New sidebar items

In case you haven’t noticed, I added two new widgets to this site’s sidebar. I finally realized that I can add regular RSS feeds to the sidebar, so I’m testing to see if these widgets actually work. They’re acting finicky so I don’t know if I’ll keep them up. The feeds don’t seem to be updating like they’re supposed to.

If it does work, now you can see all my latest reviews. It only lists the most recent 10 reviews but you can always visit my profile at Epinions to see the rest. This is nothing special; just thought it might be interesting for some people, especially those who aren’t aware of the Epinions site.

The second widget is for interesting articles I find via my Google Reader RSS feeds. Some are weird, some are funny, but they are all interesting to me, though they may not warrant enough mention for me to post an article about them.

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