More Hawaii gripes

After doing a Google search on “Hawaii sucks”, I’ve found that many people have expressed opinions that match my own. I already know that many of the military people currently here and who have lived here in the past also share the exact same feeling about Hawaii. I’m surprised at how many other people resent this place. To that end, I’m going to just post bits and pieces I find in the local media and personal experiences about the lie that is “paradise”.

  •  Bid-rigging at Hawaii International Airport : “The conspiracy involved submission of phony and inflated bids for “small” airport repair jobs worth less than $25,000. Airport officials were given leeway in awarding these “smaller” jobs. The contractors then paid kickbacks in the form of cash, meals, groceries and other gratuities to the state officials. The contractors were told that some of the cash payments were needed for political donations to unnamed Island political figures.”
  • Teachers fight to stop drug testing : Teachers work at the mercy of the state, because they have to receive a state teacher’s certification. If the state requires it’s own government workers to be drug tested, then they have every right to require it of people needing a state license. Plus, why should teachers be exempt? Nearly every company now requires it. I certainly wouldn’t want a teacher to come in stoned or selling drugs.
  • Man gets 20 years of beating 2 year old: It’s not the first time it’s happened here.
  • Water main breaks: On average there is a water main break somewhere in Honolulu every day. The government hasn’t taken steps to maintain it’s infrastructure over the years even though the state has over half a billion dollar budget surplus.
  • The roads are also horrible. Road repair is done slowly by contractors rather than actual DOT workers. Outside my work is a bridge that was torn down for repair/replacement. A temporary bridge was built next to it while the repairs are made. However, the “bad” bridge was torn down when I moved here over 2 1/2 years ago and hasn’t been touched since. The cranes and other equipment are all parked next to it but no one has moved them, much less worked on the old bridge in that time. The temporary bridge regularly develops pot holes from the amount of traffic it wasn’t designed to support; these pot holes, being on a bridge, end up making a hole clean through the bridge structure. The local government has patched the holes at least 4 times and has repaved the whole bridge at least once.
  • The drivers here are the worst I’ve seen. I’ve lived in and visited California several times and I honestly feel the drivers and traffic here is much worse. Turn indicators are a foreign concept; very rarely are they used. Usually people just merge over without concern, feeling that a hand wave is sufficient. I’ve nearly been hit several times when someone switched lanes without looking; I know they didn’t look because I could see the person’s head and it never turned. There’s at least one pedestrian death every week, usually a hit-and-run. Hawaii has one of the highest (if not the highest) pedestrian fatality rate in the U.S. Only in the last two years was the state law changed to require drivers to stop for pedestrians rather than just slow down. Of course, it doesn’t help that jay-walking is almost a “cultural” thing.

That’s all I can handle right now but I’m sure I’ll vent some more later.

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  1. Chris says:

    That’s funny. when I was living in Hawaii, I googled “I hate Hawaii” or “Hawaii sucks” too! LOL. I thought that I was the only one feeling this way until I googled. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who sees what I see!

    • Bob says:

      I lived in Hawaii for 3 years with the military. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Among other things, it IS the most racist place I’ve ever lived. My neighbors wouldn’t let their Amerasian kids play with my Caucasian kids.

      • john says:

        They were probably afraid their loud mouthed kids would tell your kids how their parents teach them you never steal from another asian, you steal from white people is ok but you never steal from another asian… or one of their many other great parenting motos from their “we are superior, because we are asian” mentality.

  2. Go Warriors says:

    i am a local born and raised in hawaii, and living/working here. unfortunately, most of what you say is completely true. hawaii is a third world country in many aspects and the democrat-run state/city government is the root of the problem. the old school union mentality results in tons of money being wasted, corruption, and poor results. hawaii spends the most per child on public education and receives the worst results, nation wide. nearly 1 out of 10 people in hawaii is employed by the state/county government. and you’re right, people don’t know how to merge. when i livd in california for college, i fit right in, driving wise. coming back home i get furious at how retarded people are when they drive, among other things.

  3. I’ve been reading some of your posts on Hawaii, and it’s interesting the level and style of corruption going on here in government – it reminds me of the issues that have come up in Canada in regards to Federal money released to First Nation reserves. Corrupt leaders keeping exorbitant amounts of government-distributed funds in the hands of a select number of leadership/official families through corrupt contracts, bids, etc., while the majority of the population are living in total poverty with no access to social programs of support. Actually, I’ve lived here 4 years, am leaving, and have often told my friends back home in Canada about the place, comparing it to a Reserve. Rough!

