Student locker searches

Hawaii is considering whether to give school principals the power to search student lockers and use drug-sniffing dogs campus wide, regardless of whether there is there is evidence of wrongdoing.

The idea is to give principals the authority to “keep drugs and weapons out of the schools”.

A controversial proposal to allow locker searches solely at the discretion of principals, and the use of drug-sniffing dogs on school campuses statewide, will face a key vote tomorrow.

The Board of Education will decide whether principals should have the authority to search student lockers and conduct drug searches with dogs even if they don’t have evidence that a student has contraband.

Granted, students who are under 18 don’t necessarily have the same rights as full adults and therefore have little recourse. And I don’t have a problem with locker searches for bona fide reasons. But I do have a problem giving these people the power to pretty much do whatever they want. Apparently, the principals already have the power to conduct searches when they feel that it is warranted.

So why do they need this new power? I don’t know but since the State Attorney’s office gave it’s recommendation to have “without cause” searches, my guess is yet another governmental corruption scheme. I’ll have more corruption stories in the future, so don’t think my comment is without merit.

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38 Responses to Student locker searches

  1. tay tay says:

    i totally agree we shouldn’t hasve locker searches it’s none of nobody’s business what we have in lockers it’s just invasion of privacy without just cause

  2. Ally says:

    Well, i dont think that locker searches are nessesary but i dont really mind if they do or they dont…We shouldnt have bad things in our lockers anyways so there is really no reason why everyone is fretting over locker searches. It is school property and they do have the right to search them. We should only have school supplies and things that have to do with school. Just keep cellphones off, everything neat, and keep everything else at home or tucked away until after school. But you do make a point. Keep fighting for what is right!!!

  3. sunlight 65 says:

    ya it is nobodys bussness looking at our stuff its not like they want to reck our lives if we do have drugs they are hear to teach us and thats it.

  4. Josh says:

    I think locker searches should be mandatory.

  5. Brian says:

    To all of those who think locker searches should be or shouldnt me conducted. well there is just cause in both sides. while there is no reason to just go and search some random persons locker. because it is like a hotel, you or your parents pay to go to school which is like paying to rent the locker so truely they cant go into your locker with out some just cause or evidence that there was some wrong doing cause if they forget to lock the lock or shut the locker door and go get the student and a different student steals something or a school staff member steals something then that isnt fair. and a student should be able to have anything in the locker that is school apporpriate and no staff memeber i believe should have permission to search a students locker cause they could plant something in it. A police officer should search the locker. now granted there are people who bring drugs and stuff that shouldnt be in school but if you accidently say brought a knife to school and didnt mean to cause it was in ur work jacket and u grabed it. then i think you should get off a little bit more with like a susendtion.

  6. Pancake says:

    I think we should have locker searches because if you have ur lock on ur locker then it should oonly be ur stuff for school in it and if something bad is in ur locker its ur own fault and u should be punished. I also think it is for our own saftey.

  7. Pav says:

    I think locker serches r stupid because they r siply violating the 4th amendment…

  8. coolio kylee says:

    yes they should look in your locker only if they are positive that you have a weapon or you have set a bomb threat!that is protecting other kids safety! but what if they thought that you had a weapon or you got accused of having a weapon in school and they search your locker what if that person wasnt the person who really had the weapon! and now since the principal has seen all of your private stuff then he or she treats that student completely different!

  9. omg trandom locker searches are bad cuz i now hafta do a stupid essay on them!!

    urggg i hate them

  10. lamaria says:

    i think locher serches are okay because they make sure that the kids are safe……i meen unless you want to die i meen hey thats ur bizzz lol but i dnt wanna die i wanna llive ya digy lol pce

  11. branden, ruiz says:

    i think locker searches suck

    they invade yer privacy

  12. i don’t think they should look in are locker cuz it’s oue stuff in there and we pay for the lock so let it be!!!!

  13. raychel says:


    i feel they should beable to search the lockers

    but only if they suspect that there is a use of alcohol/drugs and or weapons.

    but they should not feel like they have to search everyones locker,

    but then again

    maybe it would be better , because if they checked everyones locker, they would bust the drug dealers/ weapon users

    and you would be in a more safe and free of drugs enviroment.

  14. Anna-chan says:

    School locker searches I think should be mandatory because who knows what students would hide away from parents and teachers in their lockers. Some kids would have drugs….and weapons. I’m not a teacher, a student in a High School and locker searches would be the best for safety of students and staff

  15. Jackie says:

    i think that it is rong 4 them to search lockers. if we have something personal in there its not there buisness to look around in it. and if we do have drugs or and weapons,thats our problem, not theres.

    • reilley says:

      Reading these posts makes it clear that the HI school system has to focus most on teaching basic english.

      So lucky to NOT live in Hawaii anymore!!

  16. STUNNED says:

    I honestly do not agree with student locker searches but it all comes down to the lockers being the property of the school’s. The locker is only given to the student for about a year (that’s how it was in my school) and then we were given another the next year. The locker does not belong to the student; they are merely using it for their personal items. Now, when it actually comes down to the searching of lockers, I am a little for it. Jackie, you said that “if we do have drugs or and weapons,thats our problem, not theres.” It’s quite the opposite. First, everyone knows that weapons and drugs are not allowed in school- that’s common sense. So if the student gets caught with any such item, it’s their fault. Second, by doing these searches hopefully they can prevent another Columbine. Why don’t you talk to a parent or sister or friend of someone whom was killed in a school shooting. See what their opinion is about student locker searches. There day, you can never tell what someone is planning and when dealing with people’s lives, you damn well better be taking necessary precautions to keep people safe.

  17. STUNNED says:

    “There day” I meant, today

  18. samantha says:

    Locker searches suck!!!

