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Programming book

For those not up to date with my other blogs, I wrote an introduction to programming book a few years ago. It is available for free in a variety of formats, but you can also purchase a copy in both … Continue reading

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Writing a fantasy novel

So, I’ve been working on a novel for the last year and am looking for “beta” readers to let me know what they think. If you’re interested in giving me some constructive feedback, take a look at my book at … Continue reading

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New host

Frequent visitors may have noticed that the site looks different. My previous blog host no longer offers blogging services so I have moved to the WordPress site. However, I still have access to the domain name so all current … Continue reading

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Last post for some time (ever?)

After having some problems with people having issues about my blog, I have deleted several posts that are causing or could cause issues, particularly at work. I won’t delete this blog totally because of the vast number of people who … Continue reading

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Med board results

My Navy medical board results came back: fit to continue Navy service. Unfortunately, I was expecting to be found unfit, so I have been making plans to get out. Job hunting, budgeting, saving, house hunting, etc. have been my life … Continue reading

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Ph.D. progress

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but since the only traffic this blog seems to get is from my post about Hawaii, it doesn’t seem like much of a point to update regularly. But, since I’m bored, … Continue reading

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R for statistics

Since I’ve started on my Ph.D. course work, I found that I am having to do a lot of statistical work. I figured there would be some but there’s a lot more than I expected. My school, like many others, … Continue reading

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