Going to Iraq

So, I finally got my next set of orders and it turns out that I’m going to Iraq. I don’t have all the details yet and I’m not sure what I could post even if I did. But I know that I will be doing IT work, most likely in/near Baghdad.

Needless to say, the family isn’t thrilled about it. “You joined the Navy so you wouldn’t have to be a ground-pounder,” to quote my wife. Well, the military is one big, happy family now (hah!) and so the Navy has to provide support to the Army and Marines.

I’m kind of looking forward to it. It’s something unusual and not everyone gets to do it, although the changes to getting orders means that every few years Sailors can expect to do a tour over there. Since I won’t be kicking down doors and hunting bad guys, it won’t be that dangerous. Heck, it’s probably more dangerous to cross the street (actually, since Hawaii has the highest pedestrian fatality rate in the nation, that’s probably very true).

I will complete my Master’s degree in a few weeks so I plan on applying to officer school in a few months. My time in Iraq should help my application, or so I hope. If I can’t get in, then there’s a definite problem in the system.

So, I’ll be moving back to the mainland in a few months and then head for Iraq in the summer. Hopefully the Public Affairs office will let me post to my blog about my “adventures” over there; I’m not one to make a diary so this blog will be the best journal I’ll have.

More info coming soon.

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3 Responses to Going to Iraq

  1. 808rebel says:

    going to Iraq? i hope u get killed by an IED. have fun.

  2. Why would you say that? You don’t even know me. What have I done to you, besides voice my opinion? That’s like saying I hope you kid gets thrown off a freeway overpass.

    What’s even sadder is that your IP address identifies you as working for the Navy Network Information Center in Pensacola. Is that really the wisest thing to post from work?

  3. Chris says:

    nice that guy is just jealous you get to do what he wanted to while he is stuck in pensacola

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