  4. haole says:

    I live in Honolulu and my car was hit twice last week alone both times parked. One time I was inside waiting for my girlfriend to get off work and a local kid rammed me while backing up and the other time the car was unattended.

    My brand new motorcycle was also keyed the same week sitting outside literally 10 feet from the office door.

    I have multiple door dings I have given up on key scratches and paint scuffs on my car because it’s to expensive to continue to get fixed every month.

    I would rather ride my motorcycle but they are stolen so often I worry about it every where I go. The police found a chop shop in Waipahu had over 30 bikes inside. They probably didn’t pay their protection money so the police took them out.

    Hawaii is beautiful but it does suck

    • john says:

      Yeah my a few of my bikes were lifted, With one the cop who took the report called me two weeks later and ask if I found it, he said because he really liked to close cases … I said then get off your fat arse and go talk to your damn cousins and find out which one took it ? Then I get a call off a flyer I’d put up saying it had been painted primmer gray and it was seen at black sands a few times that week (it was a rare bike for the island, 20 years old, and didn’t even 1k miles on it still looks right off the show room floor) police dept never called back or followed up, but the could pull my arse over in my mustang and my hummer because they thought my safety sticker might have been stolen? Racial profiling is alive and well in Hawaii … That right there is the reason they won’t give you a permit to buy a hand gun.

      • john says:

        For the record I’m a 53 year old, slightly chubby, graying white man, I look for the most part blue collar. A t-shirts & jeans kinda guy. I have an old American Bull dog that most locals insist is a pit bull, at 115 lb asking if I put him of steroids and how much can he pull? There are some seriously bored people when their source of entertainment is animal abuse.

  5. hawaiian local says:

    yes, there is a lot of corruption, just like in the mainland states. the thing with hawaii is this…in our government, there are dozens of government positions that actually do the same exact thing. So, when there is…say for example someone is stealing money, its hard to pinpoint immediately where the theft is coming from until years pass by and the damage is blown out of the water. Also, by the time the damage is found, more corrupt acts has already taken place. remember, this was just an example. Now, government here in the states, like say texas…well thats a whole fucking nother shitass story to tell you. it aint as bad as californias government though. Now thats a whole nother blog. but this is about hawaii right? i aint surprised cause i see it too much and everywhere.

    • john says:

      um no it isn’t like this every where, Hawaii employees seven times the national average of government employees to run a faux state hat no one really cares about except people here in Hawaii .. it’s a damn military base they are trying to keep civil and for all purposes looking like a state to other countries the reality it is nothing more than a place to store military equipment like midway and several islands in between it if gets blown out of the water the people are collateral damage. WAKE THE FUCK UP

    • terrii says:

      You are trying to equate Texas to Hawaii?! You are a fucking moron! First of all, I am local and I now live in Texas. I sold my shit ass house in Hawaii for $567K and I now live in a 3600 sq ft home on a lake with a pool. I make almost twice what I made over there to boot. My taxes are miniscule, gas is cheap, and it only costs me 150 dollars to register my new 50k plus Chevrolet truck. Every time I visit family, I pity them. Small crampt homes, overpriced everything, high utility prices and shitty roads. The beaches are even shitty. The parks are not maintained. What a fucking dump! Hopefully the tourists will keep coming over to transit through the archaic airport in order to bankroll the state. If tourism and the military ever leave that place, it would essentially become American Samoa or the Marshall islands. Just another welfare state. It is almost teetering on that anyway.

      • john says:

        Almost? Hawaii isn’t supported by tourism … it’s a fricking military base supported by the other 49 states tax subsidies … try and complain aout the coruption and get anything done about it to the U.S. attorney general’s office, or try and complain to any of the mainlad officeses about the island offices and zero gets done because it’s just a front what goes on here has no effect … that’s why it’s ok that hawaii employees seven times more government employees than any other state?… That’s why it’s ok that hawaii still has not adheared to the clean water act that was to be in place in what 2000, and is in place in what every other state except hawaii ? (and yes all the people in the positions who are responsible to execute, or apply, their MANY said plans still have their positions ??????????

  6. LOL says:

    of the 20-30 some odd years my mom has been driving, she has never been in a crash…up until we moved to the big island. she was rear-ended TWICE in ONE year…while just sitting in traffic.

