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Nyko Xbox 360 Intercooler

For those who don’t know, heat kills electronic components. The hotter the temperature, the shorter the life expectancy; real hot temperatures will literally bake the silicon chips and ruin them. That’s why computer CPUs have heat sinks and fans on … Continue reading

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Belkin Cushtop

In the interest of helping visitors, I’m adding some of my Epinion reviews directly to my blog. Even though I have a feed coming directly from Epinions, it doesn’t always work so I thought it would be better to put … Continue reading

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As Seen on “Slashdot”

Here’s a few humorous comments I found on Slashdot. Hopefully the context is sufficient to make sense. Regarding a study that 6% of web users make up 50% of ad clicks: “The Flash-based ‘Talking Woman’ has helped me. When Mom … Continue reading

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