San Diego rocks

I finally made it to San Diego. We moved in earlier this week and finally got everything unpacked. However, this has been the worst move in regards to damage in the 12 years I’ve been in the Navy. So far, the Hawaiian packers managed to damage 8 items. They were the worst movers we’ve ever had. Even the movers that delivered out boxes said they consistently have problems with how the Hawaiians pack boxes. One of the movers talked about how he almost lost some fingers from a machete that was packed in the top of a wardrobe closet and how another time he got his head cut by a piece of glass that fell off an entertainment console.

But enough bitching about Hawaii. I don’t live there anymore and I hope I never have to go back. It can sink into the ocean for all I care now.

San Diego, on the other hand, is fabulous. Within 10 minutes drive of our house we have: 2 Target stores, Costco, Ikea,  Lowes, 2 shopping malls, and numerous stores, restaraunts, and markets. Just across the road from us is a sandwich shop, a barber, a produce stand, 7-11, drug store, several restaraunts, and the post office. Down the road is the public library and police station. There’s a bus stop right on our corner, which goes to the San Diego trolley station down the hill. Nearly every road has a bike path and there are several biodiesel stations just a few minutes away. Not to mention the Mexican, Greek, Indian, and other ethnic restaraunts around.

Unfortunately I won’t be around to enjoy any of this while I’m deployed but it’s nice to know that my family will be set up.  After this move, we’re thinking of just buying a house. This is our eighth move in 12 years (ten for me if you count my stints at various Navy schools) and we’re burnt out now. With the housing market the way it is now, houses are pretty much dirt cheap, especially if you don’t mind “living in the boonies”. Between the bus and rail systems, it doesn’t really matter terribly much. I don’t know if we’ll stay here forever but it will at least be until I get out of the military.

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6 Responses to San Diego rocks

  1. Chris says:

    Glad that you and your family had a safe move. I agree San Diego is very nice.

    I had problems with the Hawaiian movers too when I left Hawaii. But I am not going to bitch about that either.

    Again, glad that you and your family are safe and sound in San Diego.

  2. KLS says:

    i too am stuck here in hell…was considering a move to san diego within a year, glad i read your blog;also, i was concerned when i read your blog about the guy from pensacola who threatened you from a dod

    computer,did you let that go or go through channels to address it?

    with two sons in the middle east, i would not want someone on a dod computer making threats to them. agreed with all you have written.

  3. KLS, I informed both the FBI and NCIS about the threats sent to this blog. I haven’t received any more threats since I contacted those agencies. I don’t know if anything can/will be done about it but NCIS wrote me back stating they will look into it.

    I did receive over half a dozen threats (mostly from people using Hawaii school computers) but I haven’t received anymore since I notified the authorities.

  4. KLS says:

    i too am trying to return to the world. do you know anything about the housing plan in point loma that was previously a part of NTC? i think it is called Liberty Station. If I see one more tarp or so-called

    400 lb. homeless person i will lose my mind (may have already lost it)

  5. I don’t know about Point Loma. Our house is in Serra Mesa. When we walked into the housing office, we were offered 3 houses that day so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a house. If you don’t have pets then you should be able to move in immediately; otherwise the pet housing wait is at least 6 months.

    Good luck!

  6. D Man says:

    I have read your thread about Hawaii Sucks and can tell you that everything you said is true about Hawaii. I lived in Kona for 12 years, 12 LONG years. the whole state just sucks. Last year I came home, Northern California, and I have never been more happy. Congrats on getting out of that tropical dump and may God watch over you.

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