  19. Misty says:

    I see both point of views. I think it bothers me bc i feel like they’re blaming me for something i didn’t do, even though they are searching everyones. Idk..but then again its good to search them bc of the idiots who bring drugs to school, they should get caught. i mean if you wanna do drugs, then do them, by serioulsy why bring them to school, thats asking to get caught. Stupid people. But i still don’t know what side to take and my outline is due tomorrow. Kill over :[

  20. bob says:

    bbbbbbbbboooooooo ttttttttoooooooooo llllllllllllloooooooocccccccckkkkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrr ssssseeeeerrrrcccchhheeees

    [Translation: boo to locker searches – Ed.]

  21. Lucy says:

    I think teachers don’t have the right to search student lockers because students should have more privacy. Of course I understand that the students might be putting things in there which is illegal but I do not think that all students have things in their locker that should suffer the the invasion of privacy.

    I believe that teachers should only search the lockers unless they have consulted the parents of the child and they have a good reason.

    So I think that it is unfair if a pupil who doesn’t have anything stolen or illegal or particularly wrong in their locker should have to go through having their teacher see items that they may want to keep private.

    Items in their locker may not be illegal but could be a source of embarrassment for the student if anyone sees them. Teachers can, if they are allowed to search lockers, abuse their power and search a locker to inflict embarrassment upon a student they dislike.

    So schools should not be able to search lockers unless the student has a bad school record and has been suspected of doing something wrong. Many teachers want to search lockers to give themselves a sense of power and I don’t think they have any reason to search them for this reason.

    Another reason I am against locker-searching should not be allowed is I think that students shouldn’t be singled out as a criminal. This can show a lack of trust between the teacher and student, causing the pupil to feel resentful and rebellious towards the teacher.

    Of course there is grave issues in schools but there should be a message sent to the students that the teachers trust them. If teachers are always blaming and accusing their pupils it widens the feeling that teachers do not trust their them which as I have already pointed out, can, most likely will, make the pupils feel misunderstood and angry.

    In any case, how many people would be stupid enough to keep weapons in their lockers? Most are hidden on the person and lockers are rarely involved. I think it is obvious that if students are faced with the prospect of locker-searches, they will find another hiding place or keep them with them!

    Although the lockers are the school’s property, it’s the things inside that the teacher is looking through which is the students.

    A better way to search for weapons is using a metal detector. Metal detectors are fair because instead of singling out people they search them separately without intruding on them. Singled out pupils are basically being accused of a crime. Occasionally you may find something in a locker that shouldn’t be there (and this is very rare) but any trust between a teacher and student will leave and the student will not like the teacher anymore.

    So overall I believe that searching lockers is ridiculous and most of the time it does nothing but make a student feel angry.

  22. Figibomb says:

    i dont live in hawaii so i dont really care

  23. mhm says:

    What was the point of your post then Figibomb?

  24. D.T. says:

    Its the school lockers so they have every right to search the lockers so stop saying you want your privacy and you want to keep your privacy because you have no privacy in lockers….Because Its Not Your Locker… ITS THE SCHOOLS!!

  25. Chris says:

    Locker searches should be conducted with a non-baised person (ie. Security Resource Officer) with students standing by their lockers to ensure nobody planted anything. Males should inspect male lockers and females should inspect females for privacy reasons..Lockers are not private they are school property and the school has the right to search them as they please to search for contraband..The only reason they are locked is so students can place personal school supplies in them and the student down the hall will not take it..they are not for storinging any personal items besides school supplies.

  26. joe says:

    kids at school shouldnt be hiding anything. therefore i am for school locker searches

  27. joe's baby grl says:

    schools do have the right to search lockers because its theirs and everyone that goes to that school could b in danger

  28. I totally agree because u dont no wat peoples can have in their lockers

  29. cecilia and billie says:

    me and billie think you are allll stupid. grow up.

    p.s. lockers should not be searched!


    also billie loves cecilia(((:

  30. charles says:

    i dont think it is right that the teachers wan’t to search the kids lockers. it is probably for embarrassment. i would like to know if the tearchers would like it if we searched their desk!!!!!!

  31. Tori says:

    Urgg!!! Schools should have locker searches because it will keep everyone safe. I just got a locker this year (i’m in 6th grade) and it isn’t a bad idea to have locker searches with all these unsafe kids who do drugs bring weapons to school. It’s just for safety! And if you say it is and invasion of privacy what r u hidding in your locker? anything unsafe! Because if your not there is no reason to worry!

  32. kindoq says:

    no i dont think so, we as a class are doing a debate and i have chose tghis i think it should be promotwed

  33. Ruth Behr says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings. Yes, the Constitution states that police cannot search without warrant, and it is an invasion of privacy. Yet, it can also be necessary to have more safety. Some troubled or misguided or just “bad” kids/teens take drugs like meth, heroin, marijuana, and such. And they also sometimes offer them to other kids. No one wants that. Yet, it’s not good to do random searches with no warrant…it’s a fair argument on either side.

  34. john says:

    pretty simple if a kid is stupid enough to have something illegal in their locker sucks to be them … keep that shite in your car idiot? if you are dealing drugs and can’t afford a car something is wrong with you you suck at your business so get out of that business you’re gonna get busted anyway?

  35. ProudTrueAmerican says:

    Issues like this is like watching a dog chase its tail. The question shouldn’t be if locker searches are necessary or if it invades peoples privacy. The question everybody should be asking is, “where have we failed in our society or our children that they need to be in a position to be in gangs, hide drugs or weapons?” The answer and solution is in something that we have done or not done collectively in the last 40 or so years. Its a cultural thing.

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