Not selected for officer school

Though this is another problem with the Navy, I won’t categorize it with that group of posts, at least not without supporting statistics.

I applied for the FY11 Limited Duty Officer program but I was not selected. Honestly, I don’t know what it takes to be picked up. The requirements for civilians to become an officer are pretty low ( but the requirements for enlisted to become an officer are crazy.

Not to brag or anything, but let me give an idea of what background I have.

  • Education: AS in Electromechanical Technology, BS in Computer Engineering, MS in Information Technology Management, and I’m currently working towards a Ph.D. in Information Systems.
  • I have written a book on Python programming for beginning programmers.
  • I have served a tour in Iraq (something only 3% of Sailors have done).
  • I am a certified Kung Fu instructor.
  • I’ve served on 2 submarines, 1 aircraft carrier, and 1 cruiser.
  • I spent 8 years as a submarine nuclear chemist, radcon technician, and nuclear mechanic.
  • I have more than 13 years of enlisted time in the Navy.

With all of that, the Navy apparently thinks that someone straight out of college, or even while in college in the case of ROTC, is a better person to become an officer than I am. WTF? What am I missing that makes me such a poor candidate to be an officer?

Frankly, at this point in my life I don’t care anymore. I may or may not apply for officer this year. I would have applied for Officer Candidate School years ago but I had foot surgery shortly after getting my Bachelor’s degree so I couldn’t go then. By the time I healed, I would have been too old to meet the graduation age limit so the only left for me is LDO.

Now my main concern is to get my Ph.D. That will last me for the rest of my life. Being an officer only lasts until I retire from the Navy. Since I have no plans to remain affiliated with the military when I get out, it doesn’t really matter what rank I retire as. Though the extra money would always be good.

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