    • john says:

      You think it might be the whole thing where people here are like “Ok I in the far right lane so that mean turn left now, no need look or signal every one know that Hawaii kine sense, yeah?” just like every body know you go to see the falls, you go down to da kine and you go right, and when you get to kimo’s place you go left yeah? then when you go left again at the blue house yeah.. ?” I say I didn’t see a blue house oh yeah they paint it yellow long time a go everybody still know it as the blue house?” seriously? am I back in Dale Hollow?

  7. corey says:

    Ive lived on and off in hawaii for 9 years now, and ive hated every year of it, the only reason im staying for now is to finish my degree then im putting this place behind me forever, UHH campus sucks big time, the way people drive in hilo are like idiots and overall the people in hilo are stupid racists, keep getting my safety sticker stolen and people here love to throw their trash everywhere.

    I hate this place a lot and will be happy when im gone.

    • I can fully relate to your post. I’m here temporarily for work and am desperate to go home! There is nothing to really recommend about it. Sure, pretty beaches and landscapes but that wouldn’t make me live there.
      Thought I was the only one who felt this way.

  8. Timothy Hazlett says:

    I was a military brat in the early ’70s. I have white tone skin. When I started the 7th grade is when I learned first hand of racism. I was bullied every day. The dark skin kids would group up and antagonize, rob and come up with any reason to give holies an unwelcome mat. I lived there for three years and to this day I’ve developed a prejudice and an untrust of Hawaiians in general. So the term holie represents a person without a soul? I guess they see me as souless. I am not surprised. I don’t want to ever go back.

  9. returning ex-military says:

    On returning to Hawaii, here are some of my observations:

    1. Most Hawaii drivers are afflicted with CDS (can’t drive syndrome).

    2. Due to the ‘small town’ mentality here, many people don’t know to mind their own business. The flip side of this coin is that people presume to ‘know’ you; when in fact, they do not.

    3. Many locals have never left the islands and have island tunnel vision (ITV). Anyone who has traveled, know we all live in a global community; but not someone afflicted with ITV. Thus a large part of the population are like Appalacian hillbillies . . . never been anywhere, can’t read and write English, etc.

    4. Number 3 results in locals not having an understanding that people come from various upbringings and experiences. Thus, island tunnel vision . . . there’s a local and mainland dichotomy, with ‘mainland’ ways being totally unfathomable to local hillbillies.

    There’s more, but I’ll stop here. Just think ‘island hillbilly’ and the way things are in Hawaii starts to become clear.

    • john says:

      You sure as shite hit the nail on the head, I thought I was back in Dale Hollow

    • moopyboo says:

      Best list I’ve read in a long time. O’ahu born and raised, but called “haole” the eighteen years I lived there. Left those terrible ignoramuses behind as soon as I could…very happy after almost 20 years on “da mainland”.

      Hawaii can eat a dick.

  10. dirk_steed says:

    Just came across this blog after googling “Hawaii Sucks” Thank you for re-affirming my sanity. If I brokedown and tore out my hair everytime I heard “Hawaii? Lucky you! Oh, you don’t like it? Whats YOUR problem?” I would have had a bloody scalp years ago.

    Oh, and by the way, the bridge outside your work? Finally finished 12/10. Now they’re working on the other side…god knows how long that will take.

  11. ken price says:

    I want to thank you all for the VERY enlightining comment’s[and I am sure they are truthful]you all have saved me f4om a very big mistake I have been thinking of[moving to hawaii/Maui.BTW, is Maui the same? email is

    • glenn57377 says:

      Fewer people. If you had not rode on a plane you would never think you left Oahu…….except, where did all the people and overbuilding go? Mt. Haleakala(sp?) is a nice drive up to the stratosphere….and it is winter cold up there. The ride down is nice also…..but make sure you have good brakes. I think it is the fastest decline from the top to the bottom (foot-wise) in the world. Don’t worry about the dead bicyclists. Their brakes did all they could do. Down at the bottom……no more cold. Just like the real Hawaii. Don’t let the airport concern you. It is the best use of glass, bamboo and palm leaves you will ever see. Lahaina town is interesting for a half hour. It’s always nice to pick up the dashtop hula girl from a different island, but made in the same place.

    • alex says:

      I see people who are born and raised there, Hawaiians themselves, who hate it there, can’t wait to leave, and leave for the mainland where they love it. And i see people from the most bumfuct countries, who move to Hawaii and absolutely thrive. Guys from S. Africa, Israel, all over the freakin’ place.

