Meeting the populace

Me and Jasmine

Just wanted to post a picture I finally got from my visit to the medical clinic. The girl is Jasmine, the one who really, really wanted the pink soccer ball. Sadly, the military has cancelled the clinic, no reasons given. My guess is that someone in a “senior leadership position” decided that, because the clinic was an unfunded venture for the military, it was more important to use the money and supplies on something “better”.

It seems like the military or politicians would have learned a thing or two about “hearts and minds” from Vietnam but apparently not. Granted, I don’t know the exact reason why the program was stopped but, knowing the military the way I do, I can almost guarantee the reason was probably stupid.

So, that was the first and only time I’ll probably be able to work with real Iraqis. I had fun and wouldn’t mind doing a tour that allowed me to work with the locals on a regular basis.

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