it’s a bit far off to say we have exploited Hawaii for natural resources. It’s the other way around. Hawaii is dependent on the mainland for imports. Where do they get gas for their cars? Not from Hawaii. Nonetheless, visitors and even caucasian residents in Hawaii are treated quite poorly.

    Let’s get something straight – Hawaiian is not a race. The term designates being from Hawaii, just like Texan means you are from Texas. The indigenous Hawaiians are Polynesians. The Asians and Samoans who lived there are NOT indigenous. “Hawaiian” has come to mean a race, but it’s not.

    I live in a part of the SF Bay Area that has a fairly large Hawaiian population, and it has changed my opinion of Hawaiians. I live in a densely populated community. Apart from the Hawaiians who live here, everyone is quiet. There are two Hawaiian families who don’t seem to know how to tell time or don’t care. One family hangs out on their patio watching sports and screaming, often until past midnight. It goes on for hours and happens at least 4 days a week. I mean, they have 12 hour long parties with screaming and shouting 4 days a week!!! The other family also makes a lot of noise and they never sleep. I have a strong feeling they are methamphetamine users. Their 20-something year old son blabs on the phone for 18 hours a day, and when he’s not doing that, he’s playing video games. How do I know this? Because I hear it 24/7. They “live out loud” — very loud.

    Not all Hawaiians are bad people, but I have to wonder why, in a condo complex with maybe 2000 residents, it is two Hawaiian families that prevent people from getting a good night’s rest. I now have to sleep with earplugs, thanks to these jerks. It’s not comfortable, but what choice do I have?

    Look at Barack Obama. Whether you like him or not, he’s an accomplished man. Look at what he was doing in Hawaii — smoking weed and bumming around. He admits it was a filthy habit. My point here is not that there is something wrong with the “Hawaiian” race, because there is no Hawaiian race, just like there is no Texan or Californian race. My point is, even a “black” guy like Barack Obama succumbs to being a bum in Hawaii. It’s the culture. I’m sure even caucasian people who have grown up in Hawaii take on these characteristics. It has nothing to do with race. It’s what Hawaii does to people.

    According to the Washington Post, Hawaii is the stupidest state in the US — lowest IQ, SAT, ACT scores and least academic achievement. Adam Carolla was banned from Hawaii for pointing out that Hawaiians haven’t made any contribution to science. I’m sure if you dig enough, you may find a few. Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel” argument seems applicable here. Hawaiians have never had a need to be industrious. They live in a paradise where food is plentiful and there’s not much need for sturdy shelter. At most, you have to keep dry, but you’re not going to freeze to death or starve over the winter in Hawaii.

    Whatever the reason, I have to admit, I’m not terribly fond of Hawaiians right now. I don’t mind if people live irresponsible lifestyles, but 10pm – 7am is STFU time in every municipality. It’s only the Hawaiians who live in my community that don’t get it. Well, two Hawaiian families. There are more here who are decent people. But the point is, out of all the ethnicities that live here (Eastern Europeans, Asians, African Americans, Latinos) the only people who make a ruckus, night after night, are Hawaiians. It’s not all Hawaiians that do this, but the only people who do it are Hawaiians. It’s like they can’t watch sports without shouting at every moment. Everyone else here watches sports, and they seem to contain themselves. There are lots of people who talk on the phone, but not a lot who do it 18 hours a day, or do it very loudly on their balcony from midnight to 4am, night after night after night.

    So yeah, I don’t really like Hawaiians that much. Sorry that a few of them ruined it for me, but I also know about the ridiculous meth problem, hatred of white people, teenage pregnancy, prevalence of STDs, etc. For some reason, it’s OK to make fun of rednecks for these same reasons. I’d rather live with a bunch of rednecks than Hawaiians, any day. They’re actually a bit less racist and rowdy.

    For all the good the U.S. has done, Hawaiians have absolutely no appreciation for it. It’s as if they thought they were better off wearing grass and leaves, dying of curable diseases and using their feet or outrigger canoes for transportation. Not only are they not thankful, but they are hateful and blame Americans, particularly caucasians, for all their woes. Caucasians Americans are not forcing Hawaiians to hit the meth pipe (that comes from Asian gangs) or have unprotected sex (starting at 12 years old). It’s blame shifting. I find that the family that lives near me does that a lot. It’s almost like culturally instituted narcissistic sociopathy.

    I actually wouldn’t mind going to Maui on vacation. But I would stick to the tourist spots. I remember going to a luau and the entertainers were blatantly making fun of the white tourists. Yeah, the same people who put money in their economy. I’ve never seen any other place in the world that treats tourists so poorly. If you stick to Maui and don’t go too local, it’s enjoyable.

    • John says:

      To many other tropical places much less expensive, where the people are kind & nice and outside the tourist areas don’t look like third world asian ghettos

    • Most of these people bitching about white people in Hawaii are usually not even native Hawaiian, but angry, unintelligent Asian folk with a tinge of Hawaiian/Polynesian blood in them.

  49. Kaikahoalii says:

    If you look up why we have “pidgin English”
    Is because it derives from our Hawaiian language. Something that’s vital to our culture.
    Something you don’t know about, because you’re obviously a cultureless haole.

    • My Truth says:

      Not really there, Kaika.

      Pidgin English was a way for plantation workers of different nationalities to communicate, by creating a mishmash of various understandings. Local people like yourself just culturally-appropriated it. But, whatever, if you think not getting a decent job, looking completely stupid, and coming off as totally uneducated is “vital to your culture,” have at it. I worked in Hawaii for almost three decades, and always made more money than locals. In fact, right before I left, I was well over six-figures…

      OK, Brah?

    • My Truth says:

      I am so sick of these idiot drive-by shitbag locals coming on here and not being sharp enough to click the “Notify my of new comments via email” box. Kaika, you fucking witless nit, come back and debate all that hot air you let out while turning with your tail between your legs on the way out. Actually, this is a very accurate portrayal of the average local person: Inept and butt-hurt.

      Have a nice day.

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