      It’s personality, overwhelmingly.

  12. CG1 says:

    Ah-HAAAAA!!!! My instincts are alive and kicking. I visited HI for a week back around 2000. My impression? Everything in this blog was positively confirmed. We stayed in a nice hotel and drove around the island and the division between groups was immediately palpable. And the island (Oahu) was so small compared with the landmass of the mainland, I thought ‘man, I’d go nuts if I had to stick around this place all the time. What do these people do for a living other than cater to tourists and the military? Do they resent the military and whites?’ I saw shacks everywhere, which confirmed the idea that there are two classes in HI: extremely wealthy and everyone else who works to support them. And who’s in the crossfire? Tourists and temporary residents (the military) for looking like the wealthy class, even though the reality is those tourists and temp residents are probably seeing it once if ever and can barely afford it.

    DOG hunts down criminals on HI. Most of them are strung out druggies. But think about it- no access to real financial advancement, nothing much to do, a feeling of being trapped on an island you can’t really enjoy that has been worn out by visitors, what else would you want to do other than drugs? I get it.

    But the odd thing is, it’s so expensive to visit much less live there you have to wonder where all the money is going. Outside the tourist areas, where’s the progress all that money should bring? Where’s the infrastructure and beautiful public architecture? Shacks in the 21st century? Really?

    The only people who could enjoy HI are tourists who are too drunk to notice how bad the place really is. I didn’t get drunk. Or, I should say, the crappy watered down drink I was served for $20 at that tacky lou-ow (however you spell it) didn’t have a chance in hell of getting me too drunk to notice what a terrible place HI is, and what a wonder it COULD be but isn’t.

    • john says:

      The money goes to pay the seriously over staffed unqualified government employees (seven times the national average, most related somehow or friends of…)that’s how they got the job which is like winning the lotto here, one you get the job you don’t do the job you were unqualified to do that you were hired for and you can’t be fired and you get to be a self important prick, sitting around acting like you are the second coming of Queen Liliuokalani to who come in and have no choice but to deal with you, or to pay for the hiring of people to do projects like pave the roads that are also relatives that have over bid the jobs but got it any way, then done in improperly and had to do it a second time so had to be wait for it PAID A SECOND TIME TO REDO THE WORK????? Heaven forbid the money was used to do things like oh I don’t know become compliant with the clean water act which Hawaii still has not? Who ever is in government at the time must find it to be a very lucrative position, because the system here is so corrupt they have to be pocketing a bundle all the way up the line.

  13. wyatt says:

    i’ve found that the only real reason i keep moving back is for the surf. even then, it’s probably not worth it. the living standard costs double for half the standard. And you just can’t get rich here or even get ahead. everyone of my surfing friends (in their 30s) doesn’t own a house or even have a good paying job (making over 40K). all of my college friends in TX own a house & make 70K+. I will be moving to Asia or the mainland next year for sure. i can’t take the traffic, or the cost of living, the ghetto apartments, and the people much longer. it would be much better if i were already rich or if my parents live here, but they live on Kauai.

  14. glenn57377 says:

    I’ve lived here since 1993 and retired from the military in 2000. I have worked Federal Civil Service since then. Driving wore out real fast. The beach can get tiring real fast. Hiking is OK, but also gets old fast. My life is between the military installation and my home. My house is my sanctuary from this overpriced/taxed/backward land. Aloha is dead – except in plastic Waikiki. Locals are not evil, they live in their world and that is it. Work is a relief, because you can mingle with your own kind and speak English. Even the locals are nice. The majority of islanders and locals are good people, but you will learn fast the disdain some have for whites and military. You can it. Theft is rampant. Hit and run. No signals. Rotted infrastructure. Corruption. Overtaxation. Imagine living in a small county and never being able to leave. In part, there is a reason for the locals to have bad feelings. It’s all in history. The US overthrew their monarchy around 1900. We annexed it and took control. Wealthy whites ran the entire territory and owned everything until WWII. Then the military took over. After WWII, Hawaii fell mostly into the hands of the citizens. And there is “stink eye” if they are staring at you, don’t look at them. If you do, you are guilty of “stink eye.” That is cause for your immediate execution. Always wear sunglasses. and

  15. Super girl says:

    Hawaii is not perfect but neither is anywhere on the mainland. Every place has it’s plus and minus’s. It’s called…..When in Rome. If you don’t like it here, then leave.

