Birth Control for Children

As some of you may have heard, a middle school in Maine recently passed a regulation that allows children as young as 11 years old to receive contraceptives. The children need parents permission to see the health center but, because state law says health concerns are confidential, parents won’t be notified if their children are receiving the birth control devices.

Personally, I think this is great. The kids are going to have sex and they are doing it earlier and earlier. Parents who complain about are simply burying their heads in the sand. It’s better that kids have the protection and not use it than do something and regret it later.

I have two daughters and I would have no problem with them having birth control. Regardless of whether I approve of it at their ages, I know they will do it and I’d rather they be on the pill than tell me they’re pregnant. My wife also approves of it; she said that if we didn’t home school, our kids would be on birth control right now, just to be safe.

It’s like the fight a decade or so ago about having sex education in schools. The prudes didn’t want it because it would encourage kids to have sex. Guess what? They’re going to have sex regardless of whether they have the knowledge; the human body knows exactly what to do. And when you’re a slave to your hormones during puberty and you have to chance to act on it, most people do.

I grew up in a state with a large Mormon population. They preach that sex is evil and all that Christian stuff. But most of the teen pregnancies were among Mormon girls because their parents didn’t teach them about sex. My wife went to a school where the youngest teen mother was either 11 or 13 (I forget which).

There have been reports online about how kids don’t think oral sex is “sex”, so they have no problem giving/receiving it. A few years ago there was a news report about a couple of Jr. High students that were caught doing oral sex on a school bus. And with the number of families with both parents working, kids have even more opportunities to “get it on” since they often come home before the parents get off work.

The kids will do it, whether or not the parents want them to. You might as well give them the tools to be safe than pretend it doesn’t happen. It’s like having a smoke detector in your house: you hope you’ll never need it but you want it there just in case.

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5 Responses to Birth Control for Children

  1. dee says:

    I had similiar thinking as you did, then I came across this commentary. While I’m not 100% convinced it made me think this isn’t as simple as birth control.

    here is the link if you’re interested

  2. The idea is to give children options. Yes, STDs are bad and so is cancer. I would also bet that the school isn’t just concentrating on the pill or other birth control devices. I would suspect that the kids are also learning about VD and other hazards of sex; they probably have to take a sex ed class before they’re allowed to get anything. At a minimum the health practitioner giving out the devices will teach the kids about any potential issues besides pregnancy.

  3. Joe Leonardi says:

    Crystalattice but is an 11, 12, 13 or even 14 year old educated enough or mature enough to realize that giving consent to this type of treatment may cause health problems 20 to 40 years down the line. Is a child of this age going to recognize a side effect?

  4. No, they aren’t. But then neither do a lot of adults I know of. Granted, parents should be involved but what about parents who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t talk to their kids about sex? It then falls on the health care workers giving out these items to ensure the children know the consequences of having sex: STDs, pregnancy, cancer, and all the other things that can happen.

    Obviously abstinence is best; it prevents VD and pregnancy. So does masterbation. But religion tells people that they can’t masterbate because it’s evil. Sex is still bad but not nearly so.

    The point is: kids will have sex and they are starting to do it earlier and earlier. Additionally, kids are less likely to use condoms; boys have an issue “wrapping that rascal” because 1) it’s not macho, 2) it’s the girls problem, or 3) they don’t think about it in the heat of lust. So, about the best that kids can do is avoid being pregnant, which in reality is usually a scarier thought to teens than VD.

    And don’t forget, there are other things besides the pill; they don’t have to rely on hormonal changes to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

  5. Chris says:

    Well just to add some random new in a recent study it was proven that pulling out to prevent pregnacy is 2% less effective than using a condom

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