I’m Home

Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back safely from Iraq. I know that disappoints a lot of the Hawaiians who read the “Hawaii Sucks” post; I received several death threats while I was over there. Glad I disappointed you.

I’m still working on my Python programming ebook. It’s just taking a bit longer since I didn’t have a lot of time in the last month to work on it. I don’t expect to work on it until after New Year’s, so it will be a little bit longer until it’s done.

Other than that, I’m glad to be back home. Iraq is an interesting place and I’m glad I went there vs. Afghanistan, at least from talking to the people who came back from there. Apparently I lived the good life. 🙂

That’s all for now.

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7 Responses to I’m Home

  1. STUNNED says:

    I was going to write that I can’t believe you received death threats from Hawaiians…but I believe it.I also wanted to thank you for making the Hawaiisucks blog. You nailed everything that I have been feeling for the past year and a half. And it is nice to know one of our soldiers made it back safely. I commend all soldiers who go to war. Especially the ones who have lost their lives. So I just wanted to say, Thank you! 🙂 But I am sorry that we are part of this war. I don’t fully understand all aspects of it, but I am sad whenever there is any war going on in the world where people have to die. So, it’s good to know that one more soldier is alive and well. Best!

  2. hawaiian local says:

    hey im glad you post the hawaii sucks article because its our freedom to state how you feel on something. i have a lot of friends that were stationed there and they didnt like it, but im from there and i love hawaii. glad you made it back. are you infantry too? im a scout going back in a little bit, got back in december just in time for christmas. hope your infantry and not some supply guy writing about the war. well, glad you made it, mahalo bra!

  3. Sorry to disappoint but no, I’m not infantry or any other combat arms guy. However, I was in a support role that ensured the front-line fighters received support when they got into trouble. I may not have seen combat directly, but I did see or hear about all the combat actions that happened every day and made sure that the appropriate response was available.

  4. hawaiian local says:

    thats cool.lol, you should see me an old fart typing like im still some youngster. but anyways, i respect you for what you do. I remember a lot of occasions when we needed support and ya’ll were there. I hope you get your wish to get off the island, but if your going to get stationed somewhere, go to carson. its the armys best kept secret…until now that is.

  5. hawaiian local says:

    What branch are you in? maybe thats one of the reasons why your having problems with hawaii. come to think about it, i know a lot of young punks that used to fill the public buses when i was there that disgusted me. i would understand if they were one of the reasons why you got the bad impression of hawaiians. also, there are those idiot locals that like to say out loud that you should go back to where you came from, but those are the select few that make all of us look bad. Also, there are the rip off services if you dont know where to go that eat up all the money you got saved. i dont know, jus guessing at this point as to why people would hate hawaii. anyways, i broke my leg in a field exercise and thats why im on here all the time…haha.

  6. I’m in the Navy but I moved out of Hawaii last year when I got orders to Iraq. Since I don’t live there anymore, I don’t post to the “Hawaii Sucks” comments anymore; if I don’t live there, I can’t say what Hawaii is like anymore. It may have turned itself around but I wouldn’t know.

    I will say that you mentioned a few of the reasons why I hated it. The young kids in Hawaii have little respect for anyone, regardless of race or age. And there were many times when we heard the whole “fuck you haole” and “get off my island” crap.

  7. Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your leg. I know what a pain in the butt it is because I had foot surgery and was laid up for 6 weeks.

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