  16. Cuz says:

    I have been to Hawaii about a dozen times, stayed for over a month a few times. Locals definitely can be hostile at times, more so on Oahu though. Big Island is better and Maui is a bit better too. Molokai is Kansas stuck on a tropical island. Oahu is a lot like a rural community with a city attached to it. I would submit the hostility is due to the fact a large part of the citizens are descendants of the low level Dole agricultural employees. Many are very nice, some are not. Not a whole lot different than other places. The education level is lower on average definitely so it fits with the Democratic demographic, as does the corruption. Its like someone from Chicago planned it all back in the 1920’s; corrupt, inefficient, jaded. Makes sense as to why Obama excelled so much in Chicago after coming from Hawaii.

  17. john says:

    You know, With all the shite I have said on this page let me for the record say LOUD & CLEAR the Actual Hawaiian people I have met since I have been here have been very kind and very nice people to me. Sadly you really don’t see much of the actual Hawaiian people here, they keep to them selves, most of the younger generation and many of the older generation are well educated and those who aren’t book educated know a hell of alot about natural things here on the islands that are becoming lost arts and talents because the kids don’t understand the importance such as how to navigate with no tools, how to make rope and all the uses of a coconut(you can not imagine how damn crazy)? Seriously some of the stuff that has been shared with me is priceless.
    Most of the stupid and bull shite comes from people calling themselves “locals” but when it comes down to it (OK this is one of the creepiest things I think I’ve ever encountered) people of Hawaiian decent are judged by the percentage of hawaiian blood, and real hawaiian people take this very seriously because it determines what they entitled to? This system believe it or not, was designed by our government, much like for Native Americans WTF SERIOUSLY how would you like to judge your worth by the percentage of your heritage …. it’s like damn pedigree of animals for gawd sake ? OK but when it comes down to it, the people treating everyone like shite & calling themselves “locals” might have been born here but they are NOT Hawaiian by blood and if so not by much. They are just a bunch of loud mouth uneducated hillbillies wanting to be someone important. The truth be told they are a bunch of no-bodys entitled to nothing ..if they had anything they’d be home taking care of their stuff not out harassing people trying to draw attention doing shite that begs attention saying hey look at me I’m important ?

    • Lisa says:

      I stumbled on this blog while doing a google search and, unfortunately have read all the shit you’ve said about Hawai’i, Hawaiians, and locals.

      First of all, a ‘local’ is a person born in or raised in a specific region, example: if you’re from Texas, you would be a ‘local’ in/of Texas.

      Being born/raised or having lived in Hawai’i for many years does NOT make one Hawaiian, having been born/raised/lived here for many years makes one a local, but not a Hawaiian.

      Not being a 100% blood quantum Hawaiian doesn’t mean one is not “Actual Hawaiian”. If you are of Hawaiian ancestry, have Hawaiian blood running through your veins even if you also have one or more of another race, you ARE Hawaiian.

      I am Hawaiian, Portuguese, mother was Hawaiian/Filipino whose ancestry can be traced back to 1877, my father was a Portuguese man whose family has a long history in Hawai’i, he is island born, a ‘local’.

      My issue with this blog post/s and many others like it is the fact that anyone not from here who has had a bad experience/s with the ‘locals’ assume that ALL the brown-skinned people here are Hawaiian, they denigrate and make hateful, racist, generalized statements about Hawaiians. All one has to do is read through the comments on this creators blogs regarding Hawaii to know that.

      I was born here, raised here but, have lived in Las Vegas, California and, Texas (lived in Killeen, Tx., SET, Corpus Christi, Tx.), have been to New Hampshire, Maine, and Boston, all of the shit y’all are claiming about Hawai’i and ‘Hawaiians’, EXISTS in all of the above mentioned states, and I’m positive in all the others not mentioned and other countries outside of the United States.

      What truly amazes me is the people who hate it here yet, CHOOSE to continue living here.

      I experienced racism in all the states I’ve lived in and been to, with majority of it coming from Texas. I’ve been called a ‘spic’, ‘wetback’, ‘illegal immigrant’, fucking red, and a half-breed N****r.

      I witnessed a black man anywhere between mid to late 60’s tied to the back of a truck by rope and dragged through the town until his head was decapitated because he was a N****r!. A year later on the anniversary of his death, his graveside was vandalized and desecrated, totally trashed.

