Python ebook

I just created a new blog for my upcoming ebook: Start Programming with Python. Right now it’s mostly just a place holder, though I do provide links to my current tutorials. Once I have converted the tutorials to a rough draft of the book, I will post it there for community comments. That way I hope it will become much better than I could create just on my own, especially with all the changes that will be coming to the Python language in the next few months.

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2 Responses to Python ebook

  1. Joe says:

    Look forward to the complete book.

    Your Python tutorial was what I used to get going in Python. I like the compact way you use to get to the point using examples to illustrate. I believe that even key ideas should be able to be explained simply. If this was not the case they would not have been conceived as people tend to think of one new step step at a time. The trick is to find that one step which takes you from where you are to the new understanding. Explaining things is “simply” explaining that single step. Keep up the good work.

    Joe P.

  2. Thanks Joe. I’m glad that people are finding it useful.

    I always worried that, since computer books are a dime a dozen (especially intro to programming), my effort would simply got lost in the noise.

    I keep thinking of new things to talk about, usually things that either trip me up or I would have like to know when I was first starting out. Not to mention all the new things I’m learning. I don’t know when I will finally have it complete but I hope it’s as easy to read as it is reasonably comprehensive. It’s hard to know what to include and what should be considered “advanced knowledge” better learned later.

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