      Throughout Texas and Louisiana I heard ‘pidgin’ being spoken, whites with that ‘southern drawl’ that was soooooooooo pronounced I could barely understand it. I heard people speaking with a country ‘lingo’. Neither of which sounds very educated to me.

      Here, if you come with an attitude, you will get an attitude, much like anywhere else in the world.

      I can honestly say, while living in the mainland, for all the hatred and racism I experienced, I ALSO met many wonderful and good people, but I attribute that to being intelligent enough to understand that not everyone is like the idiots that gave me a hard time, therefore, my overall attitude is as it always is…FULL OF ALOHA for everyone.

      I cannot control others, but I certainly can control my attitude and behavior.

      As has been mentioned already on the Hawaii Sucks blog, ‘when in Rome’…

  18. Rolfe bookheart says:

    Puna district ,pahoa and paradise park are trashy dumps.
    The locals don’t like haoles but it all works out because when they come to the mainland(continental u.s.) we get even. They usually are too stupid to get a job so they go back to Hawaii. Thank god

  19. john says:

    You make a very valid point Lisa, while in Louisiana, (I ask for a translator) the white people where my motorhome needed repair were such hillbilly racist arseholes I was astounded that places like it still existed (this was just ten yeas ago)? There is definitely good and bad folks where ever you go of all ethnic backgrounds.

    • Emma says:

      I have been on the big Island for about a year, and have experienced all sorts of interesting things. For one it’s not so much a Hawaiian thing, a black thing, or a white thing it’s a ghetto thing. There seems to be a lack of interest in culture or etiquette or manners. I sat in a church with my husband (in a church!) and watched a large Hawaiian woman hitting her children in front of me nobody said anything my husband was afraid to say anything because this woman was huge and I think she seriously would’ve hurt us too. i’ve been to movies and shows and there is a certain class of people here in Hilo they just talk whenever they want they cut in line they don’t follow the rules they just kind of make everything icky and then they give you this this horrible stink eye if you shush them because you’re trying to watch your kid on stage. There is this level of rudeness that I don’t understand. My husband says “I see no Aloha”. If you like living with people in the ghetto then “Bra, dis is da place for you!”

  20. Giusi says:

    When I lived there, the only living beings who treated me with Aloha were the cockroaches! Enormous, flying and always ready to land on me, for whatever reason. I hated the place wholeheartedly and my only consolation was the sushi. (I didn’t choose to go live there, it was hubby’s splendid idea, I took off after 3 months and never regretted it!)

  21. John says:

    Wishing all the regulars on here, and those who’ve moved back to reality a very safe & happy holiday season

  22. xb90 says:

    Been here for over twelve years now and the longer I stay, the more I hate it.

    So there is the obvious reasons: high cost of living, no intellectual stimulation, shitty work ethic with the locals, very hard to find decent medical/dental care, and (here on the big island) one fucking long drive to take care of basic stuff like shopping, etc.

    But today’s rant is focused on the people in my neighborhood. Even though I live on several acres it still a neighborhood and it seems impossible to distance myself enough from the bad human elements. Generally I don’t have many problems getting along with locals – I’ll never have any deep, meaningful conversation with any of them, but people have generally been pretty nice and friendly to me. However, there is an uber-low-class element of society here that can make life really shitty. Sometimes I wish I had a grenade launcher to help end the misery.

    Here’s my short list:

    Endlessly barking dogs – all fucking night and all fucking day – I call the cops out and they magically stop barking – the goddamn neighbors have like 8 dogs in a kennel that go into a barking frenzy any time someone walks down the sidewalk or the wind shifts and they smell something unusual or who knows what the hell sets them off sometimes. Neighbors on both sides of these assholes have their homes up for sale – legally the nuisance needs to be disclosed so good luck with that or maybe get sued later when you’re buyer finds out. Police won’t do shit unless they catch them in the act and there’s like a 1-hour response time if you call them out.

    Fireworks. Oh my fucking God – It’s almost February already and these fuckers are still shooting off gigantic illegal sky rockets. Seriously, this is the type you see at the county fairgrounds on July 4th on the mainland. Spectacular display but WTF! New Year’s Eve is over assholes! They will set them off at random times in the middle of the night, past 10 o’clock. It’s loud as hell like we’re in a fucking war zone is Syria. Startles the hell out of you and every dog in the neighborhood freaks out.

    Tire Burn Outs. Somehow these dip shits really like burning rubber in their little Japanese shit-mobiles. I guess they lock the emergency brake and race the engine while in drive. Who does that?! It makes one fucking big cloud of stinky burnt rubber flowing through my house and property. Just total fucking dumb asses.

    Modified Extra-Loud Exhaust. Sometimes I wonder what kind of fucking barrio am I living in anyway? Home is valued at over $500K yet every shit bird around here seems to have modified their muffler so it sounds like a fucking race track every time they drive down the streets. The cars are just more cheep shit-mobiles and they’re not even fast. Just fucking loud. Again, total fucking dumb asses.

    I’ve got a ton more but thanks for listening.

    I need to either up my income a couple hundred K to get better separation from the assholes or (better yet) just get the FUCK out of here. I’m constantly looking at real estate in Arizona, Texas, Idaho – I don’t even fucking care – just get me the hell out of here.

  23. Amanie Canine says:

    Hawaii needs a miracle in every way – humans need to use their iPhones and internet for life affirming educational purposes- how to’s – education is key. You can usually judge a society by how they treat their animals. Civilized man never chained their dogs but brought them in and treated them as valued pack members.

    • John says:

      True, hawaii is all illusion, like vegas … all about what they can try and make people think… but once you see behind the curtain and see it’s nothing but props, sets, a few selected practiced lines, & lies to perpetuate the myths of “aloha” …. sadly, most of the locals are so braiwashed with their ignorance they embrace & believe their own bullshite propaganda.
      What hawaii needs is wood chippers to dump these idiots into to make them into something useful like fertiliser

  24. Frankhawaii says:

    I’ve lived on Molokaii for 7 years and commute for work (private sector) on Oahu where I also have a residence. Hawaii is very diverse, and all the comments are true, Molokai was the best and worst of Hawaii and each Island is different. Only on Oahu, are they less concerned with being “Hawaiian” and it has so many problems. Drugs is insane and haoles who move here and immediately get on welfare are a huge problem for all of us who come her and contribute. They do not give, only take. The faux hippie element is another thing that makes haoles look bad. They tend to talk about spiritual Hawaii but basically have the taxpayers pay for their irresponsibility like having too many babies with EBT gurus who don’t pay child support or work. Honolulu is fantastic city. But ultimately for me it’s simply about the ocean. Best water in the world so if you love the ocean, and understand and love it’s power, it’s beyond religious. It’s healing and dynamic and all around. I don’t feel I live on a small island but I live on a big glorious ocean!

    • alex says:

      I grew up on Oahu and yeah, the hippies, they really burned the bridges for anyone from the mainland who wants to live while not being on the capitalist treadmill. I mean, live as lightly as you want, but in Hawaii’s highly Asian culture, it’s shameful to not pull your own weight somehow. That’s all those hippies did, was move to hawaii and get on welfare and food stamps – back in those days food stamps were actual paper. So come if you like but be self-sustaining somehow.

  25. Jim says:

    Spent two winters in Hawaii. Once in Waikiki for 3 month. I could have stayed for 4, but I was very excited to loose my last months i.e. $1,800 plus $250.00 to change the airline ticket. I can give you several reasons why, but the internet speaks volumes. I will say I understand why the Japanese people visit the islands and if I lived in Osaka year round I would too, but I would not move there. I understand someone from the west coast vacationing there i.e. cheaper, mostly Californian’s, and very liberal. For any one else from the US in my opinion just really believe anything if told over and over? I returned to the Big Island because my millionaire sister & husband paid for the resort. They assured me that it was different and I did like it better. I loved snorkeling for the first time even! It was a question I wondered because the marketing tells of the wonderful differences of the islands. The Big Island is different i.e. 6% is habitual. The inner island is mountainous. Hot along its edges and cold and windy everywhere else. Like Florida the palms are manually placed along the ocean.
    It is another good education. On the Big Island I was not disrespected and actually got to interact.
    Southern Florida is much nicer i.e. beaches, cost, ease of doing things. I am torn between Florida or Asia this year. Yes SE Asia is much nicer then Florida i.e. very cheap, good food, no disrespect, and the police really just go after the bad guys!

  26. Bob98 says:

    “Man gets 20 years of beating 2 year old…” Are you sure that a man is being punished by having to beat a two-year-old for twenty years?

    • alex says:

      Yeah I don’t get it. On the mainland people shake little kids to death and all kinds of horrible things, it’s not unique to Hawaii but a long shot.

  27. John says:

    If you hate Hawai’i, request a transfer to a lily white base in another State or country. Go kiss Donald Trump’